The Kind Diet Review

The Kind Diet Review


Updated on May 21, 2019

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The Kind Diet is an eating plan that was laid out by actress and PETA activist Alicia Silverstone in her book by the same name. According to Silverstone, the animal meats and processed foods that are in the average American’s diets are responsible for much of the health and weight problems that people have. Therefore, by learning to eat in an all natural vegan way she contends that it is more “kind” to both the human body and the planet Earth.

The Kind Diet is taught in three phases so those who wish to participate can do so at their own pace. Of course the eventual goal is to become a full-fledged vegan and have your diet be void of any and all processed foods and animal meats. As we all know this is not going to be realistic for everyone, so be aware of the goal of this diet before reading anymore.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Kind Diet?

Like any other vegan diet, the Kind Diet is one that will naturally restrict calories. Because of this, weight loss is very likely, but it is the safety of the weight loss that comes into question. Many nutrition experts feel that a balanced diet, which includes some meats, is the best approach to weight loss. With The Kind Diet you will not be getting those vital nutrients.

Additionally, exercise of walking and yoga is highly recommended with the Kind Diet. So, depending on your level of activity, weight loss would vary while on the Kind Diet.

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Is The Kind Diet Easy To Follow?

The Kind Diet does allow those who partake in it to sort of ease into the tough life of being a vegan. However, in order for the diet to be as effective as possible the end goal of becoming a vegan must eventually be achieved. This is sometimes easier said than done. Finding food to eat, that you body is somewhat used to is also very challenging at best. This includes snacks, and main meals.

Because the human body was built to eat both vegetation and meat, cravings will be something that you have to get used to with the Kind Diet. Additionally, the diet is hard to stay on for those who like to go out to eat. Unless you are going to a vegan style restaurant then it is near impossible to order foods that will be within the guidelines of the Kind Diet.

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The Kind Diet is one that is not all that easy to do and is not all that inexpensive. Along with the initial expense of the Kind Diet book, which is $29.99, you also have food to take into consideration. All natural foods and specialty foods are not only expensive, but they aren’t always readily available making it necessary for you to have to find specialty food stores that might be out of the way.

Most concerning with the Kind Diet though is the safety of the weight loss that might be achieved. Vegan diets are ones that restrict calories simply because many vegetables and other all natural foods have low calories even when eaten in bulk. However, the human body needs so many calories per day to function properly and safely and if you’re not careful the weight loss that might come with the Kind Diet could come at the expense of your overall health.

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