The Marshall Diet Review

After years of struggling to lose weight on fad diets, Cindi Marshall developed the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan is said to be a lifestyle, not a diet. The idea is to eat the right way most of the time, yet still allow for splurging now and then. When a dieter does splurge, they are to enjoy it to the fullest.

Typically, a dieter would eat properly during the week and then have their splurge time on the weekend. Marshall says that a dieter may gain a pound on their splurge day, but if they ate properly the rest of the days then they may have lost two pounds, for a net loss of one pound. Those with more weight to lose are simply encouraged to be good even more and splurge even more cautiously.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Marshall Diet?

Dieters who eat properly for the majority of the week and only splurge occasionally, as Marshall suggests, can lose at least some weight, especially if they are used to eating a high number of calories each day. However, the whole concept of eating properly only works if the dieter actually eats properly for the majority of the time. Too much splurging will cause weight loss to be minimal and could even lead to weight gain.*

Is The Marshall Diet Easy To Follow?

The Marshall Plan is great as far as it restricts little and then allows for anything and everything. However, that is where it can also get tough. For many dieters who are used to eating vast amounts of food each day, the temptation to extend their splurge time can prove to be too great. Without a good deal of willpower, a dieter can quickly lose control of the Marshall Plan concept and do more harm than good.

Additionally, the Marshall Plan only touches on fitness. It does talk about it being important and ramping up the fitness level, but it doesn’t give any substantial guidance on the matter. That means those new to exercise will be on their own and may get frustrated trying to figure out what type of exercising they should be doing in order to complement their newfound diet.


The Marshall Plan book retails for $12.99, but look at what you are really getting. You are getting advice that says you should eat better more often than not. Honestly, that is common sense and the fact that the Marshall Plan lacks in structure and guidance makes it a program that is probably better off left alone.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.