The Retrofit Diet Review

The Retrofit Diet Review


Update: May 26, 2019

The Retrofit Diet is one that gives each participant access to an entire team of health experts. Using technology to their advantage, the team at the Retrofit Diet center provides participants with resources such as a wireless activity tracker, a Wi-Fi body composition scale, 12 video conferences with experts, and more. While all about this kind of personalized attention, the Retrofit Diet is also about getting results and even promises a 10% to 15% loss of body weight.

The program is designed to be a yearlong and there is of course ongoing support that can be obtained once the initial year is over. The idea behind the Retrofit Diet is to combine exercise and diet, in a customizable way, to help participants achieve the body they’ve only previously dreamed about.

Diet plans on the Retrofit Diet are based on each individual participant. After answering a 50 question intake quiz, a participant will talk with a registered dietitian and an eating plan will be custom-made. Likewise, the team will work with an individual to develop an exercise regimen, which is nothing more than starting out with an increase in current activity by 10%.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the The Retrofit Diet?

Dieters who undertake the Retrofit Diet whole heartedly will almost certainly lose weight. However, a lot of the success will ultimately fall on the dieter as the meetings that occur are all “virtual.” There is little accountability to the program other that what each participant has for themselves, so willpower and a lot of “stick-to-it” mentality are a must.

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Is the The Retrofit Diet Easy to Follow?

The Retrofit Diet will provide participants a lot of guidance that is straight forward and easy to follow. But, that doesn’t mean the willingness to follow the instructions will be there.

The diet plan itself will restrict participants of many foods and food groups making cravings a frequent event and cheating an all too real possibility. This can prove especially challenging if a participant enjoys eating out often, as the diet plan is one that cannot be strayed from, not even for a little while.

Additionally, the exercise regime may prove to be too much for some participants. While it is true that the initial requirement is only for a 10% increase in current activity, even that little bit of an increase can be a lot for someone who is normally sedentary, with little to no daily activity.

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The Retrofit Diet can be a great diet, but it can also be a tough diet. Some individuals will simply find that the rules and regulations set forth by the Retrofit Diet team will be too stringent for their lifestyle and, with no physical guidance; the chances of success can vary greatly. Even more concerning though is the price of the program. The cost for the initial 12 months is $2,995, which can prove to be far too much for the average person looking to lose weight.

1 Comment
  1. I had a very negative experience with Retrofitme with the Expert program:

    – I received a FitBit, lost it, got the replacement through Retrofitme and was charged

    – The next time I lost the FitBit, I was told to go through FitBit for a replacement. It was replaced for free. When asked why I was charged through Retrofitme but not FitBit, I was told I could call them, but they never answered through email.

    – When I asked if I needed to notify them 30 days before the end of my year long plan, I was told that they could cancel my membership immediately. I was under the impression that there was no option to cancel early. If there was, I would have canceled much, much sooner. No explanation was given, so my membership was cancelled after 11 months rather than 12 months.

    – When I did cancel, I was asked to return the Withings scale and the FitBit. When I asked why in the world I would return a used scale and a used FitBit, and if the scale I had received and the FitBit I had received was used, they answered that my units were new, and I didn’t have to return the scale and the FitBit.

    – At the end of my plan I asked why I had never met with the exercise specialist. My expert team of three had only ever consisted of two. No explanation given.

    – Initially I was told that I didn’t have to count calories, just make better choices. But after I didn’t lose any weight, they asked me to start counting calories.

    – I didn’t lose any weight and I’m out $2,000.

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