The Rosedale Diet Review

The Rosedale Diet Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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The Rosedale Diet was founded and created by Dr. Ron Rosedale, and his book “The Rosedale Diet” hit the shelves in 2004. This diet’s main purpose is to limit the intake of carbohydrates and protein, in order to stabilize the body’s production of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that the body produces and sends signals to your brain to remind you that you are hungry. Dr. Rosedale is convinced that some people have become completely resistant to leptin, and do not have a meter to whether they are feeling hungry or not, which then results in overeating.*

The diet program is condensed into a three-week period, and throughout the first three weeks, there are foods only allowed on what’s called the “A-List.” This list eliminates the consumption of all carbs, sugars, unhealthy fats, and almost all protein.* Once the body is cleansed from the A-list foods after three weeks, small amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats are slowly reintroduced into the diet. The new list is called the “B-List” and it is meant to be sustained for a lifetime. The end phase consists of large amounts of supplements that could cost hundreds of dollars. which Dr. Rosedale encourages his customers to consume.

The book is available for purchase for $15.00 plus shipping on Amazon or any large bookstore, but the real cost lies in the 24 supplements you are required to purchase. The main takeaways from this diet are simply to avoid most empty carbs and sugar calories, eat only when you are hungry, eat the proper amount of protein, and only eat the healthy fats. The strict part of the diet will last for three weeks, and Dr. Rosedale prides himself on being a “metabolic specialist,” but do we really see success with this book and the message it brings to its audience?*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Rosedale Diet?

Any time you are looking into a diet that involves food elimination and has to be followed for weeks at a time, you should see weight come off. After reading multiple reviews, there has been a general consensus that weight comes off with the program, but very slowly!* The reviews on Dr. Rosedale’s site seemed very genuine, and many of the people said that his diet slowly helped them relieve serious symptoms from their diabetes and weight-related health problems. It is scientifically proven that the foods consumed today are high in unhealthy fats and overloaded with sugar, which is causing our health epidemic. When looking at outside testimonials, the message was somewhat parallel to what was on his website, as many people were feeling that the diet is useful, but a lot of the information is recycled, and “old.”

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Is The Rosedale Diet Easy To Follow?

Because this diet comes in a book format, it is up to the customers to: 1. Read the book; 2. Understand what it is saying, and; 3. Apply the knowledge to the lifestyle. This format can be difficult to follow, as many people need more of a support system when looking to make drastic diet and lifestyle changes. In the last section of the book, they require hundreds of dollars worth of supplements, and Dr. Rosedale encourages all of his readers to consume these supplements. In the beginning, he encourages every reader to go and get a blood test done so they can compare their results once they have started taking the supplementation. This step is unrealistic for some, as hundreds of dollars of pills may not be in the budget.

The overall message Dr. Rosedale tries to convey to his readers is the fact that Type II diabetes is on the rise, and the consumption of bad carbs and sugars will do a serious number on your health. If you are willing to buy into this message and take away these items from your diet, you will find the program somewhat easy to follow. There is also the promotion of 15 minutes of exercise per day at the minimum, and not eating three hours before bedtime that can help someone become more healthy long term.

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Dr. Rosedale stresses the importance of a low-carb, moderate protein diet. He claims that all other diets are false, even calls them fads and that you shouldn’t waste your money on them.* (This is a bold and rather arrogant statement). While he has scientific evidence behind the function of leptin and what it does for the body, he has no panels or trials done on his subjects that show a reduction of the leptin levels after completing his diet. He stresses the importance of his readers to have 16 tests done when getting a physical:

Leptin, Insulin, HbgA1c, Glucose, Thyroid function, Basal body temperature, IGF-1, Norepinephrine, C-reactive protein, Triglycerides, Homocysteine, BUN, Creatinine, Uric acid, Liver enzymes, Cholesterol.

This seems a little over the top in general, as many of these tests are not needed during your actual physical exam. The work and money it will take to purchase the supplements, get the tests done, and change your diet habits will be quite substantial in the end. All of his points are valid, and this diet will help you lose weight; however, it will take a support system and check-ins throughout the three-week period, as well as afterwards (which he does not offer outside of his book.) I don’t think this diet is a miracle by any means, and even though it has a good message to the readers, it seems like redundant information that requires a lot of outside work at the doctor’s office.*

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  1. Yes the Dr. Rosedale diet does work! A women 98 years old turned me on to Dr. Rosedale. I asked her what her secret to staying young and active was and she told me all about his book. Try it out and no you don’t need to take all those supplements read the book a lot of what he suggest to take he tells you are already In a multivitamin.

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