The Rotation Diet Book Review

The Rotation Diet Book was first originally published back in 1986 by Martin Kathan, and since then the book has been edited and revised. You can find this book on Amazon for around $15.00 with shipping. When the book first hit the shelves in Nashville, TN there were 70,000 people that jumped on board, and would weight themselves weekly at the supermarket. In total when the wave of people stopped the diet, there was a recorded million pounds lost according to this book. The company sells a book not a diet supplement, so there is not any real room to “re-bill” the customer after they purchase the book the first time around.

The Rotation Diet Book NashvilleThe Facts

It is three-week diet program that will vary your caloric intake as you go along, and they recommend you stay on the diet for three weeks and then give yourself a one-week break. There are no major food restrictions like low fat, no carbs, and only proteins so you can breathe easy. There are certain low calorie days that are near 600 calories, which may leave you feeling hungry.

What’s The Word?

The diet program itself was said to be a reliable way to lose weight for the average person, and there were no awful reviews from folks. Sure, there is always going to be people who are over the moon, and very much under the moon but the overall consensus was positive. The diet provides the readers with meal plan ideas, as well as information from a doctor about how to lose weight in a consistent fashion. Take a look at some of the reviews below.

C.R. Tumelty* has gone through the program with his wife and said, This diet really works as advertised. My wife has used it for about 15 years when she has gotten serious about dieting. However, be warned that you do get hungry and bored with the food choices, especially on the days of the lowest calorie level. When my wife's resolve is high enough, she endures the hunger and loses the weight. I bought the new revised edition of this book because of my wife's success.” He then went on to say that the diet is based around three meals a day and that you will have many food options to choose from.

Jane D. Van Tieghem* said, “It is somewhat outdated, but it is a well rounded with easy basic meals to fix. This is an old book, but I found that It is doable for me and my husband likes it too because it has man pleasing meals. I do not go down to 600 Cal for 3 days every other week as I am in my 70's and do not think it is healthy.” She then went on to say that the rotation works like this: 600 calories for 3 days, 900 calories for 4 days and then the second week is 1200 calories. You will continue that cycle for three weeks on and then one week off.

Finally, there were a few customers who were not happy about the diet dipping so low for so many days and felt like it was an unhealthy level to maintain. Norska* said, “Stupid diet – I can't believe you can still buy this book. The calories allowed at the three different levels are too low for most people – 600, 900 and 1200 calories. Yeah, you can lose weight. It doesn't teach you to eat properly, so when you finally give up because you are starving, you'll put the weight back on. Don't bother.” There are many people that feel this way, making this book favorable to only a select crowd of people who are willing to endure low calories many days in a row.

What Does The Rotation Diet Book Offer?

The Rotation Diet Book carbohydrate mealsFor the money you will be spending up front for this diet program, you get something back in return. There are guidelines menu plans available for the three weeks you are dieting, as well as other recipes to try out. Because this is an older diet book there are some theories that are a little outdated, but many people have been able to look past it for the most part. The recipes have been said to he higher on the carbohydrate side of things, so if you are trying to stay away from carbs this could be an issue. A Doctor wrote the book itself, so there are scientific references in the book and studies shown on different ideas that have been proven to help lose weight.

  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Promotes eating real food
  • Outdated Information
  • Extremely low calorie days

Is The Rotation Diet Worth A Try?

The Rotation Diet Old BookThe reviews speak for themselves, and there were more positive than negative reviews when looking at the diet itself. Sure, a book being written in 1986 will need some updating (which it has to an extent) but the premise of the book is harmful for the average dieter. The downside to the diet is the low calorie days going to levels around 600 (which is not great for you) and many people were not able to sustain for three days like this. There have been no serious side effects noted other than hunger when going through the diet especially for the first time. There is not a significant amount of customer support since the book is super outdated and there was no social media present when it was created, so you are on your own for the most part. For many people, they are uncovering their books from the attic to give it another shot!

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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