The Skinny Rules Diet Review

Anyone who is a fan of the hit television show, The Biggest Loser, will know who Bob Harper is. While he is one of the celebrity trainers on the show, he is also the author of the Skinny Rules Diet book. The book focuses on what Harper refers to as “principles” that must be adhered to in order to effectively lose weight.

The book is broken down into three parts. The first part focuses on one of the rules and principles that participants are expected to follow. The second part of the book has participants follow a 30-day diet that is meant to help boost initial weight loss and boost confidence. The last part of the book is the tools section which is meant to give participants everything they need in order to achieve their desired weight and to help them maintain their success long-term.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Skinny Rules Diet?

The Skinny Rules Diet is one that can see dieters lose weight in the short-term. This is primarily due to the fact that the diet is one that restricts calories to a large degree and actually shows you what you need to eat in the first 30-days. However, after that initial 30-day period, participants are on their own and while the book does offer guidance and even recipes, it is up to the participant to make sure they follow what they are shown. Any straying off the suggested diet plan will likely result in weight loss that is less than anticipated.

Is the Skinny Rules Diet Easy to Follow?

While the Skinny Rules Diet does offer a good deal of guidance and is easy to follow as far as the rules go, it is a hard diet to follow overall. This is primarily due to one of the principles that states you must not eat carbohydrates after noon. This might sound like it is easy to do, but those who are used to a carbohydrate-rich diet are likely to have plenty of cravings, which can often prove to be too much to resist.

In addition, the Skinny Rules Diet book does not cover exercise. Harper does say that it is important and that desired weight loss can’t come with exercise alone, but there is no guidance as to how much exercise participants are supposed to do or even what kind of exercises best compliment the diet.


The Skinny Rules Diet book basically shows that eating less and eating better leads to weight loss. However, this is basic diet information and likely something that you already know. So, you might want to save the $26 you would spend on the book. In addition, the Skinny Rules Diet calls for so many fresh foods to be purchased. Therefore, while on the Skinny Rules Diet you can expect to make plenty of trips to the grocery store and to spend quite a bit more as well.

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