The Stash Plan Diet Review

The new diet book “The Stash Plan” was released in March 2016 and was written by Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Troy. This diet book provides dieters with a 21-day eating plan that involves modern nutritional science practices with Chinese Meridian Theory practices. Chinese Meridian Theory is simply the notion that the body runs on certain networks that make up lines in the body. Through acupuncture, these lines and networks are used to link together health and wellness in the body. Along with this theory, you are given grocery lists and information on how to create your “stash” meals twice a week. once on Sunday and again on Wednesday. Many people, however, do not have time on a Wednesday to restart the prepping process, let alone go back to the grocery store.

shutterstock_552880867You can purchase this book at any major bookstore such as Barnes and Noble, Audible, or Amazon. There is no customer service number when looking into “The Stash Plan” as an actual company to contact. Their publisher is Touchstone Media and they are not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Stash Plan Diet?

This book has been said to be a good read, but the cost of the food and the expectations on how to prepare the food is rather unrealistic for the everyday working person. You are not allowed to use microwaves to heat up your food, so many times if you don’t have an oven at work, you are left with cold food. See some authentic reviews below on this diet plan.

good readMichelle* said, “The food is good, not groundbreaking, but good. The meal prep was easier than what I normally prep on a Sunday, However- It is expensive, in my opinion. I'm the only one doing it in our house and for the shopping list for the Stash 1 I spent $160 and I live in the Midwest, I can't imagine how much it would be in NYC or a more metro town. I also couldn't find everything on the list and the stuff I did find, I had to go to 4 different stores.” Where Michelle lives in the Midwest, the product isn't at its peak, so some of the food was really hard to find. The fact that you are not supposed to use a microwave either makes matters tricky especially at work. If you work outside of your home, the diet may not even be possible due to the fact you can't use a microwave. Finally, she was saying that there should be more details about stretching, because some people who are overweight or have bad knees simply cannot stretch. The recipes tasted good, but the diet overall was not good enough to go through again for Michelle.

“The Pros first: I've lost 7 lbs. and I’m not hungry. When I do get hungry I drink some broth. It satisfies. My arthritis is 80% gone in 3 days.

The Cons: The person that compiled the grocery list was either stupid or #$$$%. I quickly learned to compile my own grocery list. It is very difficult for normal working person's to spend 2-3 hours on Weds nite making the next stash. It should be all done on Sunday or day off. Lastly, pretend you are at work, and there's not an oven, you must use the microwave. It's the only way to heat the food when you have 30 minutes for lunch and you work for a living.” Frederick Hagen*

Is The Stash Plan Diet Easy To Follow?

The book itself has been said to be a somewhat flawless read, but the actual meal prepping and grocery list have been said to be very unrealistic and expensive. This alone would be enough to drive many away, as it may not be the best fit for someone who is constantly on the go and has a tight food budget to follow each week. The book has the reader going to the store twice a week as well, and the shopping lists are said to be completely out of order and confusing. Not many people have time to do multiple grocery store trips a week, let alone food prep twice on top of that. Finally, there has been word about the book being completely about the author, which makes the reader feel like their weight loss journey is not as important as the author’s.*


social mediaFor around $15.00, you are going to get a book with food lists and stories, but nothing more than that. Their social media pages are linked to the personal authors, which again is all about them. There is a jumbled shopping list you have to decode daily, which in turn has the dieter feeling more overwhelmed than they really need to be. The book itself does not have much credibility behind its practices anywhere on their official website, which also has me wondering if this is even a credible diet in the first place. Side effects have been said to be lighter pockets, as well as lost time in the kitchen. I wouldn’t put my time and money into The Stash Diet Plan, seeing as how there are many kinks still to be ironed out with this new-to-market book.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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