The Supercharged Hormone Diet Review

The Supercharged Hormone Diet Review
The Supercharged Hormone Diet Review

The Supercharged Hormone Diet was written by Natasha Turner and released to the public in 2015, which makes this book rather new to the diet scene. The book starts off by telling you that your hormones are one of the biggest factors in weight loss or weight gain, so understanding how those function is essential to learning how you best will lose weight. Turner provides different blood tests to give to the reader, so that they can take those tests to the doctor, as well as food lists and menu plans to follow. On the front of the book cover it claims that this 30-day diet will help you lose weight, restore your metabolism, and feel younger. Dr. Turner provides a website that hosts many of her books, and her activities coming up so the public can follow her. Her contact information to Clear Medicine Clinic is: 123 Dupont St. Toronto ON, M5R 1V4 p 416 579 9105 f 647 349 3009. There is also a form you can fill out on her website, here in regards to getting in touch with the clinic about questions on the products they sell.

The main goal of this diet is to get your hormones back on track in 30-days, and the hormonal health balance approach is done to target the fat packing areas with hormonal imbalance.* Did readers like the book, and did it help them achieve weight loss?

The Supercharged Hormone Diet Blood TestDo Dieters Lose Weight With The Supercharged Hormone Diet?

Many of the readers said that this book was a repeat of her first book, and that she repeated herself quite often. The read has not been said to be user friendly, so the fact that you have to diet based off of what is written and repeated in the book may be harder than it may appear. The actual amount of weight loss was less than impressive from customers trying the diet out. Many just couldn’t get over the fact that you have to spend over $200.00 in supplements alone. Luckily no real side effects have been noted other than the withdrawal side effects such as headaches, irritability, and fatigue. One person also mentioned their acne flaring up due to the fact that they were overdoing it on the probiotics.

kCathy2011* voiced her frustration with the repeat in books, “This was her second book. Her first one was better and this one was just okay. It offered the same information and some more details. I don’t think you need two of her books on the same subject..”

 Meshelly* was whistling the same tune as her peers, as she felt there was a lot of redundancy in the book. “I think the basic premise of the diet is good, but the author repeated the same thing over and over in the subsequent chapters, I started to feel as though she was just coming up with enough pages to create a book!!!”

 “Still not sure I’ll keep this one. When all’s said and done, this author can call this her uncomplicated approach to the Hormone Diet, but good grief, this is STILL a LOT of trouble, complicated, and I tend to want to give-up before even finishing reading.” PA Friend* also went on to say that the author seems like she is more of a doctor you would physically go into her office, but she does not think the diet works well enough through a book.

 There was a lot of disappointment with the cost of all of the supplements you have to purchase, and Tammy R.* voiced her opinion, “Just another gimmicky book for losing weight, same principles as all the others. It looks like it’s a money grab because the first part of the diet requires you to purchase $200 in supplements. I’m returning it, lessons learned.”

 Is It Easy To Follow?

The Supercharged Hormone Diet StressThe read has been said to be excruciatingly painful to many people reading it for the first time. It has been said to be one of those books that needs to be re-read over again in order to truly understand the information being presented to you. As far as actually following the program itself, there will be hurdles involved especially during the two-week detoxification period in the beginning of the diet. Once you are finished detoxing your system you then have to move into a re-introduction phase where you are going to be eating certain foods to determine which ones your body really cannot tolerate and move from there. This process is not going to be easy, as many reactions may interfere with your everyday life, causing you extra stress when you may not need it. There are different scientific mentions in this book, and Dr. Natasha Turner does try and back her information up with healthy reasons as to why they will work for you. They may not however; as many people going through this diet did not see the results they really wanted to see long term.


The Supercharged Hormone Diet is not a supercharged diet book flowing with invaluable information by any means. Once you go through the rigorous detox phase, spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, and then take a hormone questionnaire you will finally be ready to start the diet. Once you figure out which diet will best fir your hormone results you will most likely be starting the Glyci-Mediterranean Diet, which is high in proteins, veggies and olive oils. The many steps to even getting started with this diet is a tough road to stay on long term, and many people do not have the money to purchase all of the supplements required nor do they remember to take all of the supplements required.

The Supercharged Hormone Diet SupplementsNatasha does have a personal website, here that offers social media channels for potential customers to seek out but their popularity is limited sadly. There was not much activity for the people who actually did like and follow the sites, which leads me to believe this diet does not have a strong outpouring community behind it. The book is said to be mediocre at best, so if you want to try your hand at it be ready to spend a lot on supplements and even more time trying to understand the book and its vision as a whole.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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*Individual results will vary.
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