The Thyroid Diet Review

The Thyroid Diet was written by Mary J. Shamon, and it was published and released to the public back in 2004. She was the author of book “Living Well With Hypothyroidism” and has a passion for people battling with any thyroid issues whether it be “hypo” or “hyper.” Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid, which in turn does not produce enough of the thyroid hormone that helps regulate the metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is the exact opposite, and the body is producing way too much of the thyroid hormone in the body causing it to mess the body’s cycle up all together. Most of the time weight gain is seen with hypothyroidism, and these diets are geared toward those patients. There are 10 million people in the United States alone that have been diagnosed with a thyroid disease, so it does not come as a surprise that books are being written about it.*

The frustrating part about having a thyroid issue is the fact that no matter how hard you try the weight doesn’t come off easily. Many times people fall into depression because people just don’t understand their struggles throughout each day, which is why this book was written, but it may not relay the message readers really want to hear. Do not be confused by the title of the book thinking you will get a majority of the book in recipes, because that is far from the truth as there are barely any recipes given to readers which was a big letdown. There is no support number to call in regards to this book.

The Thyroid Diet woman with hypothyroidismDo Dieters Lose Weight With The Thyroid Diet?

Many hopeful readers were extremely let down by this book, and said that it was more for people trying to figure out if they have a thyroid issue or not. Big letdown! Most people purchasing the book have a thyroid problem, hence why they are seeking help to lose weight amidst the struggle. I have been personally affected by a family member with hypothyroidism, and understand the mental and emotional struggles that comes with the unbearable weight gain. Some side effects from hypothyroidism are: weight gain, hair loss, no energy, and lack of appetite. See some authentic reviews from people who struggle as well, and purchased the book.

Kyhousewife* said,“I got this book after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it has a lot of great information for people new to this disease, but with all the research out there, don't go by this person's diet….that is something you will have to find out on your own.” She then explains that soy products are totally hit and miss for some people and that you will have to experiment with that on your own. Be careful with vitamins as well, as some of them can upset your system and make you feel worse. Overall Kyhousewife expressed that the diet book is useful for people who have been recently diagnosed with a thyroid problem, but to do your own personal research too and don’t just rely on the book.

 “Suffering from Hypothyroidism for over 25yrs. decided to get to book because I always look to enrich my knowledge about the condition. Was disappointed, I've had more info from my own research over the years then they had in this book.” Expressed S. Abraham*. She was relived that she didn’t pay a lot for the information, and that anyone can find this information on the Internet without the book.

 “This book is good for someone who is trying to figure out if they have a thyroid problem or not, but wasn't good for me – I have known I had thyroid issues for over 14 years now. I was really hoping for a book that would tell me what foods were good to eat and which ones to avoid for my Hypothyroidism. This book really didn't help me at all.” C Dooley* then went onto say that a large portion of the book talks about whether you even have a thyroid problem or not. Well, many of the customers that have purchased this book already know they have a problem. The author also encourages to experiment with different food plans but does not give the reader a definite plan, which is rather unsettling to someone looking to get a confident plan in routine. As stated by others who have purchased the book, much of the information is found online and the purchase of the book is not necessary.

Is The Thyroid Diet Easy To Follow?

The Thyroid Diet different dietsThis book has not been said to be an easy read, due to the fact that she throws so many ideas at the reader without one strict plan. Her main message is simply that not one diet works for everyone, so try a lot of different diets out. (Doesn’t that sound like yoyo dieting?) Many times throwing your body into too many diets can set off your thyroid in the first place, so I find this extremely contradictory. With no special Thyroid diet in the actual book itself, many readers found the book misleading, and not worth the purchase. The purchase of the book will only cost you $5.00 which is extremely cheap, so it is not a large deal if you spend the money to try it out, but be for-warned.


The Thyroid Diet scientific evidenceWhile this book seems to have good intentions, there are many holes in the writing and the title. With a marginal amount of recipes, no support channel, social media sites, and almost too much scientific evidence to plough through, this book may just be an empty read for those really seeking diet plans to help battle their hypothyroidism. The author’s first book referenced earlier was informational, but the making of another book with virtually the same message has caused distrust with customers who used to like her work. The Thyroid Diet will not provide you meal plans to help battle your angry thyroid, so do not purchase this book on that notion!

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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