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Ultimate Candida Diet Program ReviewThe Ultimate Candida Diet Program was developed by Lisa Richards in an effort to beat her own Candida. Candida Albicans is a type of yeast that lives in approximately 80 percent of dieter’s guts. This form of yeast, when left unchecked, can produce a number of health problems, including fatigue, joint pain, yeast infections, and weight gain, just to name a few.* With The Ultimate Candida Diet Program, Richards claims to have taken the results of over 100 leading Candida research studies and put them into a five-step program that promises to rid dieters of their Candida in 60 days.* As a natural side effect, The Ultimate Candida Diet Program claims dieters should also experience weight loss in the process.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Ultimate Candida Diet?

The Ultimate Candida Diet Program sees dieters eat many whole foods and foods that are rich in probiotics. In contrast, the plan has dieters avoid many rich foods that would be high in calories, therefore, a certain amount of weight should come off, at least in the short term. Long-term weight loss would all depend on the dieter being able to maintain the very specific and strict diet regimen that comes with The Ultimate Candida Diet Program. This is a very vague program to say the least, and really is only aimed at people who suffer from Candida in their own body. This is a very interesting and off-the-beaten-path diet program to follow that may not apply and work for everyone who tries it.

Is The Ultimate Candida Diet Easy To Follow?

The Ultimate Candida Diet Program is one that is very strict and therefore will not be the easiest diet plan to follow. While the program does contain over 40 recipes, many of those require specialty foods and a good amount of time to prepare. In addition, there are a number of supplements that are to be taken while on The Ultimate Candida Diet Program. This can add some confusion and increase the time needed to properly execute the program. If you do not have a lot of time to experiment in the kitchen, you will not see success with this diet program.*


The Ultimate Candida Diet Program comes as a series of eBooks and costs $37. While the information that is offered is useful for those who truly have Candida, it is not necessarily perfect for those without it.

Knowing whether or not you have Candida is supposedly said to be tricky. According to Richards, she was misdiagnosed by doctors for years; however, that comment may be made simply as an attempt to push the product. As with any diet program that is in question, it is always best to consult your physician to be sure it is right for you. This diet program is most definitely not for everyone, as they have not hit a large target audience or seen a lot of great success.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • Wayne Jensen

    In my humble opinion, this review is absurd. The Ultimate Candida Diet is about beating a Candida albicans infestation, NOT about losing weight.

    Comparing this to weight loss programs is like comparing apples to oranges.

    I suffered from a severe Candida infestation, and this diet program worked wonders for me. I don’t usually take the time to share my opinion on subjects such as this, but felt the need to set the record straight from my perspective, so others who need this to fight Candida will give it the serious consideration it deserves.

    I was about 50 pounds overweight when I discovered the root of my condition was from Candidiasis. I did a lot of reading and determined The Ultimate Candida Diet was the best option for me to beat this. I lost about 60 pounds using this program, but it absolutely worked, and gave me a very good understanding of what Candida is and what all the ingredients in the recipes and additional nutritional products were doing to fight the fungus in my body.

    This program also helped me overcome my addiction to sugar along the way, and I will never go back to eating the unhealthy, sugary junk that I was eating before I started this program.

    With this understanding, I was able to find more recipes beyond what is included in the recipe guides, and modify them slightly so that they to contribute in the fight to slowly kill the Candida fungus.

    I’m adding foods back in slowly, as described in Phase 5, but will stay away from most processed foods and continue to eat RIGHT…the kinds of foods we are meant to eat.

    I highly recommend this program, and am very thankful for the recipe guides that are part of the program. All the healthy, tasty food recipes in this program, it made it much easier to stick to the program until I beat my infection.

    So for anyone with Candida albicans reading this review, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM!

    P.S. Kudos to Lisa Richards for doing all this research and sharing it with us for such a reasonable price!

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