Thin for Life Diet Review

Thin for Life Diet Review
5 out of 10
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The Thin For Life Diet is centered on the book Thin For Life written by nutritionalist Anne Fletcher. In the book Fletcher goes over the latest in nutrition for the diet, but the real heart of the book is the many inspiring stories from so-called “weight loss masters” who have successfully lost weight and were able to keep it off for at least three years.

The Thin For Life Diet is one that consists of “Ten Steps for Success.” The steps are as follows: believe you can be thin, take the reins, do it your way, accept the food facts, nip it in the bud, learn positive self talk, move it or lose it, face life head on, get more out of life, and don’t go it alone. Each step is outlined in depth in the book as are other weight loss resources such as yoga and tai chi.


Fletcher recommends to “experiment” with weight loss and also outlines a six week program within the book. In addition, she provides tips on how to shave fat from your everyday diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Thin for Life Diet?

According to the book, there are many stories of those who have changed their lives for the better by doing the Thin For Life Diet. However, the diet is one that is restrictive and can therefore be one that leads to a good deal of cheating, which would hinder any weight loss progress greatly.

Is the Thin for Life Diet Easy to Follow?

The Thin For Life Diet is one that is outlined well, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to follow. Because the diet calls for cutting out many of the foods and food groups that are likely your favorite, you will have to deal with cravings. This is sometimes more than the average person’s will can handle which then leads to periods of being “off” the diet. Additionally, the reduction in calories, which is done according to a person’s height, is sometimes too drastic for some individuals to handle.


If you are looking for a motivational kick-start to losing weight then the Thin For Life Diet book is the way to go. However, just keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you leaving you to find another solution should that be the case.

The Thin For Life Diet is one that is based on other’s success. Again, others succeeding is great motivation but that doesn’t guarantee that your results will be the same. In many ways, the Thin For Life Diet book almost has the stories of other’s weight loss success “sell” the final product rather than the rest of the information it contains.

So What Really Works?*

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*Individual results will vary.

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