This is Why You’re Fat Diet Review

This is Why You’re Fat Diet Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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This is Why You’re Fat started a few years ago as a website where anyone could go on and post pictures and descriptions of foods that were simply labeled “extreme junk food.” Home to such monstrosities as the seven-pound breakfast burrito, the site become so popular that Jessica Amason and Richard Blakely decided to write a book. Thus, This is Why You’re Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks was born.

The book highlights some of the most unreal food dishes ever made and consumed. While some of the foods included in the book seem as though they are made up, they are in fact all real and truly highlight the kinds of food dishes directly responsible for the overweight epidemic the country is currently facing. It is an eye opener to the unhealthy foods that everyday people are consuming, and the idea that this is our new normal. This book is not a diet per say, as it only highlights the bad foods and does not reflect on the good foods you should be eating.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The This Is Why You’re Fat Diet?

This is Why You’re Fat does not offer any advice on what a dieter should eat, but it does indirectly highlight all the things that should be avoided. Dieters can use This is Why You’re Fat as a map of what they should be avoiding at all costs. Basically, if a dieter stays away from the foods found in This is Why You’re Fat, then they will be one step ahead of the weight loss game. This is not the best way to lose weight and seems like a waste of time to buy.* With the capabilities on the internet today, you can search junk food and find millions of images. We are not stupid, and understand what is truly bad for us. This is a twisted and backwards approach to trying to lose weight, which we do not think is very successful.*

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Is The This Is Why You’re Fat Diet Easy To Follow?

This is Why You’re Fat is a fun book and one that can be taken serious at the same time. However, it is not a book that offers guidance in nutrition or fitness. Dieters looking for help in these areas will find none with This is Why You’re Fat, except for looking at all the things they should not be eating.

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This is Why You’re Fat is a book worth picking up at only $9.99, but you should only buy it as a source of entertainment and enlightenment. The book is actually a great thing to thumb through when you are feeling cravings of any kind or if you need motivation when you are looking to get started in nutrition and fitness. Though the authors of the book probably didn’t write it thinking that anyone would use it as a source of motivation to stick to a diet plan or begin one, they also didn’t plan on their website becoming a bestselling book.

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