Thrive Diet Review

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The Thrive Diet is a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet that includes a lot of greens, seeds, and plant-based proteins. The idea is to eliminate stress on the body by supplying it with easy to breakdown energy sources so that it can use the energy needed to burn fat.* It promises to eliminate sleep, anxiety, allergies, and over-stimulation. Thrive Diet has been successfully used by some athletes.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Thrive Diet Diet?

Thrive Diet does not have outrageous claims about the weight loss. It really focuses more about cleaning out your body’s system and making it healthier.*

We have found some customer reviews about this diet:

Chungking* said, “Beyond this basic advice, the book contains many scientific explanations about the effects of stress on the body, the relationship between stress and diet, pH-balancing the body, etc. which unfortunately are not footnoted and therefore are unverifiable. Since the author is not a scientist himself, I have a hard time accepting his explanations purely on faith.” 

“The concept is good and how he marketed is just brilliant. But he is now selling his own products what is not “natural” in of terms of eating fresh vegan food. The second failure is that he is not tells nothing about B12 what is unforgivable for my point of view if you do such a book about proper nutrition and with analytical systems. Personally I think that was a good way to cash in the yeas of training after he stopped.” I Feher*

Is The Thrive Diet Diet Easy To Follow?

Thrive Diet is a plant-based eating plan that excludes all diary and recommends consuming raw food as much as possible. It starts by adding many healthy foods into the diet and is followed by re-calibration period.

The re-calibration period is where you eliminate all sugar, meat, grains, caffeine, and starchy vegetables. The Thrive Diet can be followed for 12 weeks and does not require calorie counting as long you stick to the strict-allowed food list. Meals should include protein, good fats, and plenty of fiber.*

A typical menu might look like this:

Quinoa with berries
Energy Bar
Whole food smoothie
Zucchini chips
Kale Salad with beans and avocado


If you are an athlete and/or enjoy cooking plant-based meals on a daily basis, it could be a great experience to see if eliminating most heavy foods could make you function better and even improve quality of life. The Thrive Diet is very restrictive and will require a lot of willpower to stay with it. It is simply not a good long-term plan. Look for a more manageable plan that has great customer groups, support, and is more proven long term.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.


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