Tracy Anderson Diet Review

Tracy Anderson Diet Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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The Tracy Anderson Diet was created in 2012, and the claim to fame is that Tracy herself has worked with A-list celebrities such as Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Courteney Cox. This diet is composed in the form of a book called “Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method” and it is aimed directly to women. The program puts together a three-tiered approach with meal plans, cardio routines, and a mat workout. The biggest hook line to this program is the celebrity backing that the book has helped, due to many stars working directly with Tracy, get into optimal shape. Many women do not like to look “bulky” so this book encourages a leaner look, as well as working muscles that will not make you look like you’re a bodybuilder.*

The Book in Three Parts:

  • Part 1: The Tracy Anderson Method Muscle Design*
  • Part 2: The Tracy Anderson Method Cardio Complement*
  • Part 3: The Tracy Anderson Method Menus*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Tracy Anderson Diet?

The diet promotes clean eating and a lot of exercise. You will lose weight if you follow the program precisely. There are many foods that are simply eliminated, which may be hard initially, but this is very standard in the diet industry. The menus are said to be very confusing and unrealistic for families. Tracy’s menus include meals for one person, and those can get very pricey due to the ingredients needed and the prep time required. Eating healthy will not pose results on its own, as this program demands a strict exercise routine.* Aside from the book, there are a variety of expensive workout DVD’s created by Tracy herself to go along with her book requirements, and I see this as another way to rake in more bucks. If you can find the time to be a chef and personal trainer for yourself, this program may work.*

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Is The Tracy Anderson Diet Easy To Follow?

It is easy to a point, but at the end of the day, you are simply reading a book and will need to apply it to your life to see any results. Many customers have said that the book itself does not provide very tasteful recipes, and that they wished Tracy had gotten more creative with the food choices. Instead, they reported the recipes to be bland and repetitive. There was also ample feedback about the workouts being very long, as some of them go for over two hours! Sure, it may work for celebrities, as it is part of their job to look good, but this is quite the time commitment for people who have jobs, kids, and other responsibilities to attend to. Finally, there was feedback about the time commitment it takes just to prep the meals for yourself alone. Once again, most celebrities have cooks and butlers that do this kind of work for them, but for the not-so-fortunate, you are looking at a huge time commitment to this program if you want to see results.

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Overall this diet book seems like it has more bells and whistles than actual punch behind the program. There is an astronomical amount of cardio that is being pushed on a person simply trying to get healthier, along with unrealistic recipes that take hours out of your day to prepare. You really do have to have celebrity status to have the time and money to be successful at this program, which does not make it realistic for that many of us. On top of that, this program is directly marketing to women only, which takes away over half of the population in men that also need to get healthier and lose weight. The time and effort that it takes to go through this 30-day program that may or may not work for you is a risk that I would personally not take. The glitz and glamour of her throwing the celebrity card in everyone’s faces makes me see an insecure side to her methods.

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