Transform 30 Review

Transform 30 Review


Updated on May 26, 2019

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Who is it for?
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Dr. Mitra Ray is the founder of the Transform 30 Program, and the program as a whole is a part of a larger entity named JuicePlus+. A man named Jay Martin founded JuicePlus+ in 1970, and the company’s headquarters are located in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee. They offer a multi-level marketing strategy for their representatives to make extra money while selling and endorsing Juice Plus+. While you are participating in the Transform 30 program, you are required to purchase the products, primarily four pouches of JuicePlus+ shakes (meal replacement shakes), and the JuicePlus+ trio (capsules).* These supplements are meant to be added in to ensure you are getting proper nutrients. This eating program is just another way to get sales to the JuicePlus+ representatives.

The Transform 30 Program Involves:

  • Juice Plus: JuicePlus+ Complete (power shake) and JuicePlus+ Premium (capsules) for four months. When combined, these will support your transformation.
  • Water: Drink enough pure water a day such that your urine remains clear (usually two to three liters)*.
  • Exercise: Do 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise at least four days a week.*
  • Elimination: Zero wheat, and dairy products are allowed while participating.*
  • Breathing: Breathing exercises are encouraged throughout the course of the program.*
  • Sleep: Eight hours of sleep are required a night.*
  • Assist: Eating your last meal at 6:00pm allows the body to rest and digest properly.*

As you can see from the list above, this program is simply another way the JuicePlus+ Corporation is trying to get more of their products sold. The program itself promotes all positive lifestyle changes, but what they are really after is your commitment to purchasing four months worth of products. These products are not cheap by any means, as the drink mix and the capsules for four months will cost you over $300.00 alone. When looking into contacting their support line, I was given a sheet to fill out, which led me to a representative. (Way too much work!).

Do Dieters Lose Weight On Transform 30?

I was finally able to locate what the program was all about, and when you sign up, you are given recipes, a food journal, and a measurement tracker. The main punch line here was the JuicePlus+ supplements helping you lose the weight while exercising, eliminating sugars, starches, wheat, and dairy from your diet. This doesn’t surprise me, because JuicePlus+ is a pyramid style company, and what better way to get more sales to the representatives than through a transformation program? But the real question is, do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars on their supplements? I would call their vision unclear and overrated, as many of the customers who have taken JuicePlus+ have said it is a good product, but not the reason they lost weight in the end.* This program does not have an abundance of customer success stories, which makes me think Transform 30 is just another way to get a sale to JuicePlus+.

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Is Transform 30 Easy To Follow?

When looking on the website for Transform 30, it had a very scattered and confusing layout, which had me questioning what the actual program was going to entail. As noisy as the website was, this program has me questioning its validity from many different angles. The program itself is basically a diuretic, as much of the focus is passing the toxins out of your body by consuming more fruits and vegetables (with the JuicePlus+ products).* For 30 days, you are to take two meal replacement shakes, as well as consume the capsules to clean your system out, making it more of a cleanse than an actual diet when it is all said and done. This is probably why the program has not appealed to the dieter in general, because its main focus is to cleanse rather than lose weight. It is fairly simple to follow when you nail down their main message, but is rather expensive when you take a step back to see what you are really getting from your investment.

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This program is not really a strong diet program, and the only reason it can be categorized in that light is because of the added to-do’s the program involves. They throw in the elimination of certain foods, as well as water, sleep, and exercise, but they do not go into detail about this part of the journey once you sign up. The clear focus is to purchase the products and cleanse your system. Some people have seen a difference in their overall health, and some did not notice a single change, which proves that this program is not a solid weight loss option. I would not call Transform 30 a scam by any means, but be aware what you are being sold and how much money you will be spending in the long run.*

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  1. The goal is the program is to flush our body with nutrients and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours. This review lacks insight and knowledge into the scientific research and company’s vision to provide nutrients to support healthy body function and metabolism, in additional to providing a behavioural framework for positive change.

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