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Trim Down Club Consumer Experience Survey
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The Trim Down Club was founded in 2012 by a group of nutritionists. B2C Media Solutions Ltd. is the company who owns The Trim Down Club and they are based out of Israel. They are a weight loss membership program, aimed to educate people on the benefits of eating healthy with support communities and menu plans.*The cost is $47.00 for a one-time membership fee, and there have been complaints about getting upsold on more products once you are enrolled as a member. The support system as a whole is poor, and they do not provide any numbers to call. There has been word from many past customers that the refund policy is a scam, and they do not honor their money back guarantee.* With expensive exercise books, supplements, and non-informational videos provided after purchasing the membership on the website, I would save your money and time from this program.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Trim Down Club?

Nowhere on the website, was I able to see any clinical studies done on the products and the reasoning behind the program. You first have to purchase a membership before you can see any books, or supplements offered on the side. It was stated on the site that they had a registered dietitian named Ossie Sharon who was responsible for the menu plans and information, but no other details were given about the science behind the program. We all know that information alone does not cause weight loss. Because this is a do-it-yourself program, whether or not it works is up to the member. After looking into the program more in depth, it seems like there are many add ons to trick the customer into thinking they need to spend more money to get better results.*

Is The Trim Down Club Easy To Follow?

If you do not like to read a lot of material, and listen to empty promises then this program will not work for you. You can take 30 day, or 60-day challenges depending on the progress you need to make. To wrap up the program free of charge, they simply encourage people to use portion control when consuming meals, as well as eliminating processed foods and refined sugars from their diets.* The website is said to be confusing to navigate around in, and the videos are only used to upsell customers to new products. Overall, this program is not user friendly because of the poor customer service, and not so friendly website.

Because this is a meal, and menu planner there have been minor side effects reported such as lack of energy due to diet change, nausea, and withdrawal symptoms from sugar. In general, this program is a membership program full of videos, and advice on diet. All in all, the program has a website that is hard to navigate through, and charges you for tools that you can access for free online.


When looking into their Facebook and Twitter accounts there was an inconsistent number of followers to activity. The content that was being posted was also not getting very many likes and re-tweets from the customer and follower base despite the high follow rate. Many times these numbers can be bought or fabricated to look like a company is more popular than it really is. You can only buy their subscription and products through their website, which is a problem because of the money back issues you may run into.

This program is unnecessary as many people can obtain the same information online, free of charge. There are many support communities out there, for people looking to lose weight. I would not waste my money on this membership, because once you are committed you are constantly getting up-sold to new products that you might not necessarily need. The money back guarantees, and customer service also are not comforting with their bad track records from previous customers. This is an overpriced membership service that I would not invest my time or money in.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • Lesley Carsons

    Congratulations on your loss! Agree totally with what u say. I guess there will always be people who want their money back when they find out there is no instant cure for their issue. Frankly it’s the best 47 bucks I ever spent! I’m down 23 pounds and have no need to stop eating this way EVER. It isn’t a diet. It’s really just a new and healthier way of eating the foods one likes, while discovering some healthier ways of putting them all together. Continued success to us!!!

  • queenslaby

    I’ve been on the diet a month and have lost 10 lbs. so after reading some of these reviews, I’m suspicious as to “who” wrote them, is it a competitive co trying to divert competition? I’m 69, and have no problems navigating on their site. I enjoy the fact that after completing a profile, they used my info to PLAN my meals using what I like to eat, no food that I would be forced to eat, and a substitute list if I want to switch something around. I am not one to count calories, and really like not having to figure out a menu everyday, 36; days a year! And I have never been void of energy, so sorta confused by the negative reviews

    • Adam Feldman

      @queenslaby:disqus Thank you for having our back! People like you make our days so much brighter 😉

  • Timbreblue

    Diet requires lots of foods most people do not ordinarily keep or buy, would require major shopping expense. follow up membership is nothing but a bunch of trashy scam type mailings. Wish I had saved my money.

  • Lesley Carsons

    I have to disagree with your criticism of the trim down club. I am into my second month using their meal planner. Unless you are totally computer illiterate their website, especially the meal planner, is quite straightforward once you get the hang of it. There is lots of eye opening information if one takes the time to read it. I have lost 11 pounds by following this plan and have no reason to discontinue it because I am only eating foods of my own selection. The plan allows you to eat pretty much whatever you like …but in the correct portion sizes and combinations. There are absolutely no additional charges other than the one time sign up fee of $47. I opted out of getting their emails and have not been offered any other purchases or up selling. As I am quite pleased with the program, I have had no contact with their customer service so I can’t comment on that. However, having all this material at my fingertips whenever I want to eat a meal or snack makes this a very useful tool in the ongoing quest to healthy eating.

  • Kae Noack

    I want to cancel my membership. I do not even have a clue as to how to get started. It is not at all what I expected. It is totally too complicated for me.

  • Gina Marie Small

    Trim Down Club is a total scam! The only thing you will lose is your $47!

  • TeaserV

    I am an over- the – road trucker and have limited time at home for food preparation. Is there ANYTHING in chain grocery or fast food that is actually beneficial to a dieter?

    • queenslaby

      I prepare each meal, put in a Baggie, mark the bags so I know which meal it is (snack, lunch, dinner) put in a soft side cooler with an ice pack. Only takes about 15-20 min of time, I feel so much better about being”mentally accountable” makes me conscious and dedicated to my goal. Hope this helps ! It’s a ” battle to stay committed”

    • Amy Norton

      Hey. Actually there are a bunch of pre-made and healthful options in nearly every city in the union now. Look for Whole Foods, Lucky’s Grocery and Publix. You can find rotisserie chicken and fresh salads, loads of fresh raw veg like green beans, asparagus, avocado, tomato, etc. Then there are the loads of fresh fruits or fruit salads, cold bean and corn salsas. Try the baked vegetable crisps and the baked seed crackers. Take a stroll through the outer edges of almost any grocery and you will find some options. But the really good ones are at hole Foods, Lucky’s Grocery and Publix. I really hope this helps.

      • Adam Feldman

        @disqus_1vxANt2AiW:disqus I couldn’t agree with you more! Great information you provided 🙂

  • Joanna

    I’ve already lost 15 lbs in 2 months with this plan. I noticed a trend in the Trim Down Club reviews and it seems like their competition is getting pretty scared. I, like thousands of others have had success with TDC. The plan works, and the company has a social conscious I guess that’s why the corporate sell-outs are scared and choose to attack a holistically oriented program. I’ll be amazed if this comment gets posted.

    • smoses80

      Hello, You seem to have the Only Positive comment about TDC. I was wondering if you still use this and if it still works 10 months later. Thank You!

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