Trim Down Club Review

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Trim Down Club Review


Update: Mar 04, 2023

9.7 Out of 10
Trim Down Club Review
Trim Down Club Review
  • Best weight loss program
  • Fully customizable
  • Large Recipe database
  • Low price

About Trim Down Club

The Trim Down Club (TDC) is an online diet program started in 2012 to help club members lose weight by making their own healthy meals for their entire family to enjoy.

The company markets easy access to the program, helping to build you a personalized meal plan. A one-month trial offer for $1.99 gives you access to the site and the online tools; if you decide to continue, the cost is just $9.90 per month.

How Does The Trim Down Club Work?

The premise of TDC is simple and straightforward, which is why many people love it. Developed by a group of certified dieticians, certified nutritionists, and fitness experts, TDC aims to make the diet program affordable and useful for those wanting to lose weight.

When you log into the “members” area, you will see a tab to the left: Menu Planner, My Menus, Progress Meter, 8-Week Plan, and Diet Journal. Certified dieticians and nutritionists will create a menu plan for you to stick with the inside of your 8-week plan.

There are five different foods Dr. Karen Shackelford recommends avoiding to optimize your weight loss success, presented to potential customers in a video: [2]

  • Concentrated Orange Juice, because of the way it is processed (actually any focused fruit juice). Processed foods containing fruit juice concentrates, and high-fructose corn syrup, are included here. Choose water.
  • Margarine, simply because of the trans fats present.
  • Whole Wheat bread—surprisingly due to how it is processed; only 100-percent entire grain bread is recommended.
  • Processed soy
  • Processed meats—because of the nitrites and other chemicals produced in the curing and cooking processes.

Some of the online tools offered:

  • Diet Journal
  • Recipe cookbook
  • Meal plan starter
  • Nutrition information
  • Overall progress tracker for the 8-week program.

There is also a member forum, where you can chat with other club members about going through the program and weight loss in general. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services:

You have a full 60 days (the “Refund Period”) to try B2C’s Program and related Products. If for any reason during the Refund Period you are dissatisfied with the Program and related Products, simply submit a request by the contact page to cancel your subscription.

B2C’s customer service team will process the request, and you shall be refunded according to your means of payment at the time of purchase, within 5 business days. All purchases made after the expiration of the Refund Period are final. [1]

The online tools are really the core of the program; the member’s area is a welcome bonus for most. This platform is not only cheap but easy to use.

The $9.90 payment automatically recurs every month, so as long as you are aware of this, there are no surprises whatsoever. The company doesn’t hawk a line of products, and from the reviews I saw, they don’t even pile a bunch of gimmicky ads on your when you’re on the website [3]

Trim Down Club: Pros and Cons

There are many PROS associated with this program:

  • Best weight loss program
  • Fully customizable
  • Huge recipe database
  • Support community
  • Great weight loss results
  • Low price


  • No shortcuts
  • Lack of exercise program

Trim Down Club Results

Trim Down Club does an excellent job taking care of its customers, and a common theme is to see its representatives responding to all reviews posted outside of their official page or social media accounts.

That is definitely impressive in this day and age to take the time and address customer concerns individually. This shows that the company truly cares about what the experience with its program is. I will share some of the reviews found online that speak specifically about the effectiveness of the program.

Exactly one year ago, I started following their meal plans, and I have transformed the way I eat and look. I couldn’t thank the Trim Down Club group enough for their menu planning app and community.

These are results that I couldn’t achieve when I was counting carbs. Now I simply choose the foods I want to eat, and they create a weekly menu based on those very selections. I am delighted with my success and look forward to another great year of losing weight and feeling great!

Another Trim Down Club user has lost an impressive amount of weight:

I joined the Trim Down Club on December 31, 2015. At that time, I weighed 305 pounds, and I worked really hard and only ate what was on my menu and lost done to 245.

Patricia has indeed adopted the lifestyle that Trim Down Club promotes and seems to have no problem keeping the weight off:

3 months finished and I haven’t stalled. I keep losing weight, and I’m totally in love with the Trim Down Club philosophy!

Does The Trim Down Club Value Exercise? Yes.

In fact, there are numerous articles, and forum topics devoted to exercise—all kinds of exercise from weight training to just getting up and dancing. But the company believes 80 percent of weight loss comes from the foods you eat, and the other 20 percent comes from daily exercise.

Is The Trim Down Club Diet Safe?

Nothing presented in this program comes across as shady. Nothing. Fresh foods, some meats, lots of vegetables and fruits, healthy natural proteins. Even carbs, in the right combination with other foods. The right foods at the correct times in the right combinations.

The recipes I saw do tend toward gluten-free—which seems an incongruity—but The Trim Down Club doesn’t present itself as a gluten-free diet (in fact, the presentation video expressly states that folks who don’t have specific gluten intolerance don’t need to eat gluten-free), so perhaps I happened to click only on gluten-free recipes by coincidence.

The Menu Planner does offer gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and low-sugar options. [2]

If anything, they are giving away a lot of information for a very generous price. The recipes come with beautiful photos and detailed instructions.

The meal plans break down what foods you should eat and when you should eat them, so there’s no guessing your way through the 8-week program. The Diet Journal helps keep you honest and on track. And the forum provides a community, so you’re not going it alone. [4]

You should always consult your doctor before starting any diet program, especially if you have current medical issues or if you have any questions about your immediate health.

Bottom Line: Is Trim Down Club a Rip-Off or Worth to Try?

Overall, I believe other diet companies really could learn a lesson or two from the Trim Down Club. They have made it affordable, easy to understand, and easy to implement. For under $10 a month! You’re not risking much at all to try The Trim Down Club.


Is the Trim Down Club program sent to you in the mail, or is it all online?

The Trim Down Club Program consists online.

Has anyone claimed they lost weight on the Trim Down Club program?

There have been success stories from this program, yes.

Does the Trim Down Club really work?

Yes, it values lifestyle changes and exercise. It isn’t a crash diet; they want you to eat and feel satisfied.

Is the Trim Down Club reputable?

Yes, they currently have over 1 million members and glowing reviews without any marketing ploys.

How much does the Trim Down Club cost?

The Trim Down club costs $9.90 / per month.

What do I get when I join the Trim Down Club?

You will get access to our totally unique personal menu planner, all of our tools and apps, full access to Trim Down Clubs forums and communities, a quick start guide and a complete program guide, and 4 fantastic bonus gifts.

Does Trim Down Club support long-term change, or will I gain all the weight back?

Yes, it is a long-term change, including diet and exercise.

9.7 Total Score
Trim Down Club Scorecard

  • Best weight loss program
  • Fully customizable
  • Large Recipe database
  • Low price
  • No shortcuts
  • Lack of exercise program
  • Lack of customer support
  • Monthly subscription
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  1. I love the Trim Down Club plan. It takes the guesswork totally out. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a temporary thing to do. I have been following this plan for about 6 weeks. I have lost exactly one pound every week.

    I don’t want to lose fast, or I will put it right back on. I have also been doing some exercise 6 days a week. Some days it’s the treadmill, and other days it’s lifting some weights. I always have had reflux (GERD) and was told to take over the counter Prevacid. Since I’m eating small meals, I have been able to completely go off of the Prevacid.

    Also, I’m not eating processed foods anymore. Who knows if it has anything to do with body pain or not, I believe it does. My Chiropractor, also a nutritionist, once said when you eat processed foods, you get your body full of inflammation, and it causes a lot of things to go wrong. Well, guess what? I no longer have to see my chiropractor. I was a chronic user of over the counter Nsaids. Had to take them every single day or I could not function. I had tests to rule out diseases but was simply told; you have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

    My neck hurt, my shoulders hurt, my back hurt so bad I swore I’d be in a wheelchair someday. I felt depressed, fat, and lazy. Since I got off my duff and became active and am eating healthy, I feel amazing, and I’m no longer on Nsaids, which probably is the reason I had to take Prevacid..that and the fact I stuffed myself with foods that were bad for me! I am 54 yrs old. I am a firm believer in this plan. I don’t feel hungry, shaky, irritable. It’s common sense.

    I knew I was mistreating my body but had no clue where to begin to make it right. I took the advice of my chiropractor and turned it all around. Do I have to prepare food? Yes, I do but if I take a little time and prepare my meals for multiple days at a time, it’s easy. I love leftovers and I frequently have several days made up in advance. It’s worth every penny to me, and I’m so glad I found this site. It’s easy to follow and the site is user friendly.


    • Hi CasttyB,

      Thank you for your positive review of Trim Down Club. I want to praise you for sharing your story as that can be a difficult thing to be open about. All those wonderful, kind words you expressed about Trim Down Club are really appreciated. I hope for your continued success throughout this process and want to let you know that you can contact me personally for any and all questions or concerns you may have.

      You can reach me at my personal email @ and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

      All the best,
      Adam Feldman
      Director of Client Relations
      Trim Down Club

  2. I think trim down is a great diet system.

    I began watching what I eat, using smaller portion control, and slowly I’m becoming a lot more active in daily life. As a result, I’ve dropped 10 KG so far. I am slowly getting my life back on track, and I won’t let anything stand in my way.

    • Hi Maor,

      We here at Trim Down Club are so happy to hear that our product has helped you! We really appreciate these kind words and wish for your continued success throughout this process. You have the right attitude and mindset needed to succeed!

      If you ever have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to message me directly! We love hearing feedback from our all of our customers! You can contact me at

      All the best,
      Adam Feldman
      Director of Client Relations
      Trim Down Club

  3. I’ve been on the diet a month and have lost 10 lbs. so after reading some of these reviews, I’m suspicious as to “who” wrote them, is it a competitive co trying to divert competition? I’m 69, and have no problems navigating on their site. I enjoy the fact that after completing a profile, they used my info to PLAN my meals using what I like to eat, no food that I would be forced to eat, and a substitute list if I want to switch something around. I am not one to count calories, and really like not having to figure out a menu everyday, 365 days a year! And I have never been void of energy.

    • I think the the program unique .
      I’ve so many diets that it didn’t work. I’ve read the reviews and quite excited

    • Hi QueensLaby,

      This is Adam Feldman, director of client relations at Trim Down Club. All of us at Trim Down Club appreciate the kind words you shared about our program. It’s great to hear that you’re benefiting from the Trim Down Club, it’s the company’s goal to help our customers as much as we can wherever we can. I hope for your continued success and happiness in life!

      If you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly at

      All the best,
      Adam Feldman
      Director of Client Relations
      Trim Down Club

  4. I am 93 years old and my wellness evaluation indicated I needed to lose weight. I weigh 125 lbs. and am 4ft. 11in. tall. I wonder if the Trim Down Club can help me lose the weight my evaluation indicated. No number of pounds were given. I need to lose “belly fat” which occurs upon gaining only a few pounds. Weight loss is usually noted as muscle loss, but the return of only a few pounds results in fat usually around my abdomen. I am not a member but am considering joining if it would be beneficial to my health. Thank you for your consideration to this request/problem.

  5. RIP OFF and would not refund!!


  6. I am 5 ft 5 inches and I weigh approximately 220 lbs, I have type 2 diabetes, Can the food be based on being diabetic?

  7. I want to get my money back. I want to unsubscribe. Not what I thought it was. All I get is a bunch of ads to read or videos to watch that show me nothing but another ad to purchase junk. Nothing that will work.

  8. I also want my money back as I did not expect to be expected to pay for something other than this program. What a waste of my time researching.

  9. I have asked them to stop taking 9.90 out of my account for the last 2 months! They keep doing it! I want my money back I don’t like this app whatsoever. I emailed and emailed them only to get mo response. Does anyone have a contact number I want my money back and I’m not authorizing them to use my card at all. So why do they keep doing it?

  10. Reply
    Debra Lynn Butler April 1, 2021 at 7:20 pm

    They won’t cancel your subscription

  11. Hi,

    We are so sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your membership. Please email us at to cancel your subscription. We will get back to you ASAP!

    If there is anything else we can do, please let us know.

    All the best,
    Adam Johnson
    Trim Down Club

  12. I began using the Trim Down Club over 1 year ago because I wanted to lose 16 lbs. I reached my weight before the first year was over and wanted to cancel, but their customer service chat showed me how to switch to a weight maintenance diet and I’ve been following the program ever since without bouncing back.

  13. I have used many other apps out there and this one I found to be very easy to follow because menus are simple and easy to change if I don’t like a particular recipe. I would recommend to anyone looking for a simple and easy way to lose weight!

  14. What a great way to lose weight easily and to lower my sugar levels!! Easiest program out there… trust me, I’ve tried them all!

  15. Great program! Used the keto diet and really liked that I didn’t have to worry about figuring out my macros because they were set automatically

  16. My bank account was charged $9.90 for something I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE to!!!! I WANT IT CREDITED back into my account ASAP!!!

  17. Reply
    Barbara A Russell June 3, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    I just signed up and that annoying video came on and i did not want to watch it which really pissed me off that “I had to watch it” or my membership would not go thru well Im not watching it and I hit the back arrow which it said do not do and I want to know if my membership went thru which I still want it but Do I still have it or not???? And whatm is my next step tp dp with my membership and new diet plan?

  18. I am really liking this service and do not see why anybody would complain! I joined the keto program and have already lost 20lbs, halfway to my ideal weight!! The menus are very easy to follow and easy to adapt to my taste in food.

  19. I was down 8kg and really liking this app and the diets I was getting, but I had to cancel because I was recently fired from my job and I simply cannot afford any added expenses.
    It was very easy to cancel by email, and I even got a special offer if I stayed, but I simply cannot afford it. Hope to return once I’m back on my feet.

  20. Signed up to the Intermittent Fasting program and absolutely loved it. Gives me plenty of options and I never feel hungry!! I have been steadily losing weight for 7 weeks now!

  21. I joined and 10 minutes later they had charged the 1.99 plus 37.00..I tried to cancel and its 37.00 to cancel RIPPED OFF

  22. Absolutely love this plan. On my 3rd month and lost nearly 12 lbs already. I like it that I don’t have to cook a lot and can easily adapt the weekly menu to my shopping or my agenda that week if I’m going to eat out.

  23. This program took the time to write up a guide on the changes that our bodies go when they enter menopause, and then designed a weight loss program around it! I managed to lose weight since joining 4 months ago and I feel so much better all around!

  24. I joined the keto program and then discovered that you I got more than I bargained for because I had access to a ton of resources in my user page as well as being able to select different types of diets. The menus are super easy to follow and I love their recipes because I can make for my friends and family.

  25. This is a great program for people who don’t like to diet because you can choose the types of food you like and the menu planner combines them so that you are always eating things you are used to and already like, while losing weight. I have lost 5kg in 3 months and still going!

  26. I started this program over a year ago when we all went into lockdown and I am happy to say that I lost over 20 lbs over that time! Thanks to my menus, I managed to stay on task and even started walking outside which helped me keep my sanity! I completely recommend this program.

  27. I love this program. Not only have I lost weight over the past 3 months, but also I have learned how to cook delicious and easy recipes as well as reading lots of interesting information about hot to shop better and eat healthy. I have more energy and everything in my body works better!

  28. I was looking for an easy keto program and I found much more! TrimDown lets me chose a keto diet or intermittent fasting and even a regular weight loss diet, which is great! I also took on more cooking because the keto recipes are easy and delicious, kept me busy through those nasty lockdown months! Absolutely recommend this to whoever wants to lose weight or put on muscle!

  29. I no longer am interested in this program i unsubscribed and have not received any program information Please stop getting money from my account if not I will contact the Attorney General in Mississippi

  30. I am following the menopause diet and have lost 10lbs in 2 weeks. I am super excited about this program because the menus have been very easy to follow and make any substitutions when I don’t like a particular food. I love using the FB page to receive extra encouragement and feedback, and I have also used the live chat every time I need help or have any questions about ingredients or substitutions.

  31. Great program helped me lose 7kg so far and it’s only been 2 months! Finally found a diet that does not feel like a diet and I can feel like I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Easy recipes, simple menus, and great online community and customer service!

  32. After giving all the other programs a try, I decided to give the Trim Down Club a chance as a last resort before accepting my doctor’s suggestion and getting surgery. Well, I finally found the will power to stay on this diet and have been doing great these past 6 months. I am a third down to my goal weight! And it has bee thanks to the support and community I found here. The easy menus also help, of course, but I know I’m not alone here.

  33. I am a mom of 4 boys, so going on a diet is never easy because my men are rarely on board with healthy food. With this program I didn’t even tell them we were on a diet and they have not noticed yet (4 months in). The recipes are that good! All of us are feeling more energized and my husband and I are losing weight steadily following the keto program. I can recommend it to anyone looking an easy to follow program.

  34. This program is great for a single person like me who has no time for cooking. The menus are simple, plain and easy to put together. I can go to a restaurant and just order whatever is on my meal easily and I’ve already began to see the changes in my clothes, very excited!

  35. There comes a certain time in a woman’s life when a simple diet is just not enough. Well, if you’re there, this program has an option just for us! I have learned a lot about the changes I’m going through as well as lost nearly 15 pounds!! Never been happier and more full of life!

  36. This diet helped me get back in touch with my body. I feel connected and in tune with my real hunger and cravings. Thank you for having helped me get back on my feet! Still a long way to go to my ideal weight, but feeling great about it!

  37. I have struggled with my weight since I was a teen, but with this program I have been able to finally lose weight steadily. Best part is I love the Keto diet and can eat many tasty things I never thought I could have on a diet.

  38. Finding a vegan program to lose weight is tough! So I was surprised when they offered me a vegan diet. I am on my second month with this program and loving it so far! It offers plenty of options to substitute ingredients, and I have even discovered new sources of protein and great recipes.

  39. I tried them. It’s too much work and too hard to understand. Also, I quit them a year ago and they still charge me every month. It’s impossible to get in contact with them to terminate payment. I’m getting ready to take them to court.

  40. This time I am determined to make it all the way through, and so far it’s been 5kg in the first month, so I am extremely happy with this program! It has helped me keep on track with their easy menus and delicious recipes. I am excited to see what the next months have to offer!

  41. Who knew I still had a shot at losing my menopause weight! Thankfully with the menopause program I have managed not only to lose some extra pounds, but also to feel great! I feel more energy and my mind thinks better. I have also been reading up on the menopause guide that comes with the program, some great information!

  42. Who knew I still had a shot at losing my menopause weight! Thankfully with the menopause program I have managed not only to lose some extra pounds, but also to feel great! I feel more energy and my mind thinks better. I have also been reading up on the menopause guide that comes with the program, some great information!

  43. I am exited to begin with the diabetes plan and determined to follow the menus. So far, month 1 is done with 10 pounds down!! I was diagnosed as prediabetic, so I am determined to fight this back and turn things around for good. This first month was very easy, following the weekly menus and learning about diabetes with the guides included.

  44. Finding a diet app is easy, but finding one as great as this one, is not! And trust me, I have tried them all!! I love that I am able to chose what type of diet I want to follow. I was on keto for 3 months, but now I’m doing intermittent fasting and using the same app and program, and losing weight steadily!

  45. I am very happy that I joined this program. They guided me through the signup process and setting up my account, and the live chat agent was there all along to help me set up my first menu. Their customer service is outstanding and every time I need help or have a question, they are there to help out.

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