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Trim Healthy Mama was written by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison and it launched in September of 2015. Obviously this is a rather new book to the diet scene, so it has not been quite proven yet but let’s take a deeper dive into this book and its effectiveness. They market that counting calories is banished and all of the food groups are allowed in this diet. There has to be a catch to this, as it sounds too good to be true. The diet looks down upon sugar consumption and processed foods which essentially does eliminate some foods. The book is sold on Amazon for around $15.00 as well as on their website where a slew of books, skin care items, and foods are also sold.

Their contact information is [email protected], and a chat service is also offered on their official website. The provide a phone number to call for actual orders only, that means no wholesale orders and no counseling services at 931-996-4283. When reaching out to their chat service they answered me right away and were helpful to say the least. When asking about their support channels, they gave me the link to their closed Facebook page, as well as their public one. The company scored a B+ with the Better Business Bureau, take a look here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Trim Healthy Mama Diet?

There has been a mixed bag of success and failure within this diet. There were some people who felt like they needed to purchase the extra cookbook as an add on because all of the recipes were pointing them there, which incurred a higher unseen costs during their weight loss journey. There is a lot of cooking time, and the book will always let you know that you can always choose to cook your own recipes, but hints about better success with their recipes in tow. The preparation as with many diets is going to dominate your time, so get ready for the grind. There were both good and bad reviews from this book with some people saying they lose some weight, and others were just annoyed all together with the book.

Jillian Stuart * ” I have not tried many of the recipes as I have allergies to eggs and there are a lot of egg inclusive recipes. I had the library book and would not invest in it. There are plenty of recipes on pinterest and other blog sites if you want to do this plan. You could also find Suzanne Somers books for a song which have more upscale and fabulous recipes.” There are a lot of reviews on this book. I will try to keep this simple. Most of this books premise is a rewrite of Suzanne Somers' plan of a few years ago with some additional info taken from other books and online research.” She went onto say that many people are going with rewritten versions of something else and just cleaning it up. There was a lot of lecturing based on her belief system. Overall though, she felt like the women came across as sincere and loving people.

Jenn KC * said, “I'm sure you will hear others say that this book is life changing and it is. It contains solid nutritional advice with real-world concessions and realistic expectations. I would have given it 5 stars except: Pearl and Serene have a crazy conversational tone going. Please don't talk down to me. I'm not your girlfriend so please don't write like it's a text.The last few chapters on sex and how a woman should behave for her husband? No. Just…no. Not appropriate.” Jenn felt like she was doing the diet for herself, not just for her husband.

Is The Trim Healthy Mama Diet Easy To Follow?

Many dieters have spoken about the difficulty in understanding the diet when they first start out. The overall mechanics of the diet throw people off, so this could be one roadblock when you first get your book if you decide to purchase. There was also word about the diet pushing the special food products sold on their own website, and how the food you will be purchasing won’t be hard to find at all. Side effects noted have been dealing with the poorly written book, and readers cringing for the authors to get a better editor! Whenever I have to go onto a website to order food it is just an instant inconvenience. It doesn’t just require their foods, but they are not shy about marketing them to the reader. It is a conversational style read, which some people like and some people do not. It is up to you!


The Trim Healthy Mama plan does seem like a complicated read for many, as well as getting a strong understanding of the diet down quickly. There are many graphs, and tables to read as well as recipes that require you to purchase another one of their products. The overall idea of the book is harmless, but what I do not like is the add-ons that may cause a little more ache on the pocketbook once fully invested. The reviews are both good and bad with some happy customers and some annoyed customers. They offer customer service via their Facebook page, and website if you need help with going through the diet or have any questions. Overall this diet seems okay, but it is not stellar.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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