Tummy Tuck Belt (A.K.A. Weight Loss Belt) Review

Tummy Tuck Belt (A.K.A. Weight Loss Belt) Review



Update: Nov 23, 2022

4.3 Out of 10
Tummy Tuck Belt (A.K.A. Weight Loss Belt) Review
Tummy Tuck Belt (A.K.A. Weight Loss Belt) Review
  • Good, sound advice
  • Built-in cheat days


The first question everyone wants to be answered is, “Does the Tummy Tuck Belt work? Is the Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System really a miracle?” You know what I’m talking about. The As Seen On TV product that people rave about. But does the Tummy Tuck Belt as seen on TV really work, or is it just another gimmick? Is this just another in a long line of weight loss promises broken? You know, just another way for weight loss snake oil salespeople to make a buck.

Or in this case, lots of dollars.   I’m not going to lie; my favorite line on the homepage of the Tummy Tuck website is this one: “AMAZING! Results! Simply combine with the Tummy Tuck Diet and Exercise program, and you’ll get Amazing Belly Fat Slimming Results.”  Here’s the part I love: the use of the word “simply.” Only diet and exercise (while wearing the Tummy Tuck Belt) and you will be awed by the fantastic results. Come on.

Tummy Tuck Belt Usage Instructions.

To use your Tummy Tuck Belt follow these three steps.

If it was all so simple, the weight loss industry wouldn’t be the behemoth it is, weighing in at around $60 billion.  But we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now, because the purpose here is to see if in fact this marvel, this wonder, this phenomenon, is what it claims to be.   You can do this one of two ways: With the Tummy Tuck 10-minute method, “3 simple steps twice per day” gradually slim the appearance of fat from your tummy.

But if you combine the Tummy Tuck Belt with the Tummy Tuck Diet and Exercise program, you’ll actually burn fat from your midsection they claim.   See the difference? If you just wear the belt a couple of times a day—and not diet or exercise—it may slim the appearance of fat in your belly; it doesn’t actually say you’ll lose any fat. But, if your diet and exercise, you will lose fat.   And that makes sense to me. To everyone.

Consume fewer calories than you burn, and you will lose weight, with or without a belt. How much weight might be a different matter? Or maybe not. If this product works, you could lose a few more pounds of belly fat than with diet and exercise alone. But make no mistake, if you wear this belt and eat as you want and don’t get that heart rate up with some kind of aerobic activity to stimulate fat-burning, you’re just wasting your money. Or are you?

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Tummy Tuck Belt Claims

 Tummy Tuck Belt Claims

Top 3 Tummy Tuck Belt Claims

You choose how to use the Tummy Tuck Belt. “Instant slimming” is the first claim, and that’s because the belt is like a girdle, though they describe it as a “comfortable woven compression which pulls your midsection in, giving you an instant slimming look.”  Sounds like a girdle or corselette. A vintage Warner’s ad says when you put it on “you become one long smooth, sinuous curve.”

Yeah, it sounds about the same.   But if you want to actually use the belt to help in your weight loss journey, you must incorporate exercise. Now, there are different methods with Tummy Tuck. You could do the 10-minute tuck:

  • Smooth on Tummy Tuck thermal accelerator cream
  • Put the belt on around your tummy and love handles
  • Do 2 minutes of standing abdominal Tummy Tightener exercises
  • Relax or do other activities for 8 minutes and then remove the belt

Repeat this process once again during the day, and you’re done.   The Tummy Tuck Belt is not like other slimming garments. These additional products simply hide the fact… that is until you take them off. But combine the unique Tummy Tuck 10 Minute Method with the Tummy Tuck diet and exercise program that ignites a fat-burning chain reaction to slim away thick from your tummy.

Right. But if you choose the first method, the instant slimming, the hidden—or at least smoothed out—the fat will reappear once you remove it, so if you want to get the best use out of this, you need to exercise and diet. It’s just that “simple.”

The revolutionary Tummy Tuck Belt is made with soft, flexible space-age material, which provides comfortable compression and pulls your midsection inward. Wear it underneath your clothing, for an instant slenderizing look, or combine it with the Tummy Tuck diet and exercise program to slim away fat from your belly.

It comes in three sizes to accommodate a lot of different body types.

The website features images taken with ‘Heat Vision Photography’ to show how the belt induces thermogenesis, which burns belly fat.

So what do you get for $39.98 (or two payments of $19.99) plus shipping and handling when you order from the website?  Well, of course, the Tummy Tuck Belt, comes in three sizes; you plug in your pants or dress size (the belt is unisex), and they’ll ship a belt to fit your belly. You also receive a 30-day supply of the cream, which we’ll talk about in a moment, and a how-to video that includes the 2-minute standing abdominal exercise called “Tummy Tightener.”

And the “Choose How To Use It,” guide: instant slimming—use with no lifestyle change—or full program: diet, exercise, and belt.  Tummy Tuck Belt “Miracle Slimming System” does advise that “results may vary.” Of course, they will. But Tummy Tuck adds that its belt “provides instant slimming look and fat loss begins during the first week.” They say typical results are 0.35 inches the first week and 1 inch in 30 days, without lifestyle change.

(I have to jump in here: that sounds like a teeny, tiny amount of loss; it’s ridiculous.)   But, “average results when combined with exercise are approximately two times more tummy fat loss versus same exercise and diet alone.” Wow. Okay, so 0.70 inches in the first week and maybe 2 inches in a month or so if your diet and exercise. Geez. If your diet and exercise alone and lose that small an amount, you may be doing something wrong.

Tummy Tuck Belt Safety

Tummy Tuck Belt Safety

Anyway, Tummy Tuck says it just targets your belly nowhere else: “To target other body areas and/or lose significant weight, then exercise, and diet is needed.”  Really?  To be fair, Tummy Tuck itself admits it’s not a weight loss product:   It is not meant for general weight loss or to slim other areas of your body. To lose weight, you’ll need to add diet and exercise.

And if you like to exercise, the Tummy Tuck will make your exercise more effective at targeting your tummy.  So there you have it.   A quick note about other Tummy Tuck exercise products: perhaps you can get a cheaper deal on resistance bands and weighted gel balls, but these are functional and can absolutely enhance a workout, so they might be a good fit for you.

Oh, and by the way, for those asking where can I buy the “As Seen on TV Tummy Tuck Belt” slimming system, there are plenty of places. Amazon, Sears, Walmart, eBay, Bed Bath & Beyond (turns out this store has recently stopped selling the Tummy Tuck Belt system, but it’s not clear why), and Target, for starters.   At Walmart, it’s $19.99 but does not come with the accelerator cream, so since the cream alone is around $25, this might not be the best bet. For just about $40, you get it all—belt, cream, video, guide—from the official website. You’ll soon read some reviews from Walmart purchasers though, who were pretty “meh” on the belt.

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Tummy Tuck Belt System Ingredients

There are none, save the material of the belt (“space-age soft material”) and the cream concoction.   So what’s in the thermal accelerator cream anyway? It took quite a bit of searching—and I cannot be 100 percent sure this is accurate since Tummy Tuck does not provide the ingredients on its website.

I did find the cream alone on Amazon (for $38.99 versus about $25 on the Tummy Tuck website) and zoomed in on the label and found that these are the ingredients:

  • Water
  • Ethoxydiglycol
  • C12-15
  • Alkyl Benzoate
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  • Glycerin
  • Aminophylline
  • Caffeine
  • Stearyl Alcohol
  • Stearic Acid
  • PEG-12 Glyceryl Dimyristate
  • PEG-23 Glyceryl Distearate
  • Dimethicone
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
  • Triethanolamine
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • PEG-100 Stearate
  • Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer
  • Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer
  • Squalane
  • Theobroma cacao extract
  • Methylparaben
  • Allantoin
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Polysorbate 60
  • Ethylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Isobutylparaben

I don’t know where to begin. Each of these compounds has its own hard-to-grasp chemistry—and in some cases, cautions. My feeling is if you cannot pronounce or are unfamiliar with the majority of ingredients (save water and caffeine), it’s a no-go. But that’s just me. We’ll see what Amazon purchasers say in a moment.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind the Tummy Tuck Belt

tummy tuck belt science

Scientific evidence for Tummy Tuck Belt effectiveness.

Tummy Tuck says it’s been studied by “two universities” but does not name them—and despite an hour-long advanced and in-depth search, I found no such studies. What I did find is that Tummy Tuck maker Savvier of Van Nuys, California—Tummy Tuck is Savvier’s trademark for its exercise and weight-loss program, and related products—was sued by the federal government for false advertising on another of its products, the Body Flex, and was ordered to pay $2.6 million in refunds and restitution.

People, this whole thing is a huge rip-off. And there is simply no science that shows this thing works. None.   In fact, according to a WebMD article, Dr. Saul Weinreb says:  “Belly bands don’t help you get your body back any better than any other body-shaping clothing that people try to use to get themselves into shape,” he tells WebMD. “Of course, when used, they may help you fit better into some clothing, but there is no evidence that your body shape can truly improve because of a belly band.” (emphasis added)

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Word on the Street About the Tummy Tuck Belt

tummy tuck belt customer testimonials

Tummy Tuck Belt Customer testimonials

Tummy Tuck reviews are, in a word, “meh” and worse.   Walmart reviewers gave it 1.9 stars. Ouch.

On Amazon, for the entire “miracle” system, reviewers—some 750 of them—gave it an overall 2.3-star rating.

A very recent review from “BargainLover” (March 2017, 1 star) cautioned potential purchasers:   I usually do not write reviews but this one I had to. the only reason I gave it 1 star is because I can not submit this review without it. Do not waste your money. This product is not what the description says at all. I started with a 31-inch waist and did everything they said to do, including the two-minute exercise, and at the end of the 30 days, I did not lose even 1/2 an inch. You have been warned. [13]  Nearly 300 people gave it a 1-star rating. Review after negative review tells the tale: “Garbage.” “No. No.” “Don’t waste your money.” “A joke.” “Wish I could give it less than 1 star.” And the like.

So how is it that 100 reviewers gave it 5 stars? “N. Cosgrove” (July 2017, 5 stars) explains:   Say what you like, this is really cool. Will you see earth-shattering results? Likely not. If you do a workout and actually do some sort of exercise and wear this, it will show! Looks folks, nothing in the world will make your 40” waist go to 20,” but if you’re looking for something to show a bit of difference when you want to squeeze in that little red number for a night out, Tummy Tuck Miracle works! I’ve been doing the Tummy Miracle for about 2 months, daily. I work out every day so maybe this helps, but I wear this, do my exercise required for this but then keep it on for a good 30 minutes workout and when I take this baby off, seriously I can see the waistline smaller. It’s been pretty neat to see and I’ve seen about a 3” difference. So worth it? Yeah, sure, why not? 🙂 I’m very happy with the results and product.

Sears seems to still sell the Tummy Tuck system, though reviews are old and limited, but not glowing. From “jschager4me” (2013, 1 star):   I was disappointed as it seem to make my waistline larger and was also bulky. I returned it registered mail …and still didn’t get my refund, almost two months ago.

And finally, eBay. I rarely use reviews from here because they may not be reliable and, they’re pretty rare. But with at least 100 offerings on the site, I did find some reviews—and for the most part, these people raved. Hmmm? “Wow.” “Excellent.” “The holy belt.” One reviewer says: “Not very wide but good quality. Doesn’t cover as much of my abdomen as I’d like, but it seems well made.”

No mention of how it works for them, or even if it worked, but okay.  Now, the Tummy Tuck Cream Accelerator had some surprising reviews on eBay. And at least one frightening one. “Iamgodsproperty” (Jan 2017, 1 star) says,   Causes Cancer! I used the cream ONCE, did some extensive research on the product and the ingredients, and learned that it causes cancer in China! I stopped using it immediately after my findings. I would say to use this at your own risk and please keep in mind my findings regarding this product.

This is a pretty serious charge, and I have no way of confirming it—because I have no idea what, of the dozens of chemical compounds found in the cream, this reviewer is referring to. Nonetheless, pretty scary.   Speaking of the cream though—on Amazon, it fared far better. Out of almost 150 reviews, it earned an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewer “Debbie Webb” (2016, 5 stars) says, “Excellent product. Can’t understand how it works but it does.

For her, anyway.   The biggest complaint on PissedConsumer.com had to do with billing—or rather, unauthorized billing.

And the Better Business Bureau (BBB) said:  Our records show that the company has a pattern of complaints concerning consumers being signed up and charged for membership without authorization and charges being made after cancellation. On October 15, 2014, the BBB contacted the company in regard to our concerns about the amount and the pattern of complaints. On November 11, 2014, the BBB received a response from the company’s President stating he personally takes any complaints very seriously and the company has fully resolved complaints to the satisfaction of the customer. The company’s response also states they are committed to taking this same diligence with any future complaints.

But considering three of the complaints on PissedConsumer.com date after 2014, they sort of fell down on the diligence part.

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The Bottom Line: Is the Tummy Tuck Belt a Rip-ff or Worth to Try?

Definitely not.  Don’t waste your money. Plain and simple.   This is useless. If you want “instant slimming,” buy some Spanx. If you’re going to tone your abdominals, you must exercise. Sorry, but that’s the “simple” truth. And as we get older, it’s harder and harder to lose that belly fat, so you have to stay vigilant.

But should you choose to go for it, figuring $40-plus isn’t a lot of money, make sure to read thoroughly the company’s terms and conditions especially as it relates to returns and refunds? Ugh.   And be especially careful during the ordering process, because it’s not readily apparent that you’ll be signing up for auto-delivery and auto-pay, where your credit card is billed every month. So watch out for that.

4.3 Total Score
Tummy Tuck Belt Scorecard

  • Good, sound advice
  • Built-in cheat days
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  1. figured it was a damn scam. anybody or anything produced out of the state of California be all lies and fabrication because everybody there are all about competing with one another and trying to outdo one another and don’t give a damn who they swindle and fraud in the process. seen so many situations with so many Californians…mainly out of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

  2. Like an idiot I tried this product. Completely worthless. If this worked then everyone would still be wearing girdles.

  3. Thank You for this evaluation of the ‘tummy tuck belt’. Containing relevant, detailed information on both the belt & accelerator cream(ingredients!..the aluminum another to avoid). Also, the consistent issue of customers not receiving refunds & continued ‘auto’ charges made against their cards. THANK YOU

  4. Wear the Tummy Tuck Belt underneath your clothes. This allows you to instantly compress belly fat, without making any alterations to your current diet or exercise level.

  5. First of all when I received the belt it was tan I order a black one than it won’t stay down it keeps rolling up so please tell me how it’s suppose to work ..


  7. I went from 36 inches to 30 inches and it has been less than 4 weeks. I was going to share pictures, but it doesn’t give me that option. I would say it’s worth $20, not $40. But otherwise a very good product and it works. I did not change any of my eating habits and just did their 2 minute exercise tightening my stomach muscles. Satisfied.





    First of all it does NOT work. Second, you’re automatically put into some BS subscription service and they claim they sent an email in reference to said subscription. That is a lie.

    The only email I received was the confirmation for my initial purchase.

    Lastly, they’re rude, unapologetic and the rep was constantly interrupting me.

    It’s a total scam! Do not do business.




  15. Waste of money. There is no magic cure for a slimmer stomach. Exercise and eat right. If you read a positive review about this product, it is a lie.

  16. I bought the Tummy Tuck system,from their website. It came with a elastic one piece “belt”, a tube of cream,a bottle of pills & a workout cd. This is total junk. The cream doesn’t work. I can’t use the pills because of the ingredients. I had looked all over their website for ingredients, nothing to be found.
    The site is very misleading. It would not allow me to buy this just one time & enrolled me into a monthly auto ship of this garbage cream & pills.
    I just called them yesterday to cancel this in it’s entirety, & was told that another shipment of cream & pills was already shipped out, & I would have to pay to return them.
    The belt is too long. This caused it to roll down and hurt me. It was also too long at the bottom, so i bunched it up, & that hurt me, too. It is stretchy.

  17. Why can’t they be shut down by the Better Business Bureau?

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