Vegan Diet Review

Vegan Diet Review


Update: May 22, 2019

The Vegan Diet is the vegetarian diet times 1,000 and there is no room for slip ups. Where vegetarians take out meat, fish, and even poultry, the Vegan Diet goes even further and totally eliminates every product that comes from animals. This includes eggs, milk, and all other dairy products. The Vegan Diet makes the participant rely heavily on leafy greens, nuts, whole grains, legumes, and fruits to fuel their bodies. This however, is easier said than done as there are only so many recipes and ideas you can go through with the limited amount of food you will be eating. It does not stop with food however, as many Vegans are against wools, leathers, certain brands of shampoos, as well as the upholstery in their vehicles. They believe to avoid animal mistreatment and slaughter at all costs, and to reduce your eco-footprint in the process of living daily life. Many Vegans argue that they live the Vegan lifestyle, and are offended when it is called a diet.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Vegan Diet?

Any dieters that can stand to do the Vegan Diet will likely lose weight due to serious lack of calories they are able to choose from. However, the question isn’t about losing weight, it’s about how safely that weight can be lost. Many people do not participate in the Vegan diet looking to lose weight. Many times they are looking to live a certain lifestyle that speaks loudly about animal cruelty, and being kind to the environment. One of my best friends became a Vegan, and her skin turned orange from the amount of carrots she was eating on a daily basis. She was not doing it to lose weight, but more for nutritional purposes.

With the Vegan Diet, careful planning has to be done in order to get enough of the vital vitamins and other minerals that usually come from animal products. The Vegan Diet tends to fill up participants quickly as the foods eaten are higher in fiber, but those who lack the knowledge to carefully balance out the limited choices can actually find themselves at risk for a number of health conditions making the weight loss not so desirable.

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Is The Vegan Diet Easy To Follow?

The Vegan Diet is probably the hardest diet and lifestyle to follow, especially if you are new to the scene. The human body was designed to eat both meats and vegetables so going against nature is not an easy thing to do. This is an especially important point if you plan on working out. With the depleted number of calories that comes with the Vegan Diet, participants will have a hard time coming up with the needed energy to safely workout on a regular basis. On top of the caloric concerns, the amount of time you will be spending meal prepping your food for the week will be mind blowing. There are not “freezer meals” or out of the box snacks you can grab. Hours will be spend grocery shopping, and pre-making your meals so that you will have adequate fuel for the days that will be long.

The Vegan Diet can also prove costly which makes it even harder to follow. Even though there are no animal products to buy, replacing the animal products with Vegan-safe foods can be quite costly. Additionally, the Vegan Diet is almost an impossible one to be on if you plan on eating out. While many restaurants now offer low fat options, most do not offer Vegan options unless it is a specialty Vegan restaurant, which are few and far between.

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The Vegan Diet is one that comes with costs, and a serious lifestyle change. Forgetting about the cost of special foods to meet the diet’s needs, the cost of personal health is often paid as well. It’s not that you can’t succeed on the Vegan Diet, because you can, but it is not easy to do by any means. Even though weight loss might be your ultimate goal, you should be sure you are doing so with safety always first on your mind. Do keep in mind that people who decide to turn to a Vegan lifestyle are doing it for many more reasons than losing weight. They explain the premise of the Vegan Society on their website here.

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