Vi Life Challenge Review

Vi Life Challenge Review


Update: May 21, 2019

The Vi Life Challenge is a 12-month challenge that will help to keep you accountable for an entire year with auto ship membership sending you a package each month. They are a multi level marketing company that thrives on getting more members, so that there business grows. It is a sister challenge from the company “Body By Vi.” There are different challenges that are available at the Body By Vi site, but today we are just looking into the actual Vi Life Challenge. In the first package you will get a t-shirt that says “I Live It.” You will get access to exclusive members only content, as well as receive Vi products with discounts. There is an auto ship program, so if you are not 100% committed you will still be charged.

Facts About Vi Life Challenge

The website from the company does not do a good job about getting the potential customer the prices for the packages offered. After some digging, we found the details about what comes with the Vi Life Challenge kit, and how much it costs. The initial kit will come with a shaker cup:

Vi-Shape Nutritional Shakes (48 packets), Bites, or Cookie options for snack, and Energy Drinks (Neon, ViSalus GO, ViSalus Pro, ViSalus Neuro).

All of these products are completely processed, and they are not a guarantee like. Each month you will spend around $100.00 at the minimum for all of the products, and if you sign up for this Vi Life Challenge you will be auto shipped each month no matter if you are on the plan still or not.

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What’s The Word About Vi Life Challenge?

Body By Vi, and the different challenges that come with the company are big on challenge groups. So if you do not join one, you are not as involved as you could be while going through the challenge. The representatives, and customer service reps that work for Body By Vi have been said to be a pain to deal with, and the auto ship program has been said to be a hassle nonetheless.

Moki said, “I was tempted to try this but did not want to get into the challenge program and the auto ship stuffs. Heard so many people complain that it’s a pain and once u sign up I heard they really don’t give a damn to your concerns.” Overall, the product has been said to work, but very slowly and it is best to just order on Amazon.

Laurie said, “I tried to do this for 1 month. Found it very hard to drink only 2 shakes a day with 1 meal. Yes, I lost some weight but that’s because I was cutting my calories in 1/2! The smell of the powder is gross. DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CAKE BATTER!

Just like any product you invest money in, you will need to make sure it actually tastes good before you sign up for a year long auto ship program. Opting to try the products via Amazon might be the smartest option if you are interested in trying out the products. In some of the challenge groups, they also offer samples so that you can try the products before jumping on board too.

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What Does Vi Life Offer?

For the program you will be purchasing you will get an auto ship program full of shakes and bars to keep you going for the entire month. Not many people like this way of doing business and they feel like they are trapped with an auto ship program. I agree and think there is little to no flexibility with a program like this. For over $100 dollars per month, the products have not been said to taste great. This comes as no surprise, as many similar companies also struggle with good ratings on prepackaged foods and shakes. There is also no insight to what the ingredients are in each particular product, which makes it hard to really understand where the health benefits are coming from minus just caloric reduction.

Pros Cons
  • Challenge Groups
  • Auto Ship Programs
  • Products Don’t Taste Great
  • Unclear Money Back Guarantee
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 Is The Vi Life Challenge Worth A Try?

Before jumping into the year long challenge, the first step is to make sure you even like the taste of the products offered to you. One year is a long commitment if you do not like the shakes, and the money back guarantee is not clear anywhere on the website which leads me to believe it is non existent. They have a “strong” challenge group model, but this is probably because it is a multi level marketing company that thrives on getting more members to join for a commission.

Those customers who went on the challenge noticed weight loss but at a very slow rate, which became disheartening at first. Overall, if you order it from the company directly you are taking a huge risk and will be at the mercy of a customer service rep if you are seeking a refund.

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