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The “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD’s are exercises created by Leslie Sansone in 2006 that revolve around walking in the comfort of your own home. The Walk Away the Pounds DVD’s are offered for sale, and have walks that are done inside that equate to walking one, two, or three miles outside. There are no restrictions as to diet with the Walk Away the Pounds, and there is a set amount of times a dieter has to use the DVDs. It simply offers a way for beginners to get into exercising without having to leave their house. Because this is a DVD program, and not an actual company with a customer service line, we were unable to test the customer service first hand. To take a look at the Better Business Bureau review click here.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Walk Away The Pounds Diet?

Walk Away the Pounds can help with weight loss, especially for those who do not typically do any type of exercising or physical activity. However, the amount of weight loss will depend on the dieter’s frequency of use with the DVD and also how their nutrition is. Because Walk Away the Pounds is only meant to address the need to get moving, it is up to each individual to ensure they are mixing that movement with the proper diet. There have been some customer that liked the DVD, while others thought it was outdated in picture quality as well as off beat and hard to follow.

Candy* said, My Manager told me about these workouts a couple weeks ago and with my wanting a break from my usual routine, I tried it out of curiousity a few days ago after finding her on You Tube. I started working out to the 4-Mile Walk and was amazed at how great a workout it really is.” She went onto say that Leslie has an upbeat motivating personality that makes her want to continue to walk away the extra pounds. She also said the only real downside is the picture quality, but overall it is a good workout and she is happy with it.

LT* said, “I love Leslie Sansone’s walk exercise programs and I have about 4 DVD’s. This is the worst. The music is too low to the point you can barely hear it. Everyone seems like they are off beat. I can’t even watch them while they move because it throws off my workout.” She continued by saying that she felt like she was doing the same moves, and that the music was too low that people were off beat in the video which messed her up too. She is now selling them on eBay in attempt to regain some money back.

Is The Walk Away The Pounds Diet Easy To Follow?

Walk Away the Pounds is easy to implement into any schedule and great for beginners. However, there is more to buy than just the DVD. Dieters using this product will also need small hand weights, an exercise ball, and resistance bands. While not hard to find, it might come as a surprise to those thinking they simply need the DVD to get started.

In addition, the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs only offer half the battle in regards to weight loss. In order to have the full effect of any weight loss regimen, proper diet is a must. There is absolutely no guidance in this department, which means dieters will be on their own in regards to nutrition.* This might prove tough for many, and can also hinder progress as the wrong nutrition will negate all the positive effects that might come with Walk Away the Pounds. There are no real side effects associated with this exercise DVD, as it is not a supplement you will have to take.


Walk Away the Pounds is a great way to get started with exercise. However, while the DVDs cost around $20 each, you have to take into account that there is more equipment you’ll have to purchase. It is definitely not breaking the bank, but keep this in mind when you are looking to get started with this exercise program.

Walk Away the Pounds also only covers fitness for beginners. There is no help in the realm of nutrition, but in order to enjoy the maximum benefits that a workout program like Walk Away the Pounds can offer, good nutrition is a must. Before you even get started “walking away your pounds” you will be forced to watch advertisement on advertisement regarding the weight loss products and extra videos/books/ and guides you could purchase. For some this is going to be a bit overkill. Therefore, those looking to use Walk Away the Pounds may want to do so, in addition to undertaking a program that offers guidance in both diet and exercise, instead of simply using it as a standalone.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.
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