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Warrior Diet Review

Warrior Diet Review
Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Warrior Diet is a diet and fitness program that was created by Ori Hofmekler and it was published back in 2003. The idea behind the Warrior Diet is to take your body back to the way of the warrior. By doing so you will under eat during the day and overeat at night much the same as an ancient warrior would. According to Hofmekler, the warrior was busy in the day time with fighting and other warrior activities making eating nearly impossible and then relaxed at night when nothing was going on giving the warrior time to eat. The Warrior Diet focuses on the automatic nervous system and uses the sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, and the enteric nervous system to the advantage of the dieter. Once the Warrior Diet is fully underway the automatic nervous system will respond accordingly making it possible to use both fat and carbohydrates more efficiently for fuel while forcing the body to detoxify.

In addition, there is an exercise regimen that goes along with the Warrior Diet. Also modeled after a warrior, these exercises are ones that are short, but intense and consist of both strength and aerobic exercises.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Warrior Diet?

Weight loss on the Warrior Diet is highly suspect. With virtually starving your body during the day and then overeating at night you can actually do more harm than good. Your body might go into survival mode after just a little while on the Warrior Diet as it will not know when its next meal is coming and thus store any fat it can.

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Additionally, depriving yourself of food in the way that the Warrior Diet requires can get old very quickly. This makes cheating on the diet, especially during the day, a reality that could eliminate any progress that might be made. There were many authentic reviews from readers who were able to go through it from start to finish.

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TML* said, “This was a good read, and some interesting information that I haven’t read before. I enjoyed reading about his perspective on how to live like a modern day version of an ancient warrior, and how to apply that to one’s life. I did feel like it was a bit repetitive and lacking in detail. He repeatedly said things like ‘you have to just figure it out for yourself’.”

VN* said, “I followed the diet and liked it. The book however is very difficult to digest blindly. A lot of blanket assumptions about ancient society’s eating habits and available food. A lot of generalizations as well.” 

Z. Davis* said, “Any time I decide to go with the intermittent fasting plan outlined in this book, I lose weight. I still follow this occasionally, but not too often. It seemed like a pretty large portion of the weigh I lost was muscle, and my strength did plateau, and decrease a bit while on the Warrior Diet. If you are simply looking to lose weight, relatively easily and quick, this is a solid plan to follow.”

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Is the Warrior Diet Easy to Follow?

Any diet that makes you eat such small amounts of food over a large period of time will be hard to follow. Hunger pains and cravings will be a way of life on the Warrior Diet and only those with a will of stone will likely be able to thrive on this diet. In addition, the Warrior Diet requires a lot of strenuous activity. This kind of exercising can lead to injuries if you are not already used to strenuous workouts. Where some exercise plans allow you to slowly work your way into exercising, the Warrior Diet requires you to jump right in. It will not be the type of diet that will be conducive to everyone’s lifestyle, so putting every lifestyle as a match against this specific type of diet is hard to do. Not everyone wants to starve themselves throughout the day if they really don’t have to, and eat more at night. These types of transitions are hard to deal with, and sticking to a diet program like this may work in your favor or it may be very hard.

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Who said the warrior had an easy life? If you don’t mind eating the bulk of your food until late at night then the Warrior Diet might be for you. However, if you are looking for a well balanced and safe diet plan to help you reach your weight loss success then you might want to save the $19 you will spend on the Warrior Diet book.



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