Weight Loss Cure Review

Weight Loss Cure Review
1.8 out of 10
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The Weight Loss Cure Diet comes from the book written by Kevin Trudeau titled, The Weight Loss Cure Diet “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Basically, Trudeau subscribes to the theory that the medical community and the drug companies want to keep you obese as it is more profitable to their bottom lines if you are. He says that the truth about weight loss has been hidden on purpose from the general public for years and he has a method that will allow you to “melt” off 30 pounds in 30 days.


The Weight Loss Cure Diet is a diet that is done in four stages. The first is an all organic diet and also cleanses the liver and the colon. The second stage requires daily injections of the HCG hormone (found in the urine of pregnant women) and a very strict daily diet that allows for a very low amount of daily calories. The third stage is one that has the injections stop but has the dieter stick to an organic regimen. The fourth and final stage is one that sees dieters continue to eat all natural and continue to do various cleansing techniques.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Weight Loss Cure Diet?

If you follow the Weight Loss Cure Diet to the letter there is no way not to lose weight. The calories are dangerously low and when combined with the hour of walking that is required each day with the Weight Loss Cure Diet, weight loss is sure to be achieved. However, the weight loss is not sustainable in the long run unless the dieter continues on with an all organic diet and keeps exercising daily as well as watching calories each day.

Is the Weight Loss Cure Diet Easy to Follow?

The Weight Loss Cure Diet is probably one of the hardest diets to follow. Just eating all organic can be a chore in itself, but then add to that the hassle of daily HCG injections. The extremely low number of daily calories also makes it near impossible to stay on the diet and cheating frequently is quite likely. Only those with an iron will would have success with the Weight Loss Cure Diet.


Forget about the cost of The Weight Loss Cure Diet “They” Don’t Want You to Know About book at $24.95 and forget about the cost of an all organic diet. What really needs to be looked at with the Weight Loss Cure Diet is safety. The diet is simply another in a long line of HCG fad diets that has not been proven to do anything more than restrict calories to near starvation levels leaving a body unable to function properly.

Even if you do lose weight on the Weight Loss Cure Diet, it will not be weight loss that is achieved safely or legally for that matter. Due to the many negative effects of these types of diets it is no longer legal to sell the HCG hormone in the United States. This would leave participants to seek their injections elsewhere which also could prove costly to your overall health and safety.

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