Weightnot Diet Review

Weightnot Diet Review



Update: May 24, 2019

Weightnot is a holistic nutritional program and diet that aims to incorporate real foods with coaching, supplementation, and education regarding weight loss. Gluten, soy, snack bars, and prepackaged meals are not allowed on this diet, along with artificial sweeteners or chemicals of any sort. Weightnot is located in Maryland, and they do not give any information about who started the company and when. All they say on their website is “founders.” They have several different customer service numbers to call into, but the main line they provide is a consultation line to get signed up. That number is 855-934-4486. They claim they will provide you with a lot of different services, but get ready to pay thousands for those average run of the mill services.*

The customer service line is one of the most frustrating lines to call into because they do not disclose the bulk of the diet plan to you until you have paid. How is that for customer service or open, no tricks business? The Weightnot diet program is registered with the Better Business Bureau, and they have received many complaints about their products and service (please find it here).

Do Dieters Lose Weight on Weightnot?

This program is going to cost you an arm and a leg when it is all said and done, and it is really not worth the price. It is just like your average run of the mill overpriced diet program. The weight loss seen all depends on how much money you can spend with the company, otherwise it is just another basic diet program that is just trying to gain a customer base.


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Weightnot Diet Program in a Nutshell

The Weightnot diet program is a three step program designed for weight loss. They combine real foods, supplements, coaching, and education to assist clients in achieving their goals. With an emphasis on a holistic approach; processed foods, gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners, prepackaged meals or chemicals of any sort are not allowed on this diet.

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Is Weightnot Easy To Follow?

The Weightnot diet program consists of three steps:

  1. Remove and Rebalance: Detoxify, Build Nutrient Base, Reduce Inflammation, and Eliminate Cravings;
  2. Reduce and Reset: Lose Fat Consistently, Reset Metabolism, Curb Hunger, and Improve Health Markers;
  3. Restore and Restrain: Restore Digestive Health, Increase Activity Level, Diversify Diet, and Train To Maintain Weight.

With the amount of steps required to go through the diet program, it is not an easy program to follow. Not to mention it is not cheap to follow either.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Weightnot

On the website, they say there are multiply studies done on why their program stands out from the rest but they have nothing that backs their so called studies up.* It is easy to fall into the trap of believing quotes on a website that is selling a diet program. Ask deeper questions, and you will find they are not truly being answered. For example: “WeightNot believes in the power of science, and will only offer services with a sound foundation in proven nutrition, physiology, and behavioral research.”

Where are the studies, sound foundation, and science? They are nowhere to be found on their website, which can raise questions and might be confusing to the consumer. They cannot back up their claims with factual studies. Most companies that have conducted studies on effectiveness of their program or products will display it freely, unless they are unfavorable.

They also state on their website: “WeightNot was born of medical perspective (the Founder built the largest medical cosmetic enterprise in the Mid-Atlantic across a decade), and initial observations on the dieting efforts of tens of thousands of patients. These were women and men who had been down the road of the latest and most popular diets in an attempt to take a “smart” approach to weight loss – but whose efforts always ended with them right back where they started, or worse, with even greater weight gain. After seeing the energy and determination exhibited by these dieters, one thing was evident –people don’t fail diets, it’s the diets that fail them.”* Where is the backing behind this statement? There is none.

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This program is all talk, and provides minimal results, if that. People are shelling out thousands of dollars for “cheap” services that could otherwise be done on their own. They provide you an app, a binder, and a few phone calls and charge you an arm and a leg for services that are not guaranteed to give you success long term. Their social media sites are available at the bottom tab, but the activity is almost laughable for such a “renowned” weight loss program (or so they like to make it appear that way.) All in all, this diet program is just like any other basic low-calorie “healthy food” diet program, except it is much more expensive to follow! Save your money on this time suck, as well as wallet crusher, folks!

  1. My sister lost over 100lbs in four months on Weight Not and has kept it off for three years.
    I have lost 60 lbs on Weight Not and have kept it of for four years.
    I think I’d call that success wouldn’t you?

  2. It is the only plan that worked for me.

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