Wholly Guacamole Review

Wholly Guacamole Review



Available at most grocery stores

Variety of flavors


✘ Price

Wholly Guacamole is marketed as America’s #1 guacamole brand, and it is served in small guacamole cups with real Hass avocados. Each cup is 2 oz. large, and is the perfect “on the go” snack that provides enough calories to sustain a hunger craving as well as healthy fats to nourish and encourage brain health. There are no preservatives found in these cups, and they have to be refrigerated for best results and fresh taste. The company that manufactures and creates this product is called “Wholly Guacamole” and they are based out of Saginaw, Texas.


The company offers a variety of sizes and flavors available for the customer to choose from. There are: 6 pack minis, 4 pack minis, 16 oz., 12 oz., and 8 oz. The varieties to choose from are: Classic guacamole, homestyle guacamole, hatch chili guacamole, organic minis, spicy minis, and three chili guacamole.

You can either snack on these as is with pita chips, chips, or thin pretzels as a go to snack. Or you can simply spread them on sandwiches or use them as alternative spread options. The idea behind this healthy snack is that it is simply always ready to eat and is a good alternative to something filled with sugar and carbs that will not tackle your hunger craving as well.

The Bottom Line: This product is a nice alternative to other sugary snacks that are “always ready” or a processed food that is easy to grab. The only catch is that it needs to be refrigerated, which is not hard to accomplish in most circumstances.


This product has gotten a lot of wonderful reviews, and has a really clean ingredient list:

The ingredients are: Hass avocado, vinegar, jalapeno pepper, dehydrated onion, salt and granulated garlic. There is nothing unsafe about this snack food, and it is deemed very healthy and full of vitamins and minerals too. So you might be wondering at this point where to find the Wholly Guacamole products, and they are found primarily at Walmart Superstores, as well as other grocery stores nationwide. This brand is widely known to many, so it will not be hard to pick up.

In a mini 2 oz. container the calories are: 120 grams and there are 90 calories from healthy fat inside of that 120 grams.

The Bottom Line: All Wholly Guacamole products are safe, and their ingredient list is clean and simple. They are distributed all over the country in many different grocery stores nationwide so there is nothing unsafe about them.

Pros And Cons

There are several pros and not that many cons associated with purchasing this product. It is healthy, available at grocery stores, and the company offers a variety of different flavors to choose from which gives the customer a versatile pallet to work with. The price for one pack of 12 oz. is $18.75 which is somewhat costly, but avocados are always a little more expensive.

The Bottom Line: There are many pros associated with this product, and not that many cons (if any). Wholly Guacamole is offered in many different flavors and sizes which gives the customer a lot of different choices and uses with the product.


Wholly Guacamole has solved a problem for many: getting a healthy and tasty snack pre-made and ready with no time restraints needed to fix it. If you buy this product you will be investing in a really good healthy fat to snack on during the day which could go in place of your normal processed and sugary food snack. It is a little expensive, but the flavors and convenience are also a part of the price. There is nothing dangerous about this product, and it is a nice company with a good idea for getting healthier foods in our bodies overall. Go try it!


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