Zija XM3 Review

Zija XM3 Review



Update: May 24, 2019

7.2 Out of 10
Zija XM3 Review
Zija XM3 Review
  • Supposedly natural

XM3 capsules are weight loss supplements produced by the company Zija International. The company boasts their weight loss capsules will help boost your energy levels, suppress your appetite, and improve your focus. They claim the supplements are made with beneficial herbs and extracts to make all of their claims true. [1] These extreme moringa caps are sold for $74.00 or $59.00 if you buy them at wholesale cost. In each bottle you will get a 30 day supply, and the company promises distribution perks and a wholesale seller if you are truly interested in making some extra money on the side. This product is sold on their main website only.

How Does XM3 Work?

Instructions for taking the XM3 capsules are really simple, as you will only take one pill one hour after eating breakfast. The side effects will then kick into gear throughout your day, and they are supposed to be: reduction of hunger, more focus, and more energy. Does it hold up to its marketing claims? I will dive into that below. An interesting ingredient found in the XM3 capsule is phenylethylamine, which is best known to give off the feeling of “love” otherwise known as the happy hormone to someone in love. While this may seem to boost a mood, it also comes with side effects and may not be good to take long term.

It has also been found that when you take phenylethylamine orally, its effect is completely neutralized meaning it does not work as it is supposed to. [2] This will make a person question its effectiveness in general because this is one of the main ingredients to help with weight loss.

The Bottom Line
The XM3 product is easy to take. The consumer will simply take one capsule with water about one hour after eating breakfast in the morning, and go about their day. The effects of the ingredients are supposed to take effect as the day moves along.
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Is XM3 Safe?

If you look at the ingredient list below, it claims to be all natural. As with anything of this nature, there will be side effects linked. Some have a hard time with caffeine to their systems which may cause jitters, headaches, and upset stomach.
There is a lot of caffeine in this supplement to be aware of if you are sensitive. Always contact your doctor before taking a diet pill like XM3 as there could be hidden side effects that could work against your health.

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The Bottom Line
While nothing looks that dangerous at first glance, the product could come with side effects. It contains a lot of caffeine and phenylethylamine which in turn poses a risk to certain folks.
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Pros and Cons of XM3

The only pro is the list of natural ingredients. The company talks about the cutting edge science behind their formula, and then gives little to no information about it actually relating to the XM3 pills and the ingredients said to help someone lose weight. They seem a bit estranged from the rest of the internet, meaning the product is not sold anywhere but the website so this is the first con. It is hard to get ahold of, which makes me think large retailers won’t go near it with a ten-foot pole. There are also no testimonials on the website which is another con because real people are not giving their word on its effectiveness.

There are no quantities regarding ingredients either when you look at the ingredient list on the site. It is vague. I hate when ingredient lists are vague, because it is something we are putting in our bodies! The customer must know exactly what is in the product, and how much of each ingredient. My final large con is with the ingredient phenylethylamine, as it loses effectiveness once taken orally. This neutralizes a lot of the weight loss power, so the company has little to no reference that their product actually works like they market it to.

The Bottom Line
With how expensive this product is for one bottle, there are too many red flags to make it a good investment.
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XM3 is a complete hopeful weight loss pill, that is loaded with obscene amounts of caffeine, and phenylethylamine which is not said to even be effective once taken orally. These capsules are extremely expensive for what you are actually going to get which is disheartening. After really diving into the company, it seems as if they are just selling a product in a lazy manner with a sloppy website. Not a product I would spend $74.00 on any day of the week!

With how expensive this product is for one bottle, there are too many red flags to make it a good investment. While nothing looks that dangerous at first glance, the product could come with side effects. It contains a lot of caffeine and phenylethylamine which in turn poses a risk to certain folks.

7.2 Total Score
Zija XM3 Scorecard

  • Supposedly natural
  • Little testimonials
  • No ingredient quantities
  • Ingredient list is vague
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