XOXO Teatox Review

XOXO Teatox ReviewsXOXO Teatox is different from any other weight loss supplement or diet, because it isn’t one. XOXO Teatox is better described as pre-diet cleanse. XOXO Teatox manufacturers say that in order to achieve best possible effects on any diet, the body needs to be rid of toxins and needs a “cleaning” phase, so when you start your diet, your body does not hold on to the weight.

It promises to relieve many unpleasant symptoms, including: difficulty losing weight, brain fog, food sensitivities, bloating and constipation, low sex drive, joint mobility problems, anxiety, mood swings, and many more symptoms that come with toxicity. Effectiveness may vary.*

The teas should be enjoyed twice a day; morning tea, which has many natural ingredients that can alleviate stomach inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, boost eyesight, balance cholesterol, flush out unhealthy toxins, prevent harmful cancer, improve digestion, enhance complexion, and increase the speed of your metabolism. The night tea can help keep cardiovascular and bone health strong, prevent diabetes, boost immunity, relieve stress and nervousness, boost immunity, release uric acid from joints, alleviate bloating and cramps, and naturally assist in weight loss. The XOXO teas come with a 14-day meal plan that can be very helpful for those who do not want to spend much time thinking about what and when to eat.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the XOXO Teatox Diet?

Customers have reported great taste for both morning and evening teas. Although weight loss is not the main focus of XOXO Teas, it is a welcome side effect that occurs naturally. The 14-day menu is full of whole, natural meals and snacks to help not only rid the body of toxins while drinking the specialty formulated teas, but also fuel the body with nutrient-rich food and help the dieter be guided in the right direction.

We have found some positive and some negative XOXO Teatox reviews:

“I love the teas. I was pleasantly surprised after I lost 3 pounds in just one week. It gave me energy and I definitely could tell my clothes fit differently around my waist”
“What a great product. I love the 14-day menu. Delicious recipes and I never felt deprived”.*

“Even though the teas taste great and I did feel positive changes in my body, I cannot justify the price. Would buy it again if it was cheaper”*

Is the XOXO Teatox Diet Easy to Follow?

The directions are very simple. Enjoy specialty created teas twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Some food guidelines are provided too: sugar, processed food, soda, and white flour are not recommended while doing a tea-based detox.


I love that XOXO Teatox has a 365-day money back guarantee. Most other products on the market offer a 30-day return policy. With so many healthy ingredients in the teas and a healthy meal plan, it would be hard not to experience an increase in energy levels, see a trimmer waistline, and reap the benefits of a cleaner, well-balanced body. This product is highly recommended for someone needing that kick start in weight loss or simply wanting to get that “I feel wonderful” feeling back.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.


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*Individual results will vary.

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