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The Zero Belly Diet was written by David Zinczenko, and hit the shelves in 2014. The diet’s overall mantra is to turn off your fat genes and be lean for life by targeting the visceral fat that is found in the belly region. The book is rather informative and educational, which throws people for a loop when they are looking to get a structured diet program out of their purchase. The Zero Belly Diet is sold in many major retailers, as well as on the Amazon for just under $20.00 (not including shipping and handling). Their customer service center was simply an email to the editor, which was completely irrelevant due to the response time being so slow. This book already seems like a lot of work, and not to mention a time-suck, with the amount of decoding you will have to do to just understand what the diet really is really about.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Zero Belly Diet?

The website does not offer any background as to why this book is scientifically proven to help you lose weight before you purchase it. The only information even close to this is telling the reader that the author is a “nutritional expert.” That does not mean much these days, as many people can take a few online courses and get their nutritional certification right from their home computer.* When a person is eager to get started with the diet, they purchase the book, only to find that the author goes on and on about his research, which many people don’t want to read at that present moment. I wanted to dig deeper into the visceral fat epidemic, but they kept it rather shallow on the website. The book itself has led people to success, but it also has had a bad track record of complaints due to the structure, organization, and confusion behind the way the book was written.*

Val Ew* said, “I couldn’t wait to get this book on my Tablet…and then I couldn’t wait to shut it off. First of all, we all know that weight loss is a huge business. People are making lots of money off of us who need to shed weight, or just want to feel better. But in all honesty, I don’t like breaking my bank to supply myself with the various foods I need to make this all work. We’re not stupid people. We already know the foods we should be eating, and those to avoid.” Val also went onto say that the amount of food you will have to purchase will rack up in cost, making this program very expensive. Sje just wants a little bit if weight loss but can’t afford to keep up with the expense of this program. Finally, there were too many stories in the book to make it an enjoyable read.

“I’ve read several diets books. This one is a little bit different, but still has the same basic philosophy as far as the most important parts of a weight loss program are exercise (#1), and eating smaller portioned meals packed with vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and protein. I would recommend reading it, but there are better options which also are cheaper to maintain.” Patrick Murphy*

Is The Zero Belly Diet Easy To Follow?

The overall vibe from readers was that the book was very unorganized, and did more “talking” than actual instructing on how to start the diet. A couple of readers said they read forever just to try and figure out when the diet would actually begin, which caused a lot of frustration initially. When the reader finally came upon the diet and acceptable food lists, they were shocked at how many of the foods they didn’t even recognize. Many of the readers simply wanted a book that provided them with a strong outline of how to follow a diet plan to lose pounds, along with advice on how to shop at the grocery store for foods that will help them attain their weight loss goals. The Zero Belly Diet comes with a variety of recipes that are scattered in random places throughout the book, which also came as a frustration to many people (especially when reading the book on a Kindle™ or Nook™).

There is good content overall, but the organization is so poor that the reader feels overwhelmed and defeated before they even start the long road to changing their diet! While exercise is never a bad thing, the book features exercise in over one-third of the total book.* There were many complaints that if readers wanted an exercise book, they would have simply purchased one. No one will follow a chapter book when trying to get a workout in; sadly, the author did not pick up on this at all.


With Zero Belly Diet book being so new to the market, its track record has not been completely validated. The surprisingly large number of negative comments about how confusing the book was to follow (from a dieter’s perspective) has me putting this diet book back on the shelf quickly. The overall idea of the book promotes diet, exercise, and healthy eating, which you would think is all you need, but the message is poorly conveyed. Finally, their social media platforms have a low population of followers, which says this book is not as popular as the website cracks it up to be. In a world so savvy on health and nutrition, there are much clearer and more efficient ways to get someone started on their journey to weight loss.*

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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