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How the Slim4Life Diet Works

Slim4Life is a company that has been helping people with weight loss for over 25 years. With weight loss clinics in Colorado, California, and Minnesota, Slim4Life uses the Slim4Life Diet (aka Slimgenics) as a holistic way to address the problems of those who are overweight and/or obese.

The Slim4Life Diet is one that is supervised and includes a lot of interaction with staff members at the center you choose to attend. Each participant’s diet is custom tailored to fit their needs and things like medical condition are taken into account before any plan is made. When followed properly the Slim4Life Diet claims you can lose three to five pounds every week.

The Slim4Life Diet will allow for up to 1,500 calories per day and the actual amount you will have will depend on several factors. Diets are carefully balanced and are low in sugars, fats, and sodium. All foods are supposed to be able to be purchased at the grocery store (besides snack bars, shakes, and supplements) and the Slim4Life Diet also encourages daily exercise to help maximize weight loss.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Slim4Life Diet?

Dieters who embrace the Slim4Life Diet will likely lose weight at least in the short-term because calories will be restricted to a lower amount than normal. However, the claim of losing three to five pounds per week is subject to debate as the amount of weight you will lose in the short-term will depend greatly on how much you have to lose overall.

Another factor that will directly impact your weight loss success is your level of activity. Should you be extremely active you can expect more weight loss, where your weight loss will be less should you choose to do nothing at all.

Is the Slim4Life Diet Easy to Follow?

The Slim4Life Diet is easy in the sense that you have your diet planned out for you. However, it is still going to be a diet that restricts many of your favorite foods and food groups. This will mean that you are far more likely to slip up while on the diet, which would of course be detrimental to your overall weight loss success.


The Slim4Life Diet is a diet that can be effective when combined with some exercising, but it is out of reach for many. First of all, you have to live in one of the areas where the Slim4Life Diet weight loss centers are located. Even if you do, you have to put out a pretty penny in order to participate.

Just the initial cost of starting is over $600 and those costs go up should you not be able to stick to your personalized plan and meet certain pre-determined goals in a set amount of time. In addition, the cost of the Slim4Life Diet’s various shakes, snacks, and other supplements will all be extra. For the average person, the Slim4Life Diet is simply going to be too much money.

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    I want these asshole to stop sending me unsolicited e-mails about this shit product. I didn’t ask for them and they are illegal in Canada

  • vanessa

    I tried slim4life, I started in november, I zm 5’3, and I was weighing 197, but I am vefy portioned, so I carry my weight well! Was wearing a size 14, anyway I lost 27 pounds in 13 weeks, (did cheat from time to time!) They wanted me to losd 50 pounds to weigh 145, well I am now 170, and I lost 17 inches overall, but I had to stop there as my face began to loom sick, too much! I am now wearing a size 8-10 at 170, so I stop looking at the number on ths scale, I learned how and what to do if I gain 3 pounds,how to get it back off in 2 days!

  • Bonnie Feldgreber-Feldman

    I just started it and it is expensive, not sure how long I will last but it does work. I am just wondering if there are other alternatives to their pricey products ie:snack, and suppliments?

  • Beth Ross

    Very, very expensive. My daughter and I tried this and lost 25 or more pounds, not in the time they promised, but we did. Then I developed psoriasis and a dermatologist ordered me off all the products. The psoriasis improved dramatically in one day. The Slim4LIfe staff refused to admit fault. My daughter and I also developed anxiety and panic attacks, we were taking ALL their products. They refuse to take responsibility and continued to claim all the while that they are highly trained counselors. Well, their highly trained counselors ignored all our complaints of rashes and panic attacks and anxiety and insomnia. I strongly feel that this program is dangerous. Someone could take their life from the mood swings.

  • Angela Roton

    I lost 135 pounds and I have kept it off. I am on going on three years, loved this program.

  • Scott Alter

    I have been on Slim 4 Life for coming up on 4 months. I weighed 306 when I got there and I weighed in today at 226. I would have to agree that it is expensive. I will say it works great and when you consider what lap band cost I would say this is very cheap. So I guess it’s all in how you look at it. I would and do recommend Slim 4 Life to everybody I know. I am still in the program and have no plans of stopping. I am going to be Slim 4 Life!! Thanks to Slim 4 Life!!

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