The Binge Code Review

The Binge Code Review


Update: Jul 09, 2024

8.5 Out of 10
The Binge Code Review
The Binge Code Review
The Binge Code is a diet book written by Alison Kerr, and she had battled with several eating disorders, like bulimia and binge eating, which inspired her to write the book. She also wrote the ever popular book Bulimia Help Method, which has also helped people with their disorder. For the past ten years she has worked with people suffering from binge eating and helped those people identify the triggers. The seven unconventional keys to end binge eating that the book talks about are:

  1. The Diet Trap
  2. The Yo-Yo Blood Sugar Trap
  3. The Nutritional Deficiency
  4. The Habit Trap
  5. The Food Rules Trap
  6. The False Friend Trap
  7.  The Inner Critic Trap. [1]

The book is for anyone who feels like they are out of control when they are around food. It will help the reader obtain the tools to feel confident and in control of their food choices on a daily basis.   The book was first published in June of 2017, so it is relatively new to the scene for readers out there. The author first put her idea on indiegogo where she tried to crowd fund her idea with the public in an effort to raise money. She did raise money, but only hit 74% of her $4,000 goal by getting an end total of $2,952. Nonetheless, the book was published and is being sold at all major retailers around the country. [2] Her main objective in writing this book is to let people know there is an alternative way to correct binge eating as a disorder.

What Is Binge Eating?

Binge eating is considered an eating disorder, which many people need to seek help from medical professionals for. BED, otherwise known as Binge Eating Disorder, is when you eat large quantities of food in one sitting at a very fast pace until the point of discomfort. It is currently one of the most common eating disorders in the United States today and often goes undiagnosed. Many times, these people eat alone because they do not feel comfortable eating in front of people. [3] It is mentally a challenge for people because they feel disgusted with themselves, as well as depressed after these episodes, which can cause long term damage to self esteem down the road if help is not found.  Although it may seem like a minor disorder, binge eating can be life threatening. Binge eating can happen as rarely or as often as once a week for three months continuously, which then builds a habit and the person becomes reliant on the way it makes them feel. The condition typically starts for people who are in their early teens and twenties, and 40% of those people are male. When referring to binge eating, it is not associated with bulimia or anorexia in any manner.

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Word On The Street About The Binge Code

Amazon Customer (2017, 5 star),

“I can’t praise this book enough. I was hesitant at first because so many books similar to this didn’t work for me. Plain and simple. However there are so many tips, tricks, and techniques in this book that I was never introduced to, and let me say: it works. To this day I find myself applying so many techniques explained in this book! It’s a great guidance book, but also a fantastic motivator. It dives into the real and raw part of bulimia that so many other “professionals” seem to skim over. She attacks every side and aspect of bulimia and does it brilliantly. First of all: THANK YOU Ali for making this. Secondly: if you are looking for something to finally help, but you’re still unsure, please PLEASE give this a shot. You won’t regret it. I promise.” [4]

Lottie (2017, 5 star),

“What an incredible book. Ali Kerr truly understands what living with a binge eating disorder is like. This is written by an expert who is not trying to be the ‘expert’ and impose superiority, but rather trying to empower readers by providing them with the tools to break free from their eating disorder. If practiced these tools will give you your life back. Thank you for dedicating your life to understanding and helping those with this horrible disorder. I would recommend this book to everyone struggling with eating problems.” [5]

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Ali Kerr’s Top 5 Steps To Quit Binge Eating

Because this book is relatively new to the scene, there is new information surfacing daily about the details. Ali did an interview with Brain Over Binge to give her readers the top 5 ways to help quit the cycle of binge eating altogether. The first idea she gives to the reader is to simply keep your body well hydrated no matter what your schedule looks like. Drinking fluids will help you decrease the amount of water you retain, which means less bloating overall. She then talks about not stepping on the scale and checking your weight frequently, as this can turn into a bad habit. Water weight fluctuates daily and even hourly, so always stepping on the scale is not a good indicator of your overall weight loss. Thirdly, she speaks about really committing to stopping the purge and binging behavior for good, even if you overeat. It should not define how you feel about yourself, or what your next food move is.   She then moves onto the topic of quick fixes and how you should not try and seek those out, as they will only set you back. Quick fixes include new diet programs to eliminate food groups, as well as panicking when your body starts to bloat. Bloating is a simple way that you body is healing itself and relearning to normally digest food again, so this process needs to be approached with patience. Lastly, Ali talks about letting go of any ideas that binging can actually be of a benefit to you and your health. It might have caused weight loss at the beginning, but it will not cause weight loss long term. [6]

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The Bottom Line: Is The Binge Code Worth A Read?

Yes. If you suffer from binge eating, this book will give you a healthy insight on how to heal yourself. The author herself comes from a background of suffering from eating disorders and understands how powerful the mind can be when it comes to these issues. She offers healthy insight on how you can restart and regain control over your eating habits and feel better as an individual. While the book is rather new to the scene, it has been growing in popularity among people who really need to read and seek help from it. If this is you, it might not be a bad option to invest in Kerr’s recently written book to get healthier!

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