Blood Type Diet Review

The Blood Type Diet was made popular by the best-selling book called Eat Right For Your Type, written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. According to Dr. D’Adamo, there are different metabolisms among people and your blood type can determine what yours is. Once you know your blood type you can then target specific foods while avoiding others and supposedly lose weight.

The Blood Type Diet breaks down what to eat, and not eat, according to blood type. Blood type O, which is the most common, should eat a high protein and low carbohydrate and dairy diet. Blood type A should avoid red meat, eat low amounts of dairy, but eat plenty of fish and vegetables. Light exercise is also recommended. Blood type B should eat plenty of meats, dairy, vegetables, and fruits while avoiding chicken and bacon. Blood type AB combines the A and B diets.

Additionally, exercise is recommended while on the Blood Type Diet. Each blood type has certain exercises that are recommended for maximum results.

Blood Type Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Blood Type Diet?

Many have claimed weight loss success on the Blood Type Diet, but usually only in the short-term. This is likely because the diet is one that is restrictive in nature which leads to a great deal of cravings and then slippage by contrast. Once you begin to slip up on any diet plan the results will not be in your favor. The tricky part to this diet is actually finding out what your blood type is before you can start the program. Once you are aware of what you can and cannot eat, is where the weight loss begins.

Exercise is also important if you are thinking about going on the Blood Type Diet. For people whose blood types are A's, yoga or a form of Tai Chi is recommended as your exercise type. For people with type O's jogging or biking is recommended for daily exercise. If you restrict your diet to the foods that are recommended for your blood type, and exercise you should see weight come off. Will it stay off? That is up to you, if you want to continue following this specific diet for the rest of your life.

Is The Blood Type Diet Easy To Follow?

The Blood Type Diet is easy to follow if you have discipline and if you know your blood type. If you don’t know your blood type you may have to go to your personal physician to have a blood test done which will add to the expense of the diet. Processed foods, sugar, and refined carbs are not allowed which will also help with weight loss no matter what program you are on. Taking away these foods is no easy feat however, as you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you first start out.

Blood Type Diet cravingsEven if you do know your blood type, there will be no getting away from the cravings that you have. Since each blood type has foods and entire food groups that are restricted, the tendency to go off the diet can be great. Dr. D’Adamo also calls for a lot of organic food in the diet, as well as herbal supplements which can be very costly. There is no room for personal taste in this diet, so if you like certain foods but your blood type says otherwise you are out of luck.


Anytime science is used to help with weight loss the results have the chance to be great. However, in the case of the Blood Type Diet it seems to be nothing more than a money making machine for Dr. D’Adamo.

The book, Eat Right For Your Type, costs $24.94 alone, but the costs don’t stop there. Dr. D’Adamo has also developed a full line of snack bars, supplements, and even skin products all aimed at “helping” each and every blood type.

Even though many claim weight loss on the diet it isn’t likely due to knowing their blood type. What isn’t said on the outset is that the Blood Type Diet requires the elimination of all refined foods, which can lead to weight loss no matter what kind of diet you are on.

Blood Type Diet supplements*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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*Individual results will vary.

  • Judith browne

    I am blood type B. I did a blood analysis and there was aglutination. The doctor recommended that I see a cardiologist and that I stay away from chicken for a month. I did not see the cardiologist but I ate no chicken for a month. When I repeated the analysis my blood was flowing freely and there was no need to see a cardiologist. This was my introduction to eating according to my blood type.

    Furthermore, when I stopped eating lentils, peanuts, cashews and corn; foods which I love dearly, my almost constant headaches stopped and when I do eat any of them I am guaranteed a headache that lasts a couple of days.

    Everyone does not have millions of dollars to do scientific research but I see the results in how my body feels and my blood test results at my yearly checkups. I am continuing to eat this way because it helps my body function well. Weight loss is a by-product and If I over eat and do not exercise I will gain weight.

  • Casey bowden

    I found the blood type diet. It really hasn’t helped me loose weight. What it has done is showed me what foods causes me to gain and what foods causes my body to become inflamed and irritated. I noticed corn was something that really effected my weight. I then found out that corn effects my B blood metabolism. It made sense out of what my body was already doing.

  • Lisa Arthur

    I have started this diet and I believed it had some sound basis before even starting, as most of the foods listed as foods to avoid for my blood type were foods to which I had adverse reactions. Removing them from my diet and focusing on my medicine foods my mental acuity has improved as well as my energy levels and overall feeling of well being. I feel less bloated. Diets as such are not all about weight loss but also improvements to being. Persons also neglect other lifestyle choices which can impact weight loss such as insufficient sleep, not drinking enough water, recreational drugs etc.

  • Sandra

    Yes and I’m type A. I didn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but had digested problems. After eliminating the foods that I was to omit I started feeling really good and digesting issues really improved. The bloating, gas and heartburn went away and lost weight. Whenever I add a food that no for my blood type I can immediately tell I get a bloated stomach.

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