The Cabomoor Fat Burning Diet Review

The Cabomoor Fat Burning diet pill makes you want to go lay by the beach all day in the sunshine when you look at its tropical packaging. It is manufactured by the company Cabomoor, and markets itself as being good for both men and women alike. The company says the diet pill will boost your energy, increase your weight loss, and is safe and all natural to ingest.*These are large claims, but we have most definitely heard them before from other diet companies tooting the same horn. When trying to find an actual website for this product, there was none. The company has its own website for a different product aiming to sell Garcinia Cambogia, but there is no trace of the Fat Burning pill being promoted anywhere but fake review sites and

The Cabomoor Fat Burning Diet AmazonNot only is this unsettling, but it is very typical for a company like Cabomoor to not really provide the consumer with any valuable information about what their diet pill includes, as well as some sort of contact number to call in case you need to return it for any reason. I did find a comprehensive list of ingredients, which is a relief due to the fact that the company makes it hard for you to learn really anything about the details of the pill itself.

The Ingredients: Caffeine, Phenylethylamine, HCI, Acacia Rigidula, Fursultiamine, L-Tyrosine, Green Tea Extract, Polyphenols, Raspberry Ketones, Methyl Synnephrine, Yohimbe HCL, Alpha Yohimbe, Magnesium Stearate, and Titanium Dioxide.*

Do Dieters Lose Weight With Cabomoor Fat Burning Pills?

There were not many reviews in general when talking about the Cabomoor Fat Burning pills, which tells me that this product is just not that popular in general. Some folks took the pill for almost a week and saw no results good or bad, which tells me that this pill isn’t very potent. On the flip side, there were some people that took this diet pill and it gave them horrible side effects such as an upset stomach, diarrhea, dehydration, and no weight loss at all. Why go through all of the pain to see nothing happen but sickness? This is most definitely poorly reviewed from those genuine people who actually care about getting the honest word out.

The Cabomoor Fat Burning Diet Upset StomachCarroll* made it clear that she does not purchase products that are not legitimately reviewed by actual customers.BEWARE!! Seems the reviews are FAKE! NONE of them are Amazon verified purchases. Plus the dates on the reviews are sequential. HMMMMM!”

 “These made me feel sick. I thought I was getting sick, but I stopped taking these and I felt better. I also mostly lost muscle tone, not fat.” Elizabeth Forsythe*

 “It's too early to tell how effective this pill is. Just took it for 6 days. So far, it was easy to swallow pill and no after taste.” No One*

 “Didn't work at all…I don't recommend it. Made me feel sick most of the time.” Amazon Customer*

 Is The Cabomoor Diet Pill Easy To Follow?

On the packaging the instructions say: “Take one capsule with your first meal, as a dietary supplement. Do not exceed two capsules in a 24-hour time period. Do not take after 4PM. Do not take for more than 8 consecutive weeks. If you wish to resume use, wait at least 2 weeks after every 8-week period.” There are more “Do not’s” than actual instructions on how to create a better and healthier lifestyle for yourself when taking this diet pill. It is loaded with caffeine, otherwise the company would not warn against taking it after 4:00pm. The side effects are unpleasant at best, and the pills themselves have not been said to be very effective. Overall as simple as this diet pill appears to be, the toughest part will be spending the money to make yourself sick for no reason at all.

When doing actual research on how Cabomoor came up with their formula, and whether or not it is even approved by the FDA, there is no trace of any valuable information such as this. When the company fails to give the customer adequate and simple information like its manufacturing practices, or even science behind their formula you know they are only concerned with taking your money and running. There is no return policy with these diet pills either, so when you purchase them and they do not work you will be out of luck.


Cabomoor Fat Burning Diet This diet pill is worthless after really diving into the nitty gritty details of the pill, and the company practices. They also do not offer any mean of support whether that is by phone, e-mail, or even social media outlets. There is absolutely nothing for the customer to grab onto when taking this diet pill, and that is alarming at best. Sadly, the beachy look to the bottle has you day dreaming about a better beach body for just a moment, until you are snapped back into reality really fast about the truth regarding this scam ridden diet pill that will do you no good. When its only customers have spoken negative words about its effectiveness, and its cheap price online of being only $10.00 for 90 capsules you will be getting exactly what you pay for.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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