Carb Lovers Diet Review

The Carb Lovers Diet is a diet plan that was created by Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth, who are both editors of Health Magazine. According to the duo there are many fears about carbohydrates that are unfounded and as long as you are eating the right kind of carbs in the proper portions you can enjoy carbohydrates every day.

The premise of the diet is to find carbohydrates that are known as “resistant starches” as these foods will pass through you without being absorbed, in a similar fashion to fiber. Using these special carbs and a mix of other healthy foods you can have 1,200 calories each day for the first week and then go up to 1,600 for the following three weeks. Each week you are allowed two glasses of wine or light beer and even allowed a bit of chocolate.

However, most sugars and “bad” carbohydrates are off limits. If the Carb Lovers Diet is adhered to the authors say six pounds of weight loss will happen in the first week alone.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Carb Lovers Diet?

Because the Carb Lovers Diet is a balanced diet for the most part and also one that restricts calories it is quite likely that weight loss will occur. However, the claim of six pounds in one week might be a stretch. Additionally, because the diet restricts so many of the carbs that might be considered bad, but taste so good, the chances of slip-ups happening are very good which would of course diminish any weight loss results.

The Carb Lovers Diet does recommend weight and toning training three times per week. If a dieter stuck to that regimen, it would add to the likelihood of weight loss success.

Is the Carb Lovers Diet Easy to Follow?

The Carb Lovers Diet is easier to follow than most carbohydrate specific diets, especially since it lets you have a treat once a week. However, the diet is so restrictive that it can be hard to maintain.

It also isn’t an easy diet to be on if you enjoy eating out. Many meals that are prepared at a restaurant will include what the Carb Lovers Diet considers as being bad carbs and would therefore be off limits.


The idea behind the Carb Lovers Diet is a good one, but the name of the diet is very misleading. Most people already know that carbs from whole grains are good for you while carbs from ice cream are not without having to pay $25 for the guide. Because the diet focuses on good carbs and eliminates the bad, the carbohydrates that most are hoping to keep are in fact restricted, which can leave participants feeling a bit deflated.

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