Danette May Diet Review

Danette May Diet Review



Update: May 18, 2022

7 Out of 10
  • Weight Loss Technique: Fat burning recipes
  • Weight Loss Short-term: Good
  • Weight Loss Long-term: Good
  • Safety: Generally safe
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“Eat, Drink, Shrink.” I have to admit; I think that’s a pretty smart title for a weight-loss book. So right off the bat, Danette May gets big ups from me for that. And if it works, well, even better.

But before we begin to learn more about Danette May and her popular weight-loss and exercise programs, I must say this: there’s no such thing as a “degree in pre-med,” as she claims to have. Pre-med is a course of study, not a degree – so for me, that’s a problem. And I cannot find the college or university where Danette May claims to have received “a degree in pre-med and nutrition.” [1]

Word on the Street About the Danette May Diet

So interestingly, a Danette May Facebook reviewer actually verified what the Mayo Clinic advises. Under a July 28 2017 Facebook post by Danette which read “Stop Eating CRAP: Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Artificial foods and Processed foods” and liked by almost 800 people, “Charlotte Ann” wrote,  Never thought I could, but I’ve cut all that out for the better part of a year, and I feel like a different person. So much more energy and motivation! Lost a lot of weight, too!!!

So while committing to the Danette May Diet likely got Charlotte to cut out “crap,” it was over the course of a year that she did it; in other words, she changed her lifestyle. Just what Mayo suggests; a long-term – or even better, a lifelong – nutritional correction, not a quick-fix detox.

Danette’s book, Eat, Drink, Shrink on Amazon doesn’t have a ton of reviews – just a couple dozen, with many being a couple of years old – but of the 5-star ones, most agree that the recipes are tasty. [11]  But a very recent review by ‘KIM’ was critical of the book and the diet. I was disappointed that I did her 30-day challenge, and I already have these recipes. Thought I was buying this book to get more ideas.

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Danette May Claims

Starting here at Step 1, you sign up for her newsletter. Enter your email, and you’re subscribed; you can always unsubscribe. [3]   I didn’t want to do this so I wouldn’t be inundated, but did anyway, for you guys. (I’ll check to see what I received via email after I finished writing this review and let you know, so read on.)   Step 2: “connect with Danette” through social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

This I did not do, but it’s merely liking or following her pages. You can always unfollow or unlike.   But it’s Step 3 where you start to commit, by signing up for the 3-Day Detox. (When I was on the site and scrolled to the bottom of the page for the price, I found that the usual $27.99 was now 75% off with a ticker telling me how many minutes left I had for this deal of a lifetime; I’ll let it run out and see if I lose the sale price of $7.99.)

Known as the Bikini Body Detox, Danette May’s 3-Day Detox will Flush away years of built-up waste and toxins, skyrocket energy, melt away stubborn fat in 3 days. Get rid of the dangerous toxins and substances out of your body …boost your energy levels fast so you don’t feel wiped out and utterly exhausted all the time…transform your body and hormones so that you no longer struggle to lose that stubborn excess weight…and ultimately, so that you avoid following the masses of ladies who are suffering daily from fatigue, skin breakouts, and out-of-control cravings.

All of this in 3 days. “That’s all it takes,” she claims. You get to eat, take no supplements or meal replacements and after just 3 days you’ll have balanced hormones, a stronger-working metabolism, all of your organs will be free of toxins, your skin will look better – and everything you need to know comes in a handy downloadable ebook (the original $27.99, now $7.99).   Folks, I actually found the entire 27-page book as an a.PDF file online for free. Probably not fair to provide the link here, but an easy search turned it up for me.

This detox is particular with a shopping list, instructions on what to eat and drink and when and how to prepare what you’ll be consuming (most quick and easy), starting with a warm-water wake-up concoction with lemon, cayenne, and apple cider vinegar (ACV). You’ll learn more about these and other ingredients shortly.

Breakfasts and lunches consist of green-ish shakes packed with her list of ingredients including kaffir, coconut oil, ginger, ACV, chia, kale, mint, and more. We’ll get there in a sec. Also, a near-gallon of tap-warm water must be consumed every day.   Danette May’s 30-Day Challenge, which she runs every five or six weeks, is widespread. She says,

“many women fail to lose weight because they get stuck, overwhelmed, or confused” and that her diet is not only different, but she says she won’t let you fail. In this challenge, participants are called contestants.”

After paying $47, you’ll get access to her “step-by-step action guide” – meal plans with shopping lists and recipes and access to Danette’s “private” Facebook group where she says,  you can interact with everyone else going through this challenge for a full 30 days, have constant support and reassurance from those struggling with the same problems you are.

Get your questions answered in minutes, so you’re never stuck wondering what to do next, be inspired by others which is a great way to motivate yourself and “even get direct access to myself and my team to coach you through any rough patches“. [6]  And then she shares “success stories.”

Finally, the Danette May trilogy includes her workouts, which she says people “rave” about. She is famous for her fitness videos, for sure. Scores of her videos are available online for free. Her “Sexy Abs in 3 Minutes” video workout has almost 200,000 views. She says her exercises are easy on the joints, are fast and effective, and can be done anywhere at any time.  So there you go.

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Danette May Ingredients

One of the elixirs in her detox and other diets is apple cider vinegar, in particular, the acetic acid in that and mainly all vinegar (I prefer red wine vinegar for taste.)   So your shopping list would include raw ACV and these other foods which Danette says will kick-start your metabolism, and help burn fat while doing a bang-up job of detoxifying the body.

All these foods on your shopping list, which she says should be certified organic, as part of the 3-day detox or any and all of Danette’s meal plan suggestions include kefir, lemons, kale (or spinach), cayenne, bananas, pineapple, berries, cacao powder, quinoa, avocados, green tea, and chia. This is by no means a complete list, but these are key metabolism-boosting, fat-burning, good-for-your-gut foods that create and help maintain a healthy bacteria level in your belly, which helps you lose weight.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind the Danette May Diet

About that elixir; there is some science about vinegar, though not specifically apple cider vinegar. Prevention magazine’s website has an article that cites a study which was published in 2006 in Medscape General Medicine:

“Acetic acid, the main component in vinegar, may interfere with the body’s ability to digest starch.”

says lead study author Carol Johnston, Ph.D., associate director of the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion at Arizona State University. I must say that the nutritional information she provides is, for the most part, what you learn from many nutritionists:

  • eliminate processed foods because they contain corn syrups and other sugars, some disguised and some not
  • and in many cases, otherwise, good-for-you foods, when processed, lose some or most of their nutrient value (concentrated fruits juices, for example; the fiber in the fruits is all but gone, and often extra sugar is added). And ironically, these processed, packaged foods which sabotage weight loss are “diet” frozen or other packaged foods; check the labels.
  • So no more sugar and preservative-packed all-aisle grocery store foods; instead consume healthy, fresh organic foods with an emphasis on vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, legumes and healthy fats (nuts and seeds, for example).

She also throws in a number of foods known to boost metabolism and help block the absorption of starches that end up as fat, especially belly fat. Foods packed with antioxidants, probiotics, omega-3 nutrients, and other blood sugar- and cholesterol-lowering, heart-healthy meals. Add a good workout (hers are, wow!) – if not daily then three to four times a week – and you’ll lose weight.

Here’s the problem: from the Mayo Clinic website, “Detoxification (detox) diets are popular, but there is little evidence that they eliminate toxins from your body. However, there’s little evidence that detox diets actually remove toxins from the body. Indeed, the kidneys and liver are generally quite effective at filtering and eliminating most ingested toxins.

So why do so many people claim to feel better after detoxification? It may be due in part to the fact that a detox diet eliminates highly processed foods that have solid fats and added sugar. Simply avoiding these high-calorie low-nutrition foods for a few days may be part of why people feel better.”

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The Bottom Line: Is the Danette May Diet a Rip-Off or Worth to Try?

Depends. Everything you need to do is already online for free. That said, it’s not a fortune, and the support, motivation, and camaraderie may be worth the cost. Me? I’ll save the few dollars.   Oh, and about that newsletter email: It was friendly, with no high-pressure sales pitches. Although she does explain in a separate browser page how to “whitelist and prioritize” emails from her; basically make sure her emails to you don’t end up as spam. [13]

And, you may click on “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. I did that and was taken to a screen that – for folks not too familiar with the process -might look like you’re opting out of receiving all emails from anyone. [14]   You’re not. I wasn’t a fan of that tactic. That said, I don’t doubt she knows a lot about exercise, weight loss, and fitness in general. She describes herself as “America’s leading lifestyle expert.” Maybe she is. That’s a huge claim, and I’m not sure I can prove or disprove it – and for the purposes of this review, it may not even be relevant.

Never heard of her? If you have any social media accounts whatsoever, search for “Danette May,” and I can assure you you’ll find her. If you have watched cable and regular broadcast TV, you’ve perhaps already seen her. If you read popular women’s, family, and health – or weight loss-focused magazines, you’ve maybe seen her picture or read about her. You may even have one of her many books on your shelf. Danette May’s exercise and diet books, routines, and diet and detox programs are hugely popular, as is she.

A single mom who’s suffered a lot of loss, she says, Danette turned to fitness and nutrition to cope with personal issues and ended up finding she was pretty good at helping people lose weight, tone up and get a “bikini body.” And apparently, after following strict nutritional plans and killer workouts to the letter, people do lose inches and gain muscle. So that’s all good.   Danette makes a lot of claims about what you’ll accomplish with her as your weight loss and fitness guru. [2]   Let’s take a look.

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  1. I just bought the $6.95 DVD and was very concerned to read kamisan’s comment that it was a lie and I had just been tricked. I went back and read all the fine print, and I think I understand what happened to his wife.

    After you buy the DVD there are a bunch of other pages you have to sort through offering all these other products. Every product offer comes with 2 buttons you can push. The first one is simply “yes, I would like to buy this super great thing for super low price” or “no thanks, I’m happy being miserable and I understand that this is my last chance at happiness for forever.”

    The last offer like this was the trickiest. It was a membership to the online support group, and she offers the first month free, but the big red “$0” makes it look like its free forever. Its not. Under the big red “$0”, they explain that the first 30 days are free (during which time you may cancel) but after that it goes to the regular price of $29 a month.

    I of course, clicked “no thanks, I’m happy never acheiving my goals and I understand I will never be offered this amazing opportunity again”. Crossing my fingers, but I’m pretty sure that will prevent the recurring charge.

  2. I love this program. I started the 30 day challenge and I am starting week 2. I am not weighing myself until the end, however, I have lost inches, in just a week, and I honestly feel better than I have in a long time. I read the reviews saying negative comments are shut down on Facebook, well that may be true, but Danette tells you in the beginning that the Facebook page is a place to positively encourage others. We all have down days from time to time during the process, but you need positivity to help you move forward, not sharing in negative thoughts. One thing I really like about this program that it is a bit different than others that I’ve tried as it brings the mind into the program. It’s not just about eating certain meals and working out. It is also about the positive mindset, and accepting ourselves in whatever condition we are currently, while we are trying to be stronger and healthier. Thus, the negative comments are removed from the Facebook page. Danette does give an outlet for negative comments outside of the Facebook page if you are truly unhappy about something. In regard to the “selling” of additional products, I have never been pressured to buy anything else. She gives alternatives for those products that she recommends if you do not want to purchase, but she also says if you want convenience, you can buy products that will do the same thing. I specifically love the 30 day challenge because everyone starts at the same time. They are going through the 3-day detox at the same time and you can offer support to each other. You can comment on the meal of the day, as everyone in the beginning is having the same meals. I only paid $47 for this and let me tell you that I have spend much more on other programs that did not give me half of the information, support, or results that the 30 day challenge has provided. It is definitely worth a try if you are undecided!!

  3. Reply
    Corinna Santiago Repucci July 17, 2019 at 10:46 am

    I’m on day 11 of the challenge, just want to say….I’m sooo excited with the results… down 11 lbs!!! I’m so happy, happy, joy, joy….the meals are mind blowing and incredibly delicious ?!!!!!

  4. I had a very bad experience with the 30 day challenge program. Like you say in this review, it all seems very “scammy” when you sign up. The first week was great, the support from the Facebook group is amazing, but that is from the other participants. You are wrong that no-one is buying, there were 15,000 participants in this 30 day challenge alone. This is a multi-million dollar business. Danette did not actively participate except for weekly videos. She has unpaid and unprofessional mentors monitoring the Facebook group for questions. The program materials were of extremely poor quality. You get PDFs full of sloppy typos and recipes with photos that don’t match the description. There are laughable and poorly produced meditation audio recordings. “I am thankful for my tight, sexy abs” is one of the affirmations we were coached to recite! Things went downhill on week 2. That’s when the true “hook” becomes clear and an endless “sell” to join her Forever Fit group for the sum of $29.99 monthly begins. All negative comments on the Facebook group are shut down immediately and participants are strongly warned against forming their own support groups. By week three, it was painfully obvious that the role of the mentors was to troll the Facebook group to make sure no one says anything negative about the Forever Fit program that was being aggressively marketed on posts, by e-mail and by videos. Utterly distasteful. I did lose 4 pounds though.

  5. I have nothing but positive things to say about Danette’s workouts. She is supportive yet tells you to be accountable. I love her!

  6. Just completed first challenge Booty and Thigh. She offers a healthy balanced clean diet and you can choose a healthy fat. lean meat, and fruit/veggie per meal with a very small snack in between. Work outs were great with modifications. Mindset with meditations were simple and effective. Great support and for $17 a month (annual 197) it is one of the best priced weight loss programs I have tried. I lost over 11 inches just in my thigh, hips, and waist. Every week I am seeing a slow reduction in weight no plateaus as usual :), but huge difference in clothing size (16 and nearing a 10). This is a lifestyle healthy eating change and looking forward to losing many more pounds.

  7. I am currently going through Danette’s 30 day challenge for the second time (first time was three years ago). I love her program. I don’t listen to the meditations as I didn’t find them helpful the first time. However, the recipes are amazing. It helps to have a daily guide helping you know what you can and should be eating each day. My first time through the challenge I lost 25 pounds. I haven’t weighed myself this time but I will not lose nearly as much, but I didn’t have nearly as much to lose either. I found being in the yearly FitRise program to be helpful. When I decided to stop, that’s when I started straying and putting a few pounds back on. I knew what I needed to do to get back on track and signed up for the 30 days again. I’ll be joining the yearly FitRise once I’m done. FitRise provides a supportive group and an amazing number of recipes to try. I’m grateful that Danette’s program is one where you can buy all your food at your local grocery store, no points or calories are being counted, and no supplements that are too expensive and don’t work. This is truly the most common sense ‘diet’ I’ve ever found. And I don’t feel like it’s a diet. She teaches you how to eat clean and healthy so that you can continue to eat clean and healthy and maintain lifelong healthy habits.

  8. I find it a joke reading the comments with people wondering if this is a scam. Really people?
    Do you not recognize a healthy list of food when it’s in front of you? What can be a scam about healthy food?
    The “program” is meant to motivate you, if you need it, which a lot of people do. But any failure is on you, due to your problem with motivation, not anything with the program.
    If you are motivated, simply eat the diet given to you for FREE online, and get yourself off the couch and doing some mild exercise, AND YOU WILL BE BETTER!
    It’s not rocket science.
    We personally have been eating this diet for over 10 years and of course it works, my wife and I even joked that she copied the grocery list from us 🙂

  9. This is a lifestyle with fast and supportive changes DM helps us make. It’s truly one of the best things I’ve ever done. Mind body, movements, and great knowledge and food is what you get. It’s easy to eat clean, have healthy and yummy sweets. A true soul who listens to herself and helps us transform!

  10. I had been struggling for many years. I needed to lose 20 lbs. That doesn’t sound like much, but it
    would never come off. I’ve been on many weight loss programs, but the 20 lbs. just hung on. I joined Danette May 2 years ago, and guess what? I have released 20 lbs. and love the food! It’s common sense people! Good healthy food, and good recipes to help, makes this plan excellent.
    I haven’t had a problem keeping the weight off, because I love eating this way. If I go on a vacation,
    I can still follow the good sense that I’ve learned about the right foods to eat. Processed foods don’t enter our house. I don’t even want them anymore. Thanks to Danette, my lifestyle has really changed, and I have changed how I think about food. By the way, I didn’t take 2 years to release the weight. I still follow Danette, because I love her program and it keeps me on track.

  11. Have done this a few times over the past few years and I love it (have just started again today). It’s not the most fun 3 days (you definitely feel hungry and I do miss being able to have a snack when I feel like it) but afterwards you feel amazing. Super light, clean, more energy and sleep well. I usually lose 1-2kg. It also resets your cravings – I find that for days after I finish I don’t feel like coffee, alcohol or sugar; you actually crave good healthy food. I often do a 4th day of a combo of the other days.

  12. I bought the 30 day detox plan and ordered the probiotic capsules a month ago I still haven’t recieved them I did follow the meal plan but its extremely expensive and I haven’t lost any weight and can’t say o felt any benefits

  13. Fantastic program.

  14. I think Danette May has the most realistic program to follow. She provides easy prep meals that taste amazing. Her recipes are made with real food and great ingredients. Danette also has meditation video’s, and small challenges throughout the year. Everyone should try her program. I have been a member of Danette’s program for three years. We back slide but always come back to her program. You don’t need all the supplements and organic food all the time to be successful on her program, she just recommends them.

  15. I’ve been following Danette May for about 7 years now, she is an amazing person and has helped me change my lifestyle a lot!!
    I would recommend her 3 day detox & her 30day challenge to everyone ?I have done both of them a few times & have felt amazing and seen results more than any other diet out there & I tried them all !!!! lol

  16. I just ordered the 28 day clean eating, $9.99, I paid via credit card, but haven’t had any response by email, I’m concerned that I didn’t have to give my address etc.

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