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Isagenix Consumer Experience Survey
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Name a diet plan and we’ve tried it. I say ‘we’ because, trust that I am in the boat with you. I’ve been (curvy, thick, chubby, Rubenesque, fat) overweight my whole life. Not morbidly obese but most assuredly overweight. (I blame genetics.) I have had spans and stages where I’ve slimmed down, but have rarely kept the weight off for more than a year. I have tried every diet. Every. Diet. Raise your hand if you’ve been on one of these simply bananas diets like The Cabbage Soup Diet, the Shangri-La diet (where you drink extra light, extra virgin olive oil in between meals) or the Twinkie Diet (really?).  What about detoxes where you drink some nutty or fruity concoction and fast for a day? Yup, been there, done that. (See what I did there: bananas, EVOO, nuts, fruits. There will be a quiz. JK) And for sure you’ve been on one (or more, probably more) of these: Weight Watchers, South Beach, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser, Atkins, Beverly Hills, and SlimFast to name a couple of handfuls.

What do these weight loss programs have in common? They don’t always come cheap. Dieters are losing money, but maybe not pounds, while weight-loss companies are gaining; weight-loss is a multi-billion-dollar market.

Speaking of mega-money weight loss companies, let’s talk about Isagenix. To be clear, the company doesn’t sell just a weight loss program, but also “energy and performance solutions, age-defying skin care and targeted solutions;” not
sure what the latter means, but our concern here is Isagenix’ weight loss products and promises.

Never heard of Isagenix?

For starters, it’s immediately clear when you land on its website that Isagenix is a multi-tiered direct marketing company, indeed, it identifies itself as such. “Share Isagenix and Get Paid.” Other keywords that leap off the page: Business. Marketing. Compensation, Wealth-Generating. Opportunity. Success. Growth. So it’s not surprising then that Isagenix says it made the Inc. 5000 list for the 10th year as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. The business model Isagenix employs is direct selling with Independent Business Owners (IBO) read: independent contractors or distributors, like Amway, for example.  This model is wildly successful for the 15-year-old company. According to Direct Selling website’s blog, Isagenix generated revenue of $725 million in 2014, placing it on the list of top direct-selling companies. Isagenix says, “Our no-compromise approach to health and wealth generating opportunities help thousands achieve their dreams—physically and financially.”

That’s awesome. No, I mean it, good for them. Here’s the thing: one way Isagenix has likely achieved this impressive standing is the revenue it earns. How?  Well Isagenix is not cheap, far from it. At almost $400 a month, it’s either out-of-reach for many or for people that can afford it, well, they may not think it worth it. So is Isagenix worth the cost?

What Isagenix Does (or Says it Does)

The Isagenix system has users combining various products to detox, cleanse and lose weight as well as boost energy and athletic performance. It also carries a line of healthy aging and skin care products. The claim is Isagenix products will help folks burn fat while keeping muscle lean.

With the Isagenix 30-day plan, you replace two meals a day with ‘Isalean’ shakes, eat one 400-600-calorie meal, consumer supplements and drink the ‘Cleanse for Life, 1 Ionix Supreme’ cleanse. Their products include an impressively long list of ingredients including wheat protein, enzymes, herbs, green tea, ginseng and the like.  There’s also the ‘IsaFlush accelerator’ and energy snacks (the latter being defined as snacks in the colloquial sense, reviews have said, is a dubious claim). Depending on where (and how) one purchases the 30-day cleansing plan, for example, the cost ranges from $325 to $490.

What Science Says (or, Is There Real Science?)

The Isagenix ‘research and science’ team of nutritionists and dietitians work with company founder John Anderson, a longtime supplement manufacturer and distributor, company chief science officer who has “25 years of experience leveraging business and science”

and “respected scientists” whom they do not name to develop and test products. It also funds its own clinical studies. In fact, the Isagenix-funded 2012 study “Intermittent fasting combined with calorie restriction is effective for weight loss and cardio-protection in obese women,” which was published in Nutrition & Metabolism and peer-reviewed for a fee, found that over an eight-week period, people who used Isagenix meal-replacement shakes as part of an intermittent fasting and calorie-restriction diet lost 2.2 pounds more than those who followed a similar diet using regular food. Isagenix says “Science backs our products…” adding the study “serves as clinical substantiation for Isagenix systems for healthy weight loss and also adds to advance our understanding of the relationship between diet, nutrition and health.” In its self-funded scientific study a number of obese women (the ones that remained in the group; many dropped out) who fasted one day a week, severely restricted calories and replaced one to two meals a day with liquid, an Isagenix shake among myriad other brands and types of offered, not surprisingly lost weight. Yes! The researchers found this: by not eating one day a week, drinking two meals a day and dramatically cutting calories for the one meal you get your teeth into, you will lose weight. Maybe it’s just me but this doesn’t seem like rocket science: don’t eat and you’ll lose weight.  And honestly, if I were going to torture myself that way, I wouldn’t add insult to injury by paying several hundred dollars a month for the misery. But what do I know? Let’s ask customers.

What do Isagenix customers say?

To be balanced what follows are headlines from reviews that both debunk and praise Isagenix. Product-by-product, a number of Isagenix shakes, cleanses, supplements, snacks, flushes, and protein powders, enjoyed many high ratings. But the Isagenix 30-day program featured on Amazon — with IsaLean shakes, IsaFlush, energy Accelerator, snacks, brochure and CD — did not fare as well — 2.8 average. The review that 642 of 681 people found most helpful was from ‘Three Paws’ from Utah, who wrote in 2015, “I Drank the Kool-Aid …one woman’s candid impressions of the goods,” said she was “completely turned off by the marketing scheme and have no interest in trying to make money on bringing others in,” the products were, overall all, not ingestible: “I hope my impressions are helpful. Regardless of any potential health benefit, if you can’t ingest the goods, you never have a chance.”

“Big No” (sans all caps and at least four exclamation points) said, “Don’t waste your money. I constantly felt like I was hungry. It made me go into a minor depression because I couldn’t eat and it wasn’t like a detoxing irritation it was a horrifying sadness where I felt like I was torturing my body. All the negative reviews that you’ve read already: TRUST THEM (their caps, not mine) this is a big waste of your money, honey.”

But there were plenty of fair to positive reviews, too.

“Fast and Effective (minus caps and exclamation point) proclaimed, “I love this system. It was easy to follow, made meals convenient, and it made me feel good. Overall on the taste of the shakes, they aren’t the best thing I’ve ever tasted or anything, but they are actually a close second. I usually hate vanilla protein/meal replacement shakes and it ended up being one of my favorites.”

And there’s reviewer Kathy E. Gill who says Isagenix has “worked for me when nothing else did,” adding, “The system is solid, backed by research, and complete with a money-back-offer. What have you got to lose?”

Other sites with Isagenix reviews saw rants from customers that felt they’d be taken, complaints from others who said the products, while maybe effective, were inedible and still plenty more that sounded like they were on the payroll; many reviewers add that they are in fact not on the payroll. So reviews are mixed, but given Isagenix is a successful nutrition business globally with locations in Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and Columbia.


Crossed Ts and Dotted Is

Ready to try it? Best to know what are among the most Isagenix FAQs starting with are Isagenix products FDA approved? They don’t have to be since they’re described as dietary supplements and food products and not drugs and biologics. But, the company says it is under FDA jurisdiction for meeting Good Manufacturing Processes.

All Isagenix products are gluten-free except SlimCakes and while some of the products “meet the needs” of a Vegan lifestyle, none are vegan-certified. And, the company claims it uses organic ingredients in a few of its products but claims “not all are organic due to lack of availability or failure to meet standards of our Isagenix “no-compromise quality policy.”  Some of its products are Kosher and the company says it doesn’t do animal testing of its products.

A word of caution, and something Isagenix itself recommends, if you have any medical condition where you think, even remotely, that fasting, doing an Isagenix “cleanse” or consuming its supplements may be a problem, definitely speak to your doctor first. And as far as pregnant or breastfeeding women are concerned, just don’t do it. Even the company will admit that pregnancy “… is not the time to diet or cleanse your body,” while suggesting, however, that there are products a woman could use or consume as a supplement to her regular doctor-approved nutrition plan.“Isagenix super foods may be incorporated into a pregnant or breastfeeding mom’s diet” adding in parenthesis, “with healthcare provider’s cooperation.” The list includes its skin care line, vitamins, fiber and snacks and other products like shakes but only as supplemental to a pregnant woman’s regular diet. Bottom line: If you’re pregnant, it’s probably wise to skip Isagenix.

Athletes have asked if Isagenix products could cause them to fail performance enhancing drug testing. Isagenix says none of their products contain any substances that have been banned by the “World Anti-Doping Agency, or any other professional sports organizations.”

And about refunds –the policy is multi-tiered and rather complex, but bottom line, for regular people (not Isagenix “associates”), if you return what you purchased within 30 days – with some stipulations like you need a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), must ship within 7 days of getting the go-ahead and get tracking and insurance from carrier, etc.  – you’ll likely be refunded within 30 days.  Oh and by the way, no product exchanges.

So there you have it. But if you have questions we haven’t answered, Isagenix has a help email address [email protected]

What Works if Isagenix Doesn’t?

I have not tried it Isagenix, so I can only report on my findings, but it seems there’s plenty of people that swear by it and the Isagenix distributors that are getting rich selling their products to people like me on the diet rollercoaster.

My advice: use the money for a gym membership, Pilates, an awesome bike, or install an in ground pool (at that price). Or, listen to the experts who have a pretty good handle on what works.

The Cleveland Clinic’s ‘The Very Best Way To Lose Weight & Keep It Off’ keeps it real: to lose weight and keep it off, we have to commit to gradually embrace healthy living by sensibly lowering caloric intake while eating a good balance of nutritious (and delicious) foods and incorporating more activity, you know, getting up and taking a walk. Priceless.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • EB2016

    I am shocked by this review written by someone who has never used the product. There are many options out there for weight loss, but as with any of them if you are not willing to do the work you will not see results. Isagenix is a life changing product and I plan on being a life time user after 1 1/2 years on it. I feel amazing, and the price? Worth every penny, you can’t put a price on health in my opinion it has done so much more than just weight loss for me. My inflammation is gone, my energy is back, using caffeine just to make it through the day is over, down to my high school weight as well! They also offer 30 days money back.

  • Linda

    Exactly, it is not a steak! Our bodies through decades have adapted to processed meat, vegetables etc but powders (and other processed foods) have just been introduced and guess what? we have more people dying because of what they eat and how their bodies react to it (even though death reasons might be noted as heart failures, high blood pressure and so on, we should all know it all comes from our lifetstyle). Just because it has some vitamins does not make it healthy.

  • Linda

    Instead of looking at other peoples opinions look for facts and draw your own conclusions. I did look at the facts and there is nothing to prove that Isagenix is better than a healthy/nutritious/whole foods diet. Show me one study that suggest using protein shakes is better than real food diet???!!!

  • Linda

    Of course you will lose weight, that is what shakes are designed to do. fill you up on less calories. you can do that with any shake on the market and would not have to pay 300$. This program is for dummies who get sucked into oh but other people did it. Do you really believe those before and after pictures are from using shakes alone? If you ever would have seen a real person with 100 pound loss you would know that tones bodies do not just happen from weight loss. Those people put in hundreds of hours of physical exercise to look like that after losing so much weight. When you think about it what a great business model! not like weight watchers or jenny craig where people only buy there producst while losing weight but this here they encourage to continue the use forever! No wonder this company is worth almost a billion dollars. Distributors get 50% of the sale price and are encouraged to spread the word, it is really kind of a free advertising.

  • Michelle Louise Jara

    The lady did do her research. Perhaps you are an ambassador. As a personal trainer, a professional in the business, I can assure you any weight you lose on this program you will NOT keep off. Eating a well balanced meal and exercising 4 days a week (with a physical fitness program designed to target your specific goals and problem areas) you will have continued life success with fitness. In addition, a great diet to try is the ZONE diet or weight watchers. They allow you to eat a variety of foods that are tasty and you do not have to supplement at all.

  • Lisa V

    Isagenix must pay all of these people that write these extensive testimonials protecting the brand. The fact is that the shakes are disgusting, and for anyone to try and convince people otherwise is deceptive and dishonest.

  • Taraveah

    There are a lot of products that are going to do the very same thing and cost a whole lot less. I would do a lot of research before investing that much money. In addition, based on most of the comments, it isn’t the shake that is making the difference, rather clean eating. While the shake has a lot of stellar ingredients, it also has a lot of sugar (fructose) and sodium in it.

  • Patty Slocumb

    It’s about supplementing a healthy way of living. It’s a lifestyle and NOT a diet. If you can’t give up eating like crap and you can’t begin working out to take care of your body…don’t blame somebody else. If you are looking for a miracle diet that does all the work for you while you sit on your backside then of course it won’t work! Take charge of your life and don’t expect something or someone else to do it for you.

  • Rebecca Cagle

    I use Isagenix. Before I started using it I felt nutritionally starved even though I was eating a good diet. The 30 day system only costs $269 not $350 as stated above. I use a maintenance plan of Isagenix products and it costs me about $185 per month. That money just comes out of my food budget replacing other foods I had been eating.

    • Michelle Louise Jara

      A great 30 day system that cost nothing is to simply just eliminate sweets from your body. As a personal trainer I can assure you these fad diets are extremely damaging to your metabolism. Once you stop…you are done for.

  • Chris

    I have been using Isagenix since November 1 and have dropped 20 lbs and 2 pants sizes. I think a lot of the people that post negativity on here just do it for the fun or sparring part of it. Am I really hungry some days, sure. Do I eat better and eat less, yes. Do I cheat at times like I am going to in about and hour, yes. The shakes took a bit of getting used to but are otherwise pretty good. I mix fruit in mine and peanut butter powder to add flavor. I also have more energy, I have been sleeping better and my hips and knees feel great. I don’t outwardly market this (maybe I should) but I have been having a lot of people come to me inquiring because of my results. It works for me and I feel great. I would suggest if starting that you partner up with someone. My wife and I are doing it together and try to hold each other accountable. That has made it a lot easier. Once you get past the first 2 weeks it is pretty easy. Also makes packing a lunch easier and less time consuming.

  • Michelle

    I haven’t used this program in years. However while I was on it I quit drinking coffee and smoking without even realizing it until days later. This product works great. Also those of you that were still hungry that normal it takes most people 3-5 days to get used to eating less plus if your the type to eat a lot of processed and junk food then yes you’ll feel like your starving to death. It does get easier though. I honestly felt great using this product more energy and yes I did loose weight too.

  • Darryl F. Stewardson

    Your review is completely one sided, you have not interviewed one person who loves it and has positive results. further you did not conclude with any of the scientific studies it’s just your opinion, which is lacking at best!

  • Gwen James Ryans

    Ive used Isagenix 2 times now! and I love it… I’m currently on a Nine day cleanse and on day 7, I was 136lbs to start and now currently sitting at 124lbs with 2 days to go… Ive always lost weight and maintained the weight loss after, yes you will get light headaches first few days if your a coffee drinker, Not from the shake itself! lol as you can not drink coffee as this is a cleanse, adding fruit and PB to your shake wont help you loose weight either there not meant for that, the shake is designed to help you loose weight and feel full longer, if your adding fruit and PB of course you’ll end up hungry! the surger in the fruit alone will trigger hunger!
    the Dutch chocolate is my favorite, I don’t like the vanilla I bought both flavors and mixed one scoop of both added ice and water to the blender and it was yummy, thick like a shake..
    people complaining about this Isagenix cleanse, are people that have a taste for junk food, or course its not going to taste like a Mc D’s shake! its a cleanse
    I found it very easy to follow, 2 shake days to start, that’s 3 shakes a day and then 2 cleanse days ( no food) then 3 shake days, the 2 days no food.. then your done… how hard is that…lol
    bottom line it works! did for me.. you just have to have willpower and follow it properly , no adding anything…

  • cjus2473

    you are correct – I mix the vanilla/strawberry (I cannot eat chocolate) and it’s fine…I find that people who hate the taste think it should taste like a Wendy’s chocolate freeze…it does not…but it is not bad…the program works if you stay with it…i find people who get off the program and eat like they used to (that was me and I finally made the decision that a pint of Ben and Jerry’s during stressful times was not the answer), bitch and say the program does not work. But then I have a step-mother who does not eat sweats, has never liked junk food, rarely eats meat and has been a normal weight all her life…so she feels everyone should eat healthy…it is a matter of choice….but you are very correct…you will lose the weight if you follow the rules

  • cjus2473

    Wow – this is biased…I went on the program 1 year ago…if you stay on it, the worst you will do is learn to eat correctly…the rest is up to you. The shakes are good…I have one for breakfast and dinner, with 2 snacks which consist of 150 calories each; i have a dinner that is between 400 and 600 calories…you cannot have sugar – you can have stivia; you can only eat fish, chicken and turkey; the only fruit you can have on the strict 30 days is green apples – Granny Smith; the cleanse days are not that difficult but not my favorite – they consist of drinking 4x a day – you are not supposed to eat during the cleanse days. You eat the program for 30 days, and during that time, you have 4 days of cleanse back to back…in one month i lost almost 40 inches all over and 11 pounds and kept losing…if you go back to eating the way you did before, you will gain it back – no matter what program you go on. What did this program do for me…well, you learn to eat healthy food. Does Ezekiel bread taste like Mrs Bairds – no; is it more expensive – yes. But I found I did not grocery shop as often as I did prior to the plan; my backaches, joint pain, acid re-flux went away – I tested this to see if it was the program and if I consume any regular sugar, cookies, cake, etc. my acid re-flux will come back in a flash. My blood pressure went back to normal in 3 months, my cholesterol dropped to normal. So the take away is – if you don’t want to spend the money – and it is expensive – around $250-$325 for the 30 days package and you make your own meals, they just give up dairy, sugar, packaged food, processed flood, fast food, meat and eat “clean”…limit your intake to 1200 calories and if you exercise, half the amount of calories you burn per day and add that to the 1200 calories and you will lose weight. I frankly sleep better, have more energy – and I am 68 years old. So like anything else – you need to maintain to keep the weight off. I have tried Jenny Craig, Atkins, Weight Watchers (which is now going to shakes) and found that Weight Watchers is the next best thing. You really don’t have to exercise with Isogenics but it helps. You will loose visceral fat and inches. I do not sell the program; my friend does and got me started. I am not a sales person and the folks I work with could not afford to do the program. But I have never been pressured, and really don’t know what the person who wrote this article is talking about. You just need to monitor yourself and not get in to the trap of comparing yourself with others as there are a lot of 40 and under folks who have 20 pounds to lose and seem to do it in weeks…then there are others who have lost 100 and more pounds and they are inspiring. You will also find that you don’t appear to have the excess skin doing this when losing a lot of weight. So hope this helps

  • Mike Perry

    The shakes taste HORRIBLE!!! For the cost of the program yiu would expect it to taste decent.

    • Darryl F. Stewardson

      That’s your opinion, I and hundreds of thousands think the opposite. They taste amazing and are real food and work.

      • Linda

        I don’t think that anything with the label and extensive ingredient list is considered real food, at least not in my book. You need to educate yourself what is real and nutritious food before you screw up your body by feeding it processed and unatural food. And for $300 a month per person you can eat very healthy.

    • Patty Slocumb

      I LOVE the shakes!! The vanilla is awesome by itself and you can tweak it to taste like a ton of different flavors!

  • Lucy Caves

    My friend convinced me i HAVE to try it. She is a distributor. I felt bad to say “no”. So I caved in and purchased at a “special” friend’s price (not so friendly for my pocket). Anyways, I felt like i was starving, shakes tasted horrible and I simply didn’t have it in me to tell her it is a HORRIBLE product why is she selling it???Now, every time we are in a company of other people I have to walk away when she tries to convince other people to try. I think she has been brainwashed by the promises she can make money with it. Would not recommend this. Sorry Brinda :O

  • Roxy

    I was invited to the group of people on Facebook (closed group) and they have tried talking me into how “wonderful” this product is. People that buy into this bullshit need to check their heads. How can you believe a product that entrusts people with no medical or health background to sell “nutritional” supplements and shakes. They have no idea what they are talking about. This business model is disgusting and most of the reviews you find online are posted by distributors. I am not lying when I say there are tens of thousands of them. Just the site I was invited to had over 5000 distributors and they all fight over who will bring more customers as this is an MLM type of company. The more people you recruit the more you get paid. Would never trust to buy this sort of product. Plus I have heard it tastes gross too.

    • Darryl F. Stewardson

      Wrong! There are tons of medical and health people on the scientific board product development and representing it. The business model is far from disgusting, if you had half a brain you’d realize that but you’ve decided to trash rather than try.

      • Linda

        Just because they have those people on a payroll does not mean that the product is of any value to our health. Look at the highest level of our politicians, what you think they are not corrupt? I think if you were as smart as you want to think you are you would look at facts yourself and not be blinded by a paycheck you are getting from Isagenix. Shame to see so many people promoting powders over real food.

  • Mary Cole

    For me weight loss stopped being the main thing long before the end of my first 30 days on these products. And as far as costs, well this is my health care and we all now how expense being sick costs, I have also save a small fortune giving up diet sodas, expensive coffees and Rx drugs I needed to sleep, hormone balance and pain management.

  • Brooke

    I have been doing Isagenix since August. I have found two things to be very true 1) if you stop using the product you gain your weight back fast and more than you originally had and 2)the corporation itself is a glorified pyramid scheme set up to make you spend money. Whenever I tried to change or alter my autoship, Isagenix website would not allow me to do so. I couldn’t even delete my OWN credit card information! This morning I received a shipment I did not authorize. I called Isagenix and cancelled my membership. This was the ONLY way I could alter my account. Also, the so-called sponsors are trained to cater to the members who are SELLING the product, not just those of us who want to try and lose weight without having to push a product on someone else. It is like a cult.

    • Angela

      Brook sorry you had a bad experience, not all teams are built to just push the product. Many of us are actually there to be a support system for people like you who want to lose weight. Also the fact is that with many systems that people use to lose weight they will gain their weight back in no time and even then some. Isagenix should be used as a tool to learn a new healthy life style to not go back to old habits of eating. I do hope you found a system that can support you on your journey to health and happiness. Sincerely Angela

  • momofsix

    Hi, I just started this two days ago. So far so good…however this is pricey and doesn’t have the best flavor. Do comparable products exist?

    • Darryl F. Stewardson

      You are replacing meals so you don’t add it to your food costs, it’s in replacement of. It pays for itself.

      • Taraveah

        pfft. Not at a cost of $300

        • Linda

          I in no means think that protein powders are a good way to live but if you are looking for a good quality meal replacement protein powder look into Quest, they are super low in calories and are reasonably priced. It is sweetened with Stevia but even though i dislike Stevia taste I can drink these. For a huge bucket you will pay about $50.
          My trainer made me drink protein shakes after workouts, I did not see a huge improvement so I stopped and simply eat a protein right after. Fish, almonds, chicken are all great protein to help build muscle.

    • Patty Slocumb

      Try the vanilla and add a few blueberries or cinnamon or whatever you love. Adding a little fresh fruit will not harm the results and will help keep you motivated. With just a little bit of tweaking you can make it any flavor you love. Don’t give up 🙂

    • Taraveah

      Yes, there are tons of comparable products. It just takes some time and research, but they are most definitely available and some much, much better.

  • Nancy Griffin

    I have done diet after diet after diet.. the reason that I tried this one was due to my arthritis that was causing so much inflammation that I was taking meds and injections all the time and still in pain. What a great decision I made! I’m off all my meds, I’ve lost 30 lbs and average 150 per month. It may seem expensive to some but per meal it is not bad at all plus I eliminated nsaids and steroids which is amazing!

  • Margit Willems

    Hi everyone, just like Carol, I too am with Isagenix and want to correct a few misconceptions about the products. First and foremost, Isagenix is a meal replacement. Anyone who has read up on Isagenix is familiar that the product(s) are sold under three different categories–weight loss, healthy aging, and high performance. Therefore, it is important to look at what your goals are. IsaLean, the product that is pretty much the backbone of all three, is a great high quality meal replacement that gives you the nutrients your body needs on a per meal basis. While I originally started out with Isagenix to find out if the products are an option for me to use as a breakfast replacement–breakfast has always been a challenge for me, I actually started to lose weight. Hence, I continued with Isagenix and lost over the period of three months 10 pounds and two dress sizes, without the strict plan as described above. I replaced one meal a day, used the fiber snacks for when I needed a quick pick-up in the afternoon, but ate regular, healthful meals for lunch and dinner. As for gaining the weight if you stop really depends on your overall eating habits. I was off of the product for several months due to an emergency in Europe and didn’t have any problems. I recently went back on Isagenix not so much to lose the last few pounds I want to release, but because of a) the high quality of the product, b) the ease to eat a nutrition meal when I am out and about. I also want to add, I have lactose and gluten intolerance without any reactions–even the regular shakes.

    • Judy Nolan Gallagher

      When you continued did you still just do the breakfast replacement or did you go to the full 30 day cleanse?

  • Carol

    I too am with Isagenix. In my first 30 days, I lost 12 lbs and 26 inches..lost the weight and inches in the places that I wanted to release. It is not expensive if you look at the amount of junk food and convenience food that people eat everyday. Heck for one value meal at McDonalds most wouldn’t bat an eye to spend $6 or $7 a meal…we are a lot less than that per meal and WE are putting GOOD nutrirition in our body..not a bunch of grease that is going to build up around our heart.

  • Scott Gee

    Geesh – just download the free app!, eat real food, slowly lose weight, and enjoy life. And there is absolutely nothing “cleansing” about Isagenix or any other diet. Eat less and your body “cleanses” itself, lol

    • Deanna Eiting

      Scott , as a RN and health coach I felt compelled to comment. While it is true eating real food is of the upmost importance, the availability of said “real food” is difficult. Its generally blasted with pesticides, herbicides and other cides. If you werent raised on an organic farm then you must cleanse the body. Colon, liver, and cellular detoxification IS necessary. Due to the fact that our environment has radically changed we are all toxic. Our cells are the building blocks of our bodies and they too get overloaded. Just look at the average american. When the cells and liver and colon are overloaded with toxins they get locked away in our fat cells and thus the fat cells expand! YOU Can not just eat better these days and hope for better health. Let it be known 2/3 of americans have chronic disease that will with a high degree of statistical probability give them serious problems. robert Kiyosaki and donald trump both agree that MLMS beat the hell out of working for corporate america. JUST A THOUGHT!

      • Kam

        I am a distributor and if there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.

        • Michelle Louise Jara

          ADVOCARE is healthier and better.

          • Linda

            another MLM, but why do you people feel the need to promote processed, overpriced products? Oh, wait you get paid to…

      • Angela

        Deanne, what a wonderful response.

    • Darryl F. Stewardson

      It is real food.

      • Linda

        how can any powder be a real food?

    • Taraveah

      So true Scott Grim. Darryl F. Stewardson must be a distributor. Good for him, but I have gone through the ingredients of this shake and while there are a lot of good ingredients there is also a lot of sodium and sugar (fructose), and calories!

  • Fran Tellor

    I have been on the Isagenix diet plan for about 3 weeks and have lost about 5 pounds and 22 inches. I lost 2 inches in my abdomen- the bad fat that is really bad for my health. It isn’t as expensive as your review states. I paid less than $300 for a 30 day supply. I’ve also learned to avoid carbs. It is a cleansing diet, so because the toxins are out of my system I feel better and my skin looks healthier.

    • Elizabeth

      Fran Tellor: I am going to order my 30 day supply this weekend, have you continued to still lose the weight? How effective is it 4 months later?

      • Ashley Laws Fletcher

        Hi Elizabeth! Have you ordered your pack yet? If not, I’d be glad to help you. I have been doing Isagenix since mid-July and continue to lose weight, but I am still doing the shakes 2x/day.

  • Cindy

    I absolutely LOVE this product! It is the only diet program that has worked for me n I have kept off the weight while stuck in bed recovering from surgeries! I only have been doing 1-3 shakes a week. I lost my goal weight plus inches I never thought I would lose. The price is not $500 for a 30 day program so where they got there info….
    I take the active ageless vitamins n am super pleased w my health results!
    Its like any other. Product out there. But this one by far is the best!

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