Juice Plus Virtual Office Review

Juice Plus Virtual Office Review



Update: May 25, 2022

In this review I wanted to touch base on the back-end system of Juice Plus, and what it means to be a member of this company. Juice Plus is a large health and nutrition multi-level marketing company (MLM) offering a variety of products and platforms directly to its customers, and to their representatives—”associates”— who run “virtual franchises,” selling to customers and signing up new associates.

Juice Plus Virtual Office Login

If you’re an associate, Juice Plus offers a website called Virtual Office. You log in with your first and last name—all lowercase—and password. Juice Plus corporate sends you an email with a link to the Virtual Office, prompted by your sponsor—the person who signed you up to sell for Juice Plus. In the office you can edit your personal information, regulate your own orders, place orders for new customers, set up your websites which will bring in traffic to your new business, and set up your direct deposit account. The different tabs located on the Virtual Office site are:

  • Personal File
  • My Prospects
  • My Customers
  • Events
  • My Team Data
  • Business Alerts
  • My Customer Alerts.

Each of these tabs expand into more detail regarding your account and potential sellers (prospects) you may be recruiting, as well as the different events you might want to know about. You will be given two different franchise websites to set up when you get access to the Virtual Office: The Juice Plus Website and the Tower Garden website. Add your personal information in first so potential customers can get hold of you if they are interested in purchasing. You will choose a custom domain—website address—as well. You choose how your customizable page looks and what options you want available to your customers, like videos, pictures, and buying options. Adding featured products to the sidebar, and instructional or promotional videos to the main body of the page, are a simple click away.

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Juice Plus Tower Garden

The Tower Garden website is a feature you can promote that entails customers growing their own healthy, fresh food. A vertical aeroponic growing system useful in urban or apartment settings, the Tower Garden does not use soil, only water and nutrients. Its closed-loop system requires about a tenth of the water of a traditional garden. The cost is $543, which can be paid off $45.25 each month for a year or paid in full. According to the website the garden includes: “Non-GMO basil, beefsteak tomato, bell pepper, cherry tomato, cucumber, eggplant and gourmet lettuce seeds.” [1]

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Juice Plus Products

New Customer orders are simple, and you will click on one of the three boxes at the top of the page where you can create a new order. You can choose between Juice Plus, Tower Garden, or Child Health Studies (CHS). There are two payment options; a pay-in-full option or a monthly installment plan. With the installment plans, if they want the chewable capsules they will be placed on a four-month payment plan. If they get the bars or shakes, there is a two-month option for payment. Be mindful that the chewable or capsules are on a mandatory automatic four-month delivery. You can expedite a shipment for a customer, or postpone a shipment if need be, but if you do not do anything the product will automatically ship every four months. With shakes and bars you can choose auto shipment or a one-time order. When you place an order for someone, your distributor number will be placed in the order so you get credit. If you are placing an order for someone on your team, you need to add their number as well. If someone is a first-time customer it’s best to save their information, so the next order will be quick and efficient.

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Juice Plus Child Health Studies

Child Health Studies (CHS) orders are also popular. As a distributor you contribute to the study, and you agree to contribution upon placing the customer order. You can put in the child’s name who will be receiving the free product, what products you want for both the customer and the child, and their payment information at the end. The chewable Juice Plus tablets are offered for this study. The whole family is covered with Juice Plus, as the company wants to promote healthy habits throughout the generations. The CHS process is simple:

  • Enroll: you or another customer sign up as a Juice Plus+ customer and buy Juice Plus+ capsules and/or chewables.
  • Participate: the purchasing customer, as a bonus, receives Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend and Juice Plus+ Garden Blend— free of charge —for a child in whose life they play an active role in (as a relative, friend, mentor or godparent), to participate in the study for four years.
  • Review: After the first four to eight months of taking Juice Plus+, you will be asked to complete a simple survey to see how you and the child’s health habits have been impacted by Juice Plus+. Follow-up surveys will be given at the end of each year of participation. [2]

The Events section can help you build your own business with the different networking opportunities going on in various cities. Events offer information on Juice Plus Concentrates and Complete Brand, as well as the Tower Garden and the CHS. When you place an order for yourself or others, you can also opt into company emails, which give insight into events and key information.

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The Takeaway

In summary, the Juice Plus back-end system is user-friendly, with tabs to control your customer information and overall residual income being made from their orders. The three purchasing options are clear: Juice Plus Products, Children’s Study, or Tower Garden. Changing your personal information, updating your websites, placing orders for people, and staying in touch with company events are all simple processes. The Virtual Office is an imperative starting point when you become a Juice Plus associate, so you can start signing others up as well as selling product.

The Juice Plus+ business offers the ability to build a part-time income while making a difference in the lives of others. With minimal risk and unlimited opportunity, our unique Virtual Franchise business model allows you to seamlessly grow your business around your life. [3]

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