Lindora Diet Review

Lindora Diet Review
6.1 out of 10
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Marshall Stamper founded the Lindora Clinic in 1971, and the company is based out of Newport Beach, California. They are a clinic overall, not merely a diet pill website. With all of the sincerity the website offers to the customer at first glance, the amount of information and choices they throw at you is overwhelming. Anytime you read “medically supervised,” you can bet you are going to pay for it!* When you go on this website, get ready to spend a few hours picking and choosing what you would like to buy. With all of your options, you may spend upwards of $500-$1200.

The Lindora Clinic offers a variety of products such as protein bars, pills, DVD’s, CD’s, books, and more. There are so many options here, you would think their return policy would be friendly, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. They claim that all food and supplements have a NON-refund policy. The online program is also a solo program with little to no support if you are not in California.

The Lindora Clinic Support Line:

When I called into the Lindora support line I was immediately asked if I lived in Southern California. Because I do not live there, they said that the only options for purchase were the online program. This is completely on your own, and I was told I needed to be strict with the food log, and being online daily.


The difference between living in California near a clinic and being solely online is mind blowing. You will be medically supervised, supported, and tested in California. This seems like a much more comforting way to go (when you are investing this much money), versus being on your own to record food diaries and having to read novels to stay ahead. Alone.

How Much Does Lindora Cost?

The Lindora Cost is as follows:

  • Online 6 Week Program$149-163.95
  • Online 10 Week Program$249-263.95
  • Virtual 12 Month Program$499
  • In-Clinic Programs (Only local to Southern California) – Cost varies on plan created at Free Consultation Visit

Keep in mind that the prices above will vary. Some packages include a box of protein bars or phone consultations. However these Lindora protein bars, shakes, daily planners, etc. are also sold separately at a rather pricey retail value. Other packages include; phone coaching for an additional $119.00, Lean for Life Starter Kit for $49.99, and much more.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Lindora Diet?

I believe you have a better chance of losing weight if you are taking full advantage of the program, by living in Southern California. When you are on your own, the DVD’s and books are not going to be enough to help you lose the weight. Why even pay for that material, when there are so many free resources online today?

They have a multitude of articles on their website that have case studies from people who have gone through the Lindora Program. The one topic that prevails regarding their most successful clients are the people who “buy into” what the product and program had to offer. This could be true for ANY diet program out there. I was not that impressed overall with their clinical studies and scientific backing, as there was little to nothing in this area. They did not set themselves apart from everyone else.*

Is The Lindora Diet Easy To Follow?

The Diet Program is not easy to follow, as it requires medical supervision and/or the willpower to follow the diet alone.* This can seem like a daunting task when you have large amounts of weight to lose, in such a short time period. The Lindora Diet is meant to last 45 days, with three high protein snacks and three high protein meals per day. Once you get closer to the 45-day mark, you can incorporate a more normal eating regimen back into your routine. The program however, is not easy to follow, as it restricts many foods from your diet, such as starches, breads, and pastas. This is one of the reasons the patients have to be medically supervised when participating within this program. It can also be difficult because you have medical supervisors constantly looking over your shoulder, and you are paying a hefty price tag for their time. On the other side of the spectrum, if you do not live in Southern California, you are forced to do the program all by yourself, which can be equally as hard when you have a lot of weight to lose. In these days of the detox you may find yourself feeling drained with little to no energy, as well as take on headaches and cravings that are hard to curb. The program is most definitely not easy to follow for a number of reasons, one including the difficulty of the program as a whole both in the state of California and out.


The Lindora Clinic does not market any social media on their website, as they are more of a clinic than a brand. When searching them out on Facebook, they had a low number of likes as well as infrequent posts teamed up with no comments.

After taking a deeper look into Lindora program, it was clear to me that this is not for everyone. It targets one geographical location and caters only to that region. They have tried to expand, but really the program seems like it is more of a daunting task to follow alone. There are much more simple methods of losing weight out there that are not as expensive, and they are more conducive to a supported lifestyle.

Because it was originally created to have the patients be medically supervised at all times, it was meant for people who needed to lose a ton of weight in a hurry. This does not cater well with the general market. I would not waste your time or energy on this program.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

  • Jill Luce

    I have now used the Lindora diet plan twice in 5 years and have been quite satisfied. I did not live in California by the way. I purchased the book, ketone strips and nothing more and lost weigh quite well. If, as you say above, you have large amounts of weight to lose then of course you should be under medical supervision. But, this does not substantiate your reason for Lindora to be unsatisfactory. If it did not work for you then try something else.

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