Naturally Slim Diet Review

Naturally Slim Diet Review


Update: May 17, 2022

6.7 Out of 10
  • Weight Loss Technique: Online weight loss program
  • Weight Loss Short-term: Okay
  • Weight Loss Long-term: Okay
  • Safety: Generally safe
  • Price: $450
  • Better Alternative: Tap Here to See..

Naturally Slim Diet Overview

The Naturally Slim Diet is not new to the weight-loss scene; it was founded in 1977 by CEO Marcia Upson. Their claim:

By improving people’s health, we’re able to improve the health of businesses, the economy, and an overtaxed healthcare system. [1]

The program’s overall mission is to help a person “retrain” their brain about dieting and losing weight, and change their dietary habits without losing the pleasure of food and eating. There are no clinics; Naturally, Slim is entirely online.

Your employer may cover the cost of Naturally Slim—they partner with companies including Southwest Airlines, Michaels, Texas A&M University, Bigelow Teas, Oklahoma State University, as well as health systems like Genesis, Mercy Health, and Baylor Scott & White. Naturally Slim also syncs up to Fitbit and Jawbone fitness trackers.

The cost for the individual program is $450, though Naturally, Slim often offers discounts that drop the price to $385. This sounds steep as a one-time payment, but this is for a year-long program (10 weeks plus 14 weeks plus 6 months). With no other food or supplements pushed on you by a “coach” or “personal consultant.” They also offer payment plans, though with those the total cost does go up: a 4-payment plan of $125 installments totals $500, and a 12-payment plan of $50 payments equals $600. [2]

NOTE: There are no refunds.

From the FAQ page: Naturally, Slim does not refund charges. Our team is available to help you work through any technical issues, and our counselors are available to discuss any program concerns you may have. [3]

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How Does The Naturally Slim Diet Work?

The curriculum involves videos to watch and dietary tips to follow. There are no off-limits foods—though there is an encouragement to curtail sugar and processed foods, as the founders think it will do nothing but make your body more hungry. The online program instead tries to educate on how weight loss works and how to shift your mindset regarding food as a part of overall health and wellness. Curb snacking. Portion control staying hydrated. Get moving. Basic stuff: there’s little in the way of hoops to jump: no special foods to buy, no points to count.

In each phase of the program, there will be a weekly video lesson. You will begin in our 10-week Foundations program, then move to 7 bi-weekly videos in our NS4You reinforcement program, and your year will finish with 6 monthly videos in our NS4Life maintenance. [3]

While you’re not assigned a personal coach, the Naturally Slim program isn’t a solo operation, either.

You will not be alone through your Naturally Slim journey! As part of your dashboard, you will have access to our exclusive online community, NS Town. NS Town is a thriving community of diverse individuals learning the Naturally Slim lifestyle. Here you can interact with program counselors, alumni, and those new to the program to discuss and share your struggles and successes. [3]

People who have gone through the diet said the overall premise of the program explains to eat only when you are hungry and always stay hydrated. Enjoying your meals and eating more slowly is also preached by the founders of the program, and they want the dieter to eat their favorite food on the plate first. They want you to understand that crash dieting is not the key to success; instead, a change in your mindset and eventually, your lifestyle. [4]

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Is The Naturally Slim Diet Safe?

This program is considered safe, yes, with no significant red flags to the health and safety of the dieter. In fact, it’s not only safe but smart: portion control, eating more slowly, staying hydrated, and only eating whole and nutritious foods when you are hungry, are all the guidelines any nutritionist (not trying to sell a book, fitness gadget, or shake mix) is going to tell you.

This is more of a lifestyle program than an actual diet: it’s the slow lane, the smart path, the path most of us don’t have the patience to deal with despite the fact it works, and it’s proven to work time and again. Naturally, Slim does a great job marketing their model to large corporations in hopes that they will purchase a package for hundreds of employees—which is also smart because a collaborative effort also works.

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Pros And Cons Of The Naturally Slim Diet

There is nothing better than gradual weight loss that stays off, instead of quick weight loss that creeps back quickly. The Naturally Slim program teaches healthy habits, so the dieter can see results over a long period of time, and hopefully keep that weight off.

According to a review at

Naturally, Slim teaches you how to listen to your body and change your behavior about eating in ways that are not difficult, and don’t leave you feeling deprived. [5]

The program also helps the dieter really tap into the details of all foods, both good and bad. The online format is convenient for working individuals who don’t have time to go into a clinic for weight loss.

The cons of this program basically come down to cost and commitment. If you’re doing it through your company, you have a support group built right in; a full year doing it on your own may be another matter. What you see is what you get—there are no additional packages, supplements, or other videos offered once you finish the program.

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The Bottom Line: Is Naturally Slim Diet a Rip-Off or Worth to Try?

The Naturally Slim program is not a terrible idea, primarily if your employer covers the cost. There is nothing wrong with educational videos and advice on how to become a healthier version of yourself. You are not required to buy exceptional food, supplements, nor are you promised an astronomical amount of weight loss in a short amount of time. The cost for an individual may not be appealing, though.

It is always a good idea to reach out to your health care professional first before you decide to try any weight-loss program. But Naturally, Slim does seem to have the right idea.

6.7 Total Score
Naturally Slim Scorecard

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  1. I have lost 6 lbs on this program. The loss is slow which is okay with me. Naturally Slim is not a crash diet program but is about changing eating habits.

  2. Being a Lifetime Weight Watcher Member I tried Naturally Slim to add to my program … not only were lectures extremely boring but should one pause the video it restarts from beginning. The NS claim to fame is 10-5-10 & eating,only one food at a time — just doesn’ seem helpful eating only one food & waiting til it’s cold food – YUCK!

    • I did not see where you should eat one food at a time but to eat your favorite first so when you are full you do not continue to eat due to it being your favorite. I do lean towards my favorite but tend to have a bite of each item on my plate.

    • I’m not sure how long ago “user” wrote their review but the videos leave off right where I left them, if I don’t finish them. 10-5-10 works, it allows your brain to catch up with your stomach. Having slightly colder food is a small price to pay for a weight loss program that works. Food can always be reheated.

      • I always reheated my food during the 5 minute break. I don’t understand why anyone would complain about their food getting cold when it takes less than 5 minutes to walk over to the microwave, reheat your plate, and walk back to the table and continue eating for the last 10 minutes.

  3. Love the NS plan. I have lost nearly 30 pounds in less than 3 months. It’s relatively easy to follow. There is online support to increase accountability.

  4. As others have said this is NOT a diet but a life style change. You will gain weight if you do not follow the guidelines. I have lost 10 pounds in six weeks and plan on losing much more on this program. Truthfully this is the least I have weighed in about 5 years despite trying all sorts of diet programs and self control other than taking the poison pills or following the “guaranteed” programs advertised on television all the time. Any one or any thing that guaranteed weight loss is a scam and a fraud. This program does not guarantee anything since it is up to YOU to follow the program and up to YOU to lose the weight IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.

  5. I’ve been doing the plan for 2 weeks and it really is different than “eat this, don’t eat that” diets because it’s focused on behavior. I am one of those people who are overweight as a result of non-mindful eating..eating too much, too fast, and not really being aware of when I am really hungry. This plan first asks you to consider true hunger, not dehydration masking as hunger, and attempts to get you to eat only when truly hungry for non-snack-level foods, the idea being that as your true hunger builds, your body is actively burning its fat stores. Then, when you eat, they want you to eat really slowly and focus on when you are comfortably full. The slowness is related to the time it takes your brain to actually realize that it is full. It’s been a real eye opener to me to figure out that much less food than I usually eat makes me full if I just give my brain enough time to figure it out. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks (starting a solid 60 pounds overweight) and I am eating “bad” foods, just not a lot of them. It’s working for me because portion size and speed of eating were two big things I need to work on.

  6. I have had a weight problem since I turned 9 years old and hit puberty! I am now pushing 70, have had 5 mild heart attacks and at least 3 TIAs. I’ve lived a hard, rough life with never enough food as a kid. We ate what we could hunt, grow or fish for. Or what we found in the city dump! I learned to do without early on and still had problems with my weight. I cook nutritious meals at least 5 days a week. I do not eat breakfast and only a very, very small amount for lunch. And by small I mean less than a cup of food. If I ate those two meals I would weigh much more than 210 lbs! I do not over eat, I walk approximately 10-12 miles per week with a severly damaged knee but, I keep going. I clean my home alone, I mow a fairly large yard and do my best to keep it trimmed and looking good. So, exercise is not a problem. I kept the weight at a steady pace of about 155 to 165 for many years by smoking. But, it was something I didn’t want to continue so I quit. I started gaining at 20 lbs per week! Ever hear a doctor tell a patient he would rather they smoked than gained weight? Mine did! But, I didn’t start smoking again. The 155 to 165 was perfect for my body build. And this is from the doctor! I was in a size 10 and that is not bad.
    But now, as I age, I gain weight at the drop of a hat. I also decided my body, my health and I will eat when hungry. I have to have a small piece of something with just a bit of sugar in it about 2:30 pm or I begin to shake and tremble and will pass out.
    And I still consider NS a diet. It does constrict oneself to eating a certain way and no, you cannot eat what you want and lose weight as they state in their ads. The orange drink is being used as a colon cleansing item and that is something I definitely do not need. I have IBS/D and a half slice of bread will do the same thing for me. I am lactose intolerant, my legs and feet swell constantly and I know my risks are really bad. Especially since I had rheumatic fever at the age of 6 and a relapse of it 4 years later. Yes, I have a damaged heart valve.
    And yes, the program does make me gain weight if I follow it. I refused to follow this year and my weight is now holding steady again. As I stated originally…the worst diet i’ve ever tried. I have one more week and I am finished with it again. I do not watch the videos. I let them play in the background and then I answer the questions. And I know the answers to them so there was no sense in forcing me to take this again in order to save on our insurance.
    I do wish those who believe it helps them the best of luck. It might be right for you but it isn’t for me. And if you think I am a fool for deciding to finally eat some of the things I love such as vegetables, baked/grilled chicken and pork and the occasional slice of cheese with my meds, that’s ok too. My funeral expenses are prepaid and I am ready. I just wish I could have a steak as a final meal but, without teeth, it is not possible.

    • Naturally Slim is a “behavior modification” program. By not watching the videos and using some of the suggested strategies the results you received are not surprising. By not being willing to participate fully you are not actually following the program.

    • I’ve been following NS principles for 25 weeks and have nothing but good to say about it. The H2Orange is NOT a colon cleanser. I squeeze one orange, which yields about 4 oz. of juice, and add it to 28 ounces of plain, filtered water. That is NOT a colon cleanser. We need water for healthy elimination; without sufficient hydration, serious bowel issues may occur, as well as other issues. Regarding your statement that you can now eat vegetables, meat, and cheese: these foods are NOT forbidden on NS. It is misleading to tell others that you could not eat these foods on NS. I am sorry the program didn’t work for you for whatever reason, but to provide information about the program that is not factual is harmful. I do wish you the best as it sounds like you are dealing with some very serious health and financial issues.

  7. I have never eaten the whole pizza or even 2 slices in a single sitting. I do 4-6 miles/day on dreadmill and strength training 3 days/week and I am a type A highly accountable success driven person. between July 2013 and Feb 2014 I lost 65 pounds so spare me your lecture about what’s wrong with me.

  8. Reply
    Amy Beck Fredricks July 17, 2019 at 11:14 am

    It is not a diet, and if that is your frame of mind you will not be successful. I had hit my all time high in weight and mentally at rock bottom. Since I joined the program, AND follow the principles, especially portion control and hydration, I have lost 26.6 pounds is 15 weeks. I eat whatever I want but I eat two pieces of pizza rather than the whole pizza. I’m walking two miles a day, drink 64 oz of water, quit drinking Diet Coke, and I haven’t felt this good in 15 years. I have 40 pounds to go and having this much success motivates me. What is an extra benefit is that after my years of yo-yo dieting and making my family suffer, we can cook one meal and I pick and choose what I want to eat. You have to own it and take accountability for your success – doesn’t sound like you are there yet. Good luck.

    • Amy – congratulations! I have lost the same 30 lbs three times already and now I am attempting to lose it plus the extra 10 I never did take off. So much of the information provided by NS is what I’ve known and had worked in the past for weight loss. However, as stated by NS during week two, its not a mystery but a puzzle. I am finding that NS puts all the pieces of the puzzle together in one program to promote a healthy lifestyle and helps to change the one’s behavior to that of a person who is naturally slim!

  9. I just finished my fourth week of the Naturally Slim videos. I have lost 6.6 pounds. For me, the best thing about the program was learning how to listen to my body’s cues about food. I am considered morbidly obese on weight charts, so I have a lot of weight to loose. I used to be a “clock” eater, but I have learned in only four weeks that eating by the clock is not the best thing for me personally. I realize I am only four weeks in, and I realize I have a long way to go, but I believe I have finally found a program that will work for me. It is non-restrictive, which is what I need. I also like that it is not a “diet”, but a change in the way I look at food and hunger. For me, I think that will be the key to keeping it off.

  10. It was a great experience, so far I have lost 17 pounds, I think it really puts eating into a different perspective for me. Instead of emotional eating, I planned better and restrained from binging when I would normally be emotionally eating.
    Every diet is different for each person, but at the stage I am at in life I think I would have loved to have had these tools when I was younger. Great program and I’m not just hopping up and down giggling about it. I’m following the principles and loving it

  11. I’ve gained 2.2 pounds in the first week. I’ve seen all manner of doctors. Try not belittling other People’s experience I guess we might get dragged off the flight if we don’t hop up and down and giggle about the program.

  12. It was the worst diet I have ever tried. And even though they say it isn’t a diet, it is! I gained weight like crazy on it and I am still stuck with it a year later. Now, we are being forced to take it again or pay a hefty raise on our insurance. No one likes to be blackmailed.

  13. I seriously cannot take one more speech with the Fakey-Fakey tone. I cannot stand the little lectures full of nothingness. waste of time? yes

  14. I have lost 25 pounds, easily and safely, on Naturally Slim. Having tried a number of other weight loss methods to varying degrees of success, I can say this is the best. Do not be fooled into thinking a pill is the magic, easy answer to weight loss. It isn’t. To lose weight, you have to know when and how to eat, stay hydrated, and engage in reasonable exercise. You learn all this through Naturally Slim. I’m halfway through the 52-week program. Once I am finished, I will have access to the online support group. For those concerned about the cost of the program, don’t be. My food bill is 1/3 of what it was before I learned how to eat properly. For most people, your food savings in 2-3 months will easily cover the cost of this one-year program that teaches you skills you will use for your lifetime. However, it is up to YOU to follow the principles you’re taught. If you do, you are on your way to a new body and a better, healthier life! JUST DO IT!!!

  15. Chewing a peanut fifty times. Taking fifteen minutes to eat a peanut butter cracker. Going without eating for long stretches of time. These are tricks you can find on any pro-anorexia website. Not even a nod to nutrition. I can’t believe employers use this and promote it as a healthy way to view eating.

    • Beverly – Did you give the program a try past week 1? There is a lot needed to change a person’s behavior. The information is being presented in a way to make sense and stick. I know for myself being a very fast eater in the past that I never really tasted my food. I liked all foods because I ate so quickly causing me to consume many more calories that I needed. There are 10 weeks for the foundation to be laid – give it a chance and rethink the program after the foundation is laid and you’ve given the strategies a fair shot!

  16. If you have an iPhone, the videos will freeze up but the sound keeps going. I hate when they say “as you can see here”…. um, no, I can’t because the video has frozen and no one has been able to fix this for me or tell me how to fix it.
    I am so FRUSTRATED AND angry that I got my hopes up on this program and it won’t work. When it gets me so upset that I give up and go get candy to calm me, then it’s not the program for me! Their computer part and lack of help with fixing it has me assuming it isn’t a good program.

  17. The fact is, we get what we pay for, and if we want an inexpensive program with purchased add-ons (like meals or pills), we’ll be back in the rinse and repeat cycle many times. I’m amazed at some of the comments about the videos. Basically, if they are approached with the right attitude, they represent highly competent and effective adult education. If one begins any program with a negative or judgmental attitude, no program will be satisfactory. And, some of the comments here are simply not factually based. Did these people use the program??? And here’s a question, is the website getting a referral fee when people click the purchase link? If so, it can’t be regarded as objective because it has a conflict of interest.

  18. I followed the advice in this program two years in a row. I lost 10 pounds each year and was able to psychologically stop myself from eating non-nourishing foods! Food will either help or harm your systems!

  19. Program paid through my employer, I thought I would give it a try. The weight is falling off, I’ve lost over 30 lb in 12 weeks. They enlist world renown experts to refine the plan and build the best program: notably BJ Fogg as their behavior specialist and Dr. Maas as their sleep specialist. Wow, love this program.

    I tell people it’s not about what you eat, but how you eat it. I had no idea. I’ve learned skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

    • I’m starting the program very soon, and I am thankful for your review. I am older, so I know my weight will not come off as quickly as yours, but I’m able to think positive thoughts now as I mentally prepare myself for the changes I know I need to make.

  20. My physical therapist told me about this diet plan. I researched it when my PT session was finished and signed up for the program. I am 67 years old and need to lose at least 15% of my weight before my annual check up. At this point in time (less than 2 weeks into the program) I have lost 7 pounds and have yet to be hungry. The diet plan is simply a good common sense approach to meal time with activity added into the mix. I am very satisfied with this dietary plan so far and have nothing to complain about. It is cheaper than weight watchers and the mail order meal plans.

  21. I lost 20 lbs in 10 weeks and I’ve kept the weight off for nearly a year now. I’ve found that if I overindulge and gain a few pounds, it’s been easy for me to return to the principles of the program and lose the gained weight within a couple days. It has worked well for me and I feel more in control of my eating and much healthier overall.

  22. NS has been the answer I have been looking for. It teaches you to replace your bad habits, the ones keeping you fat, with healthy habits that will get you slim! The program literally hands you the tools, and it is up to you to put them to use! I am on week 4 and have lost 4 pounds. I know that does not seem like alot, but the fact that I am ok with slow weight loss is just another aclamade to the programs ability to retrain your brain!

  23. Nonexistent customer service put you on hold for ever, missing shipment,imposible to contact,either by phone or e mail,total frustration

  24. This program is mostly nutritional advice that ranges from iffy to commonsense and very basic behavioral advice, wrapped up in infomercial packaging. The lectures are hard to watch if you don’t enjoy being “sold” a basic junior high health class concept like it’s a used car. For some people it’s just right. For others the nausea this delivery induces is more likely to lead to weight loss than the advice itself. If you already know that processed food is full of added sugar, that eating too much sugar leads to weight gain, that being active is more healthy than being sedentary, that people eat for reasons other than hunger, and the like, this may be too basic for you. If you’re struggling with sweet cravings in particular, this might help. If you’re struggling to manage hunger and stress and sleep and meal planning enough to pull of something closer to a healthy life because you’re in a demanding but low paid job (hello, teachers, shift workers, warehouse employees, childcare providers, some healthcare workers!) the principles in this program aren’t going to solve your issues — your success probably depends on willpower you had all along without mixing batches of H2Orange, and whether this program will be helpful depends on whether you are in need of pats on the head to reinforce good behavior.

    The NS Town support network consists of a rah-rah cheerleading squad for those who are loving their H2Orange and staying positive even if they’re not losing weight, a beatdown chamber for anyone who dares to ask questions about the program or express frustrations, and a lot of participant-provided misinformation about nutrition and health that goes uncorrected by the mods/coaches. The conversations there are pretty polarized between mutual congratulation and castigation dressed up in a thin veneer of advice, with lots of social shaming and even a bit of fat-shaming and outright abuse sneaking in until it gets sanitized by the mods/coaches. The social enforcement is cult-like. Whether you benefit or are harmed by that will depend on how much of the kool-aid (er, H2Orange) you drink.

    If you want to lick your pretzels before you eat them and don’t mind watching your eggs get cold for 25 minutes, this is definitely the program for you. If you have little control over when you eat or have to do more meal prepping than in-the-moment decision making due to your lifestyle it’s less likely to be helpful. If you have dietary constraints this program is more flexible than many, but it still encourages some restricted eating that can be very difficult to accomplish in a balanced fashion with certain dietary limitations. If you have a history of eating disorders or any concerns about developing an eating disorder I would recommend staying far, far away from this program — some of its ideas are alarmingly similar to what you can find on a pro-anorexia forum.

    I was really looking forward to this program before I started. I was shocked and disappointed by what I found in it. Someone is making bank by repackaging really basic health advice with a few trademarked gimmicks, thanks to the dysfunction of our country’s healthcare system and the desperation of employers to reduce healthcare costs. And they don’t care if a few participants are harmed along the way.

  25. I can only give my experience what is your experience is yours and I only have done WW one time almost 20 years ago and lost 15 pounds once my friend dropped out and I did not go to meetings I had no interest. That was in my 30s. Now I am 49. Email was sent from my job to be in pilot program so I said what the heck let me try since I gained 25 pounds in almost 3 years. I was 221lbs in July and I am now 213.08 on Sept 9th and the ONLY thing I have applied on a committed basis is trying not to eat before level 3. That might not seem like a success to you, but just one part of this program I am utilizing and I have lost 7 pounds, what would happen if I did eat slower? I already had the water incorporated. I do not keep up with the videos I am listening to week 9 now. I try to listen to the BORING INFORMATION because you know I know what works in my life…hearing things over and over until I get it INTO ACTION IN MY LIFE. Non-related I am a recovering addict with NO SUBSTANCES I.E. DRUGS ALCOHOL PILLS FOR 15 YEARS….BY LISTENING TO OTHERS EXPERIENCE OVER AND OVER FOR WHAT WORKS FOR THEM. I will keep listening and until I really put into action some of the behavioral modification aspects of this program then I will not get THE FULL BENEFITS. I am benefiting..I looked in the mirror for the first time today and I ACTUALLY SAW THE DIFFERENCE 7 POUNDS MAKES.

  26. Naturally Slim is the best weight loss program I have ever tried because it taught me how to recognize hunger and satiety cues that I had lost. It’s a little sad to have to relearn what came naturally when we were children, but I did. I was eating all the time when I wasn’t truly hungry. They have hunger charts and timers to put you back in touch with your body. I followed those steps religiously and the weight started coming off easily. I’ve lost 35 pounds in six months with very little discomfort. I enjoy moving more and enjoy food more. They basically teach you how to eat only when you are hungry. When you do that, you can go longer in between meals while you wait to get hungry again. This allows your insulin levels to drop and you can actually start burning your stored fat. I have naturally moved to two meals a day, which is basically intermittent fasting. I am not recording any calories or points or anything. It is much easier than Weight Watchers. I’ve lost and gained weight back several times with them. I can eat whatever I want. I am basically eating a Mediterranean diet because I like that type of food. I expect to keep losing weight and I am quite hopeful I can keep it off. I am enjoying the new lifestyle.

  27. I have been on the Naturally Slim program for ten weeks, and have lost six pounds, which I am very happy about. I eat everything, and only eat until I’m full, then I don’t eat again until I’m at a level three. For a snack, I try not to eat sweets, but a protein such as a slice of whole grain bread or slice of cheese, which actually fills me up more. I know I have a long way to go, but I’m getting there, thanks to Todd and Tim. I will stay with the program for the rest of my life, as I know it will help me stay healthy, and allow me to play with my grandchild.

  28. After years of various approaches and programs, this is the first one that makes complete sense. It teaches healthy, life-long behaviors that contribute to sustainable weight loss and healthy living. Some of the principles seem so obvious but are not things we naturally tend to do. It allows one to eat a wide variety of food and therefore achieve taste satisfaction that is so important to being able to stick to a program. It still takes some discipline but it is focused on the right things. I had great success with this program.

  29. If you enjoy people with the acting skills of William Shatner and the enthusiasm of Tammy Faye Baker telling you to drink more water and sniff a peanut, this diet is for you. If you actually eat vegetables, and don’t consider sugar to be a food group you will likely be bored and frustrated by this elementary and extremely expensive infomercial series.

  30. The videos are absolutely painful and it seems to me that some of the advice, like weigh yourself daily is not consistent with nutritional advice you would normally here. What they are basically saying is try to skip breakfast by drinking a lot, do your best to limit eating between meals and eat when hungry. Eating when hungry is commonsense, don’t need all these painful videos telling me this again. I can see that I would only lose weight on this diet by eating very little and very low calorie, and yet they say willpower isn’t needed, just skill power – what the heck is that about?

  31. I’ve been on the program for 28 days and have lost 14 pounds. I am 50 yr old female with 80 pounds to lose and I paid for this program in full. I see that I eat much less so after a year I am sure I will recoup the cost just in my grocery bill. Naturally slim gives me the tools to be successful at losing weight AND I feel confident that in continuing to develop the skills I will be able to maintain after weight loss. Before this program I would work so hard but not lose weight. Or lose weight but not maintain. Now, I’m losing weight practically effortlessly. In this month I’ve had pizza, burgers and fries, sub sandwiches, steak and potato dinner at restaurants, and of course healthy salads, and healthy lean meals, cereal, and even ate bread. I can eat anything I want and that feels great! I don’t count calories or carbs or anything and that is a very nice break! This program works and gives me the guidance I have needed for so long. I’ve been overweight since I was 19. Or briefly successful on low carb and strenuous exercise only to gain it back when I got pregnant and had to stop. So yeah, if you really take in what they teach, you can be successful on Naturally Slim

  32. My employer offered the Naturally Slim (NS) program about seven years ago. At that time I had reached a lifetime high weight (174 lbs, male 5’8″). After 15 weeks on the NS program, I lost 30 pounds (twice my goal). For more than seven years I’ve been able to maintain my weight at between 145 and 155. I typically lose discipline during the year and creep over 150, so once a year for about six to eight weeks I go back on the program full bore (including giving up alcohol) and each time I get back to 145 or less. (Then I go off the program and the weight creeps back on. I’m still working on that.)

    This program offered me a lot of great information and tips. One of my favorites was wasted food. My father, who grew up during the depression, drilled into me that you do not waste food. “Eat all the food on your plate! There are children starving in China!” (Sound familiar to anyone over 60?) My whole life I was consumed by guilt if I didn’t “clean my plate.” NS explained, “If you eat more than your body needs to function, the food WILL be wasted. You can choose to either dispose of the wasted food in the garbage or in your body.” That was very liberating for me. It’s just one example of the useful information and tips I got out of this program.

    As an aside, I met the founder, Marsha Upton, during the program. I can emphatically say that the videos (at least the old ones I watched) do not do her justice. She is much more thin and attractive than what she appears in the videos (although her voice is as regrettably nasal in person as in videos). I remarked to her about the video “distortion” and she noted that she preferred to appear a bit more full figured in the videos to enhance her credibility with participants who were still struggling to achieve a more comfortable weight. I thought that indicated good self-awareness and humility.

  33. This program has worked for me. I have lost 40.9 pounds as of 6-7-21. I started the program on September 14, 2020. I can’t do a lot of the exercises due to other medical conditions. However, I have definitely increased the amount of steps I get in each day. I make sure I walk. The program has really taught me a lot of common sense things that most of us overlook that are pretty simple to apply. Those tools have been the key to my success.

  34. This is my second time with NS/Wondr. The first time was through my employer and I lost 45 pounds. I’ve stuck with it and have changed my whole outlook on food. It’s a change in lifestyle NOT a diet. I signed up again for a refresher and continue to lose weight but now, it’s more about nutrition and exercise. It’s a great program.

  35. Nothing in Wondr Health (formerly Naturally Slim)’s program is new. But they do offer up the most important bits in small weekly lessons to make it palatable, so to speak.

    Essentially, eat twice a day when you are hungry, half as much for twice as long and don’t be afraid to leave food on the plate—even if you paid $25 for it. Also, guzzle 20 oz of water each morning.

    16 days in and I’m down 11 pounds and never really hungry and eat what I want. Can’t complain. Value is great as my insurer covers it for state employees.

  36. This was offered through my company. I lost 20 pounds in 5 months and kept to maintaing my weight for past 10 months. I loved their videos very educational and opened my eyes. I cut sugar from my diet and eat when I am actually hungry. I eat my faviourt food first as they recommended and try to chew slow even though I forgot many times.

  37. I did the naturally slim program about 6 years ago, and it really worked. I lost 100 pounds in a year. I really didn’t have faith that it would work, but it really did.. However, I went through a lot of personal stuff about a year ago, and I gained it all back.. But it really does work, and I am planning on starting it back up again. I am older now so I think it will be harder, but I do have faith that it will work again. Fingers crossed

  38. I lost 42 pounds over the 10 week program. That was a few years ago. I have gained about half the weight back, but that is my fault. Everytime I go back to the fundamentals, the weight falls back off. I got lucky because my employer paid for the program. The only thing that has ever worked.


  40. A fat-shaming bigoted program that assumes their participants are ignorant, face-stuffing pigs. There are hundreds of reasons for people to have a weight problem and this condescending program assumes all of it is from literally shoving mass quantities of food into your maw at Mach 10. It literally told viewers to rub potato chips on their lips and practically make love to them but don’t eat them. You’re far better off going with Diet Doctor.

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