Naturally Slim Diet Review

Naturally Slim Diet Review
5 out of 10
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Naturally Slim is a weight loss company that was founded in 1977 by President Marcia Upson. They pride themselves on not being a diet program, and telling people they are going to lose the weight not the pleasure when going through the program.* They seek to help dieters retrain their brain when it comes to eating and portion control, eventually will take the dieter through a 10-week foundational program to help them think like thin people do. You will go through a 10-week curriculum, and watch a video each week. There are no foods that are banned, but they suggest not eating sugar as it can make you hungrier while doing little to nothing good for your body.

diet programNaturally Slim partners with large employers such as Universities, health practices, Michaels, and Southwest Airlines to get all employees to follow the curriculum and lose weight as a group. They do not offer much outside of their curriculum minus some support. This online program seeks to help educate you about weight loss, and the way you currently are thinking about food and your health.

The Facts

This program is simply education on how to shift your habits, and you are not banned from certain foods. There are no supplements or add on products you have to purchase, and your employer might even cover the cost of the entire program if they are set up with Naturally Slim. The cost is expensive if you are to cover it on your own, and for 10 weeks you will be paying around $600 for educational videos and training. There are no auto shipments associated with the Naturally Slim program.

What’s The Word?

Many people summarized the program like this: Eat only when you are hungry, keep hydrated at all times (they also provide an orange drink that keeps your blood sugar up when you are hydrating), eat slowly and chew thoroughly, and finally eat your favorite food first. If you understand these simple principles, you will be able to go through the diet program with ease. Be mindful, and remember that sugar is not allowed when you start and it is not recommend it when you stop the program. Naturally Slim program promotes the idea that diets do not work while lifestyle changes do.

Michele* has gone through the program a few times through her employer and said; The first time I participated I lost 15 lbs. which made me ecstatic. Some of the things I do not like about the program is the preaching about the fact that you do not need to eat breakfast, you must give all dairy products for at least 3 weeks and you are not really taught about how to eat healthy.”

 Dmuraria* said, “My husband and I started the Naturally Slim program 2 weeks ago and have seen great results in such a short time. I plateaued about 6 months ago with no weight loss and staying in the 1200 calorie range.” She also went onto say that their energy levels were very high, and that they went walking each night. This couple had a lot of positive things to say about the Naturally Slim diet program.

walking each nightStriped Tiger* said, “Naturally Slim is an online program that teaches you to become in tune with your bodies hunger signals instead of eating according to a clock, emotions etc. It’s a 10-week program. We watch an online video each week. He went onto say that you can eat whatever you want as long as it is not sugar, and that you should stop eating when you are full. Stay away from eating when your body is not physically hungry either!

What Does Naturally Slim Offer?

The company does a good job marketing their brand to large corporations, and to have big groups of people involved at one time is genius. The support is most definitely there when you go about a lifestyle change like this. They offer support, and many educational videos to take you along the 10-week weight loss journey. Many people who have participated in the program have lost weight when following it the way it should be followed. The Naturally Slim program itself is not a diet per day, and that is why many people feel comfortable enough to try out their methods.

  • Great Support
  • Options for Employers
  • Happy Customers
  • Expensive
  • No restraints regarding foods minus sugar
  • Videos only

Is Naturally Slim Worth A Try?

expensive programThis weight loss company has been around for quite some time, and they have not gotten terrible reviews from the customers who have gone through the program. It is a rather expensive program so beware of that going forward if your company does not offer it to its employees. It is not an actual diet, but more of an educational course on how to develop healthier eating habits and thoughts regarding weight loss. The word “diet” gets a bad reputation from people around the globe, and Naturally Slim has done a good job of making sure they are not labeled an actual diet. Overall, it is not a bad option if you are getting it covered by your employer, and if you are not you should suggest it to your manager. If you are going at this solo, $600.00 is not cheap for 10-weeks. By eating only when you are hungry, staying hydrated, and eating slower you will be on your way to a healthier you!

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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