Serotonin Plus Review

Serotonin Plus Review


Update: May 25, 2022

4.3 Out of 10
Serotonin Plus Review
Serotonin Plus Review
The Serotonin Plus weight loss program was created by Dr. Posner back in 2004, and the diet program consists of three main parts. The first part is the exercise portion, then followed with a diet supplement to take, and lastly a nutritional plan to follow. This weight loss program is best known for focusing on the body’s serotonin levels, which Dr. Posner claims as being the culprit for uncontrollable cravings and eating habits, and this control of serotonin then leads to weight loss. There are weight loss locations for this company in 23 states, and the headquarters are in Virginia. To see a list of the locations, go here.  When going through the twelve-week program supervised, it will cost you around $1,500 for the entire thing. This is not cheap at all, and many people cannot afford to even start. Why is it so expensive? Anytime you are going into a clinic to meet with a doctor, it will cost you a pretty penny and it is pretty inconvenient to have to go into the location for each visit. [2]   So what exactly is serotonin? It is a chemical messenger or a neurotransmitter that naturally occurs in the body and has the ability to regulate sleep patterns and cognitive function (boost mood). More about it below.

Serotonin Plus Claims

The serotonin weight loss program has a few moving parts. The whole basis of this program circles around serotonin levels and what triggers them. There are certain foods that can naturally boost your serotonin levels, creating less cravings for unhealthy foods like sugar, bread, and chocolate. The foods meant to help boost your cravings are eggs, cheese, pineapples, tofu, salmon, nuts and seeds, and turkey. [3] All of these foods are naturally high in tryptophan and they have been said to help you regulate cravings. There are many different claims made on the website regarding the effects of the program and the weight loss you may see.   “One of serotonin’s main jobs is to regulate your appetite. When you have a serotonin imbalance, not only does it affect your cravings — and mood — it can make it difficult for you to lose weight.”  “Throughout your body. While some serotonin is in your blood platelets and central nervous system, most of it is hidden in your digestive tract. You need serotonin to stabilize your moods and decrease anxiety. This chemical helps you sleep soundly, regulates bowel movements, and keeps your bones strong. Serotonin is important for weight loss because it is essentially nature’s appetite suppressant. It curbs your appetite, decreases food cravings, and makes you feel satisfied.” [4]  “Your weight loss program at Serotonin Plus will be medically supervised by a physician. You’ll learn behavior modifications, including which types of foods you should be eating. Dr. Posner and his caring team will do everything they can to help you reach your ideal body weight and maintain it for life.”   “Once your serotonin imbalance is corrected, you’ll naturally start having more energy. You’ll probably notice that when you eat, you fill up quicker. This helps you eat less and can prevent binging. Boosting your serotonin levels can even nix those mid-afternoon or late-night cravings, so you can stay focused on your weight loss efforts.”

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Serotonin Plus Ingredients

So what is in the serotonin formula? There are a few different supplements you can order from Dr. Posner’s program like: SeroFit weight management pills. They are serotonin pills that cost around $36.99 for one bottle of 120, and you take 2 before breakfast and 2 before dinner. Their ingredients: Vitamin A,C,E B6, B12, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, serotonin, Stinging nettle leaf powder, green tea leaf extract, griffonia seed extract, and caffeine from green tea extract. [5]  Another supplement they sell is called Sero Daily, which is a multivitamin meant to be taken three times per day with meals. The ingredient list is: Vitamin A, D,C,E,B1, B2, B3, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, serotonin, stinging nettle leaf powder, green tea leaf extract, Griffonia, and Caffeine from green tea extract. It costs around $36.99, which is the same as the supplement above. [6]  Seropro, which is a mood enhancement supplement, also costs $36.99 and the ingredients are: Vitamin A,C,E,Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, serotonin, stinging nettle leaf powder, St. John’s wort, Green tea extract, Griffonia seed extract, and Caffeine (from green tea extract). [7]

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Serotonin Plus

There is science behind the serotonin supplement and how it controls your appetite, but what do the studies say? According to a study done on depression and weight gain in correlation to serotonin levels,

“Brain serotonin appears to be involved in these disturbances of mood and appetite; recent studies have shown that dietary and pharmacological interventions which increase serotonergic activity normalize food intake and diminish depressed mood. Preventing recurrent weight gain may require periodic or sustained interventions that maintain mood and control over food intake.” [8]

According to Psychology today,

“Serotonin is nature’s own appetite suppressant. This powerful brain chemical curbs cravings and shuts off appetite. It makes you feel satisfied even if your stomach is not full. The result is eating less and losing weight.” [9]

Many studies have proven that deficiencies can thus result in poor eating choices, as well as weight gain. Your body naturally produces it, for example, when you are eating a carbohydrate and all of the sudden feel full. That is your body’s natural response to serotonin production. It is the body’s way of putting natural appetite reduction in place so that you eat to your comfort level.   The program “promises” that you will lose weight when you take their supplements, and get weighed in from a professional each week for 12 weeks. What is the difference between buying serotonin supplements and following a clean eating program? We are not sure. This is a very expensive program to be on just for serotonin supplements and professional advice. So how do you know if you serotonin levels are even off? If you are feeling depressed by nature, crave sugar and starches often, have trouble sleeping each night, have low self-esteem or panic attacks, and show spurts of aggressive actions, you might have an imbalance. [10]   Another study done by NCBI has proven,

“Serotonin-releasing brain neurons are unique in that the amount of neurotransmitter they release is normally controlled by food intake: Carbohydrate consumption–acting via insulin secretion and the “plasma tryptophan ratio”–increases serotonin release; protein intake lacks this effect. This ability of neurons to couple neuronal signaling properties to food consumption is a link in the feedback mechanism that normally keeps carbohydrate and protein intakes more or less constant.” [11]

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Word On The Street About Serotonin Plus?

So what is the word on the street about this weight loss plus program, and how will you get the results you are looking for? They tell the customer up front they will be medically supervised and given supplementation, but is this enough to work for their weight loss in 12 weeks’ time? This serotonin weight program has both pros and cons to it, so let’s see what the customers had to say about it. Pros come from the people who have been able to live near a clinic and see success, and cons are the price, lack of accessibility to everyone, and attitude in the clinic.  Jennifer (2014, 1 star),  

“When I would accompany him into the examination room I noticed that Dr. Posner was always disrespectful and snobby when diagnosing and treating.  My husband said that was his normal way of interacting with his patients.  The last straw for me and my husband was when he told my husband AND wrote it in his chart that he was a hypochondriac.  That’s a little insane for someone who was paying 100% out of pocket for 10years who had the choice of visiting anyone in NoVA.” [12]  

Patty A. (2016, 1 star),  

“The service offered does not provide a complete, comprehensive physical examination prior to prescribing a supplement and appetite suppressant although they state they do. The supplements prescribed can have serious, negative side effects that impact your physical health and mental health. The eating plan offered does not allow flexibility for a diet low in proteins. The sales pitch is alluring, filled with reassurance of success, but the outcome is poor.” [13
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The Bottom Line: Is Serotonin Plus Worth A Try?

Risky.  This program is not going to be for everyone just because of the steep price for 12 weeks’ time, the customer service, and the lack of clinics available to everyone. Currently, there are only 23 states out of 50 that even offer this program, so they are cutting out 50% of the country who can participate right off the bat. It might not be a bad thing because of how expensive it is and how negative some of the reviews were. Sure, there were positive ones too, people ranting and raving about their success, but I wanted to dive into some actual responses that matter. While this program may work for some, it is not consistent enough to make it worth the high price when it is all said and done.

4.3 Total Score
Serotonin Plus Scorecard

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  1. I have to say that I disagree with the reviews a bit. I have used the program and find the weekly check in to be instrumental in my success. While on the program and following it correctly I dropped 70lbs in about 10 months. When Covid hit and then the stress of returning to work at record setting pace hit, I found myself gaining the weight back. I signed up on their discounted restart program and am already feeling better and my moods are evening out. The staff did checks your blood pressure weekly, discusses your challenges and offers suggestions for work arounds at each visit. Even at the restart, an in office ekg, body composition analysis was performed and the results and comparisons were made without judgement. The staff tries to be supportive from week to week. It’s up to the individual to follow through, read labels and eat correctly. I find it far more helpful than having someone hand me prepared foods. The system works to increase your serotonin levels while teach you to eat more balanced foods and be aware of the foods you are shoving in your face and why you are using those foods as a crutch.
    I would love to see the system be cheaper and expand to become a wellness center. Open discussions between patients so we can support one another with our challenges. Teach breathing techniques, chair yoga and beginning yoga for the obese as well as discuss the benefits of massage therapy. I think part of the program should involve a nutritionist at some level but overall I’m very happy with the results and the staff. You have to be in the right head space to commit to anything or nothing will work. Also, there’s usually a sale around a holiday or Groupon. No program will work if you aren’t committed and ready to do the work. Like every program it calls for eating healthy and exercise. The check in weekly and the support from the staff, constantly aware of blood pressure, weight results and every 6 weeks a new body composition analysis help me to see results, discuss my challenges with a professional and not the internet or my neighbor, makes the price worthwhile to me. Call and ask for the next sale. I also overheard that he will break down the payments monthly. That may help some folks.

  2. Posner’s program relies on a prescription for an Anorectic drug. He has three that he can prescribe. The issue is that Anorectic drugs can cause severe constipation. I followed the eating program 100% accurately and I lost 15 pounds in the first 4 weeks YET I was so blocked I had to visit a gastroenterologist to provide a solution to fix the blockage. It was somewhat successful and I still had to use a fleet enema to finally get relief. When I told Posner of my constipation on Tuesday he prescribed Laxtulose, a strong laxative syrup. It didn’t work. I went to my family physician on Thursday who thought it was all related to my new new eating program (basically Keto). Yet I know my system and went to the gastroenterologist the next day. When I had my weekly zoom call with Posner I told him what I went thru and that this program and drugs were not for me if this is what I had to look forward to. He told me to have a nice summer and ended the call in 4 minutes.
    Not once did he call and ask how I was doing after I told him of the sever blockage I was experiencing. The gastroenterologist’s office called twice to check on my progress. As I researched his program Posner is trying to interest other physicians in his program, risk free, and noting how much money the physician can make with little time and effort. Only 23-27 states have physicians who signed up. Given that the program costs $1500 for 3 months and you still have to pay for the prescriptions and Posner gives you 3 bottles of his special formula of Serotonin + the it works out that for your weekly 15 minute check in Posner is investing 1 hour a month for $500. I felt that Posner really didn’t care about how the meds were impacting me and suggested that I switch to another Anorectic drug. – all of which have the same contraindications. My advice – stay away from this supposed miracle of losing 30-40 pounds in three months. A healthier approach recommended by almost all serious nutritionists is losing 1.5 to 2 pounds a week a 12-24 pound weight loss.
    There are no miracles. You must change your eating if you’re serious about losing weight. No more alcohol, no fast food burgers or bagels, no more chips and dips and Ben and Jerry’s.
    Sorry. Yes you can eat some foods to avoid 10% of the time yet you’ll feel so much better when you stop drinking.

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