Phentermine Review

Phentermine Review


Update: May 25, 2022

3.8 Out of 10
Phentermine Review
Phentermine Review
Helps Obese People Lose Substantial Weight
Questionable side effects
Harsh on the body long-term

Phentermine (phentermine hydrochloride) is a diet pill and appetite suppressant known to help with rapid substantial weight loss, most commonly associated with amphetamines. A stimulant, it is believed to affect the central nervous system by tapping into appetite control. Phentermine is primarily produced in the United States and one of its prescription trade names is Adipex-P. According to the website, 

GATE Pharmaceuticals manufacture Adipex. GATE Pharmaceuticals is a division of TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA, a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., Israel’s leading pharmaceutical company.” [1]

First introduced in 1959, it was taken off the market in 1997 due to high reports of heart valve damage in people who took it. Today there are many combination drugs created with Phentermine, such as Qsymia and Qnexa (both available by prescription only). [2] The most common over-the-counter names associated with Phentermine are Adipex-P, Duromine, Metermine, and Suprenza.

NOTE: Phentermine is almost always recommended only to patients who have a BMI over 30 (“Obese” category) and have been unsuccessful with diet and exercise alone. It is a short-term regimen designed to be taken for a few weeks only.

The Facts about Phentermine Hydrochloride aka Adipex – P

 The Adipex-P brand of phentermine hydrochloride comes in the form of white pills with little blue dots on the outside, making it appear unique to its trade named associates. The cost for around 7 pills will be $15.00 for a generic grade, which is not expensive. A strong pill like Phentermine will not come without side effects, and there are strong warnings against some of the effects you might encounter. 

It is not safe to take if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. It is not advised to drink alcohol when taking Phentermine, as it could aggravate the side effects. The pill also has a history with heart and lung problems that can occur over time when you take it longer than recommended by your doctor.

Some of the more common side effects that can occur when you take this weight loss drug are blurred vision, insomnia, depression, drowsiness, extreme rage, and increased blood pressure. The instructions for taking the pill are, 

Phentermine should be taken on an empty stomach, once daily, prior to breakfast. If in tablet form, the tablet may be broken or cut in half. Do NOT break, crush, or chew tablets. As phentermine may disrupt normal sleep patterns, avoid taking a dose late in the day. If taking more than one dose a day, take the last dose approx. 4-6 hours prior to going to bed. [1]

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Phentermine hydrochloride tablets contain the following inactive ingredients: crospovidone, dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate, magnesium stearate, povidone, propylene glycol, FD&C Blue #1 Aluminum Lake, shellac glaze, and titanium dioxide. [3] 

The pills are not meant to be taken longer than 6 weeks; longer duration can cause heart and lung problems.

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Reviews About Phentermine – Adipex P?

The warnings about Adipex and other phentermine-based supplements cannot be stressed enough. It is not meant for dropping 10 pounds in the two weeks before your high school reunion. Most people who take phentermine need to lose a large amount of weight—100-plus pounds—and their diet/exercise routine needs a kick start. That’s it. It isn’t meant to be taken for long periods of time, and can be very damaging to the body if done so. Your doctor should be a full and active partner in your decision to take this type of supplement.

Patricia from Missouri said,

My doctor has just started me on this. I have chronic abdominal pain so I’m taking a medication to increase my dopamine levels. Side effect is that it causes you to gain weight and makes you want to eat everything. So my doc put me on Phentermine. I’ve been on it two days. It helps with eating. Down side is in having trouble sleeping with it. [4] 

From other users there was a complete mix of reviews, ranging from ecstatic weight loss to none at all. As with any supplement, results and side effects will vary with body composition and chemistry. So while people are losing weight with Phentermine, it is not the safest route for weight loss. It is not safe if you have any heart problems, or high blood pressure. It should always be taken under strict medical supervision, but also with your own vigilance of knowing how it’s affecting you.

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How Does Phentermine Work? 

This is a controlled-substance diet pill which offers little more than what’s in the bottle. There are no meal plans, exercise plans, or support plans. It has a harsh chemical makeup, and not to be used casually. There are few studies done as to why this product is actually good for you, and more often than not you will be reading the warnings before the adulations. 

There are many Phentermine alternatives on the market today, some having “Phen” in the name and others without. It is worth the research to make sure you are not taking this product under a different name. 

According to, over 472 different medications will interact questionably with Phentermine, so it is best to do research on your current medications before taking this one as well. [5]

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Is Phentermine Worth A Try?

Depends. Usually phentermine is prescribed only to very obese people who need to get to a medically-viable weight in preparation for surgery. It is not meant to be taken long-term, as it had been proven to have adverse health effects in both the lungs and the heart back when it first came out. The FDA originally approved this supplement, and then pulled it off the market for more research. It still has not been officially re-approved by the FDA, but the good news is there have been no further cases of heart or lung problems in recent years. [6]

If you are interested in trying out this pill, talk to your health care provider and be aware of the side effects that are proven to come with taking it. Again, be aware that it is not meant for people who are not very obese, and it is not meant to be taken over long periods of time. It is meant to get the ball rolling for substantial, hundred-plus pounds weight loss in people who are at risk of severe health complications or death due to their weight.


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