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 Shakeology was created by BeachBody LLC (also the creators of the popular exercise program P90X) and the company as a whole has been inbusiness since 1998. They are based out of Southern California, and the owners and co-founders are Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. Their add on product to many workouts “Shakeology” provides protein shakes that are low in calories but are also some of the highest priced protein shakes on the market today with a price of $5.41 per single packet depending if you make a one time purchase or if you sign up for auto – delivery.* Shakeology promises weight loss, reduction in cravings, increase in energy and improvement and support in digestion. The company has a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their products.* While Shakeology shakes are low in calories and rich in protein it helps to feel fuller, the good taste helps to reduce cravings, and it is filled with some good quality ingredients like:

Whey protein – is the complete protein and contains all 9 amino acids necessary for the human body.

Pea protein – is also a complete protein and is a great option for vegan or vegetarian diets.

Other weight loss beneficial ingredients: Probiotic enzyme blend, Superfruit/antioxidant blend, Schisandra, Sacha, Quinoa, Chia, Goji berry, Amaranth, Papain.

There shakes come in 5 different flavors: strawberry, vanilla, greenberry, chocolate and vegan chocolate. It is recommended that you should replace your meals with these shakes and therefore enjoy the benefits of low calories and good tasting shake. The shakes taste good for the most part, but are not enough calories to completely replace an entire meal. When I would drink my shakes in the morning, I was hungry not too long afterwards. It needs to be coupled with a smaller healthy meal for the best results. These are not meant to be complete replacement shakes (at least not for me). They scored high in the Better Business Bureau standings, click here to see the results.

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Shakeology Program?

While there are no clinical studies done on this particular product, anytime you replace your meals with nutritional shakes, especially ones low in calories like Shakeology shakes, you are no doubt going to lose weight.* There are many positive and some negative reviews on the Shakeology Protein shakes. The shakes alone are not meant to really make you lose weight, as they come coupled with an exercise program such as P90X, Max 30, or Insanity workouts from the Beachbody workout system. Many would argue that these workouts are the ones that are to credit for the weight loss and body transformations if you can stick to their systems, not the shakes.

“It is not really 129.95$. After the tax and shipping cost is added, the total cost is 155$ for a 30 day supply. That is over 5$ a shake. In a year it would add up to 1860$!!!! I ordered the sample pack for 30$ and loved the taste, especially chocolate and vanilla. But unfortunately I struggle to pay 155$ for a 30 days supply. I think it is way too expensive and not affordable for most people.” Nele Teavere*

Is the Shakeology Program Easy To Follow?

Like any other diet, when you become bored with the routine, you are more likely to cheat. When too much cheating occurs then much of the achieved weight loss can be reversed and in some cases more can even be gained. Overall the shakes are not hard to follow, and the reported taste has not been said to be awful either. The program that the shakes are coupled with (Insanity, PiYo, Max 30, 21 Day Fix) those are the programs that are tough to follow not drinking the shakes. The shakes are just a marketing ploy and add on to their nutritional programs. There are no side effects with them, except for the occasional bathroom runs if your body is not used to the Ashwagandha present in the shakes. The first few days I experienced double the runs to the bathroom immediately after drinking the shakes. All in all, there were no dangerous side effects when drinking them.


Replacing meals with low calorie shakes is bound to help lose weight but at a steep price of UP TO $200 a month (with shipping and handling) we doubt it is the best product to try. We do agree that this might be one of the healthier options when choosing a protein shake but we simply cannot recommend this as a long-term weight loss solution. When wanting to lose weight we recommend choosing a diet plan that is full of whole foods and promotes healthy eating rather than meal replacement. If you do decide to choose this product to help with weight loss we highly recommend that you consume at least 2 regular meals per day.

As mentioned before, this large entity of a business “Beachbody” is more known for their tough workouts that actually make you lose the weight if followed versus their shakes. The shakes are not meant to help you lose weight, they are just a nutritional snack to drink after the workout. The price of the shakes is extremely expensive, and smart on Beachbody’s part for making extra money from customers who are going through their workout programs. It is sadly not affordable for most people as it will cost you around $160 per 30 day supply which is outrageous when it really isn’t even a weight loss shake in the first place. Do with this review what you will, the shakes tasted good but not for nearly $6.00 a serving.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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  • Alex Edwards

    There is some misinformation in this review. It’s not a “protein shake”. While there is that component it’s a meal-replacement/meal-supplement meaning it has a wealth of nutrients we normally don’t get in our every day diets. It does not replace a balanced meal plan, it supplements them. the meal plans offered with the Beachbody workouts that are aimed to be
    balanced and very nutrient full so you’re not missing any nutrients.Most
    of these nutrition plans have 3 major meals, 2 snacks, and Shakeology
    depending on how you break your portions up. Some, like Bodybeast, i
    have eaten up to 8 meals a day. You can drink it by itself, but it’s recommended you have an eating plan to go with it. By no means is it a “diet” plan all on its own. That said, the taste varies based on how you prepare it. Some people like straight water and shaking, others like me mix it with Almond milk, ice, and fruit like Banana depending on the eating system your on. I personally don’t care for the chocolate, but many do. I like Strawberry and greenberry which taste exceptional to me. The actual price is 129 a month, not 200. While weight loss is often an effect this supplement has, it’s not the direct intent. It’s intended to fill a nutritional void which helps the body run smoother. The ingredients are certified organic, but the organic stamp on the entire product is not economical because they’re trying to keep the cost reasonable to consumers. They are however working on an organic certified version for those who desire it. I HIGHLY recommend it because it does work as advertised if you give it the chance and i’ve only seen a handful of cases where it didn’t.

    • Sherry Archibald

      Thanks for your information!

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