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skinny gal tehrmogenic diet review
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Skinny Gal Thermogenic is a diet pill made by the company Rockstar. It is formulated only for women, and it is said to be a powerful fat burner that contains natural ingredients like raspberry ketones. I will dive more into the ingredient list below, but first I want to take a look at the price of the diet pills. For one bottle it will cost $29.95 and it will contain a two month supply. The company is based out of Pinedale, WY and they offer a variety of different products in the weight loss and health industry. Most of the products are directly marketed for women only.


The instructions are actually really confusing on the bottle. The company says, “Take one capsule every day and before a meal.” So, does that mean take 1 capsule, and then 3 more with each meal? It is hard to say. To be safe I would just take one capsule and see how it worked. Other than that taking the product is pretty easy to understand, because it is a simple diet pill with no more instructions.

There is no talk of eating a healthy diet or exercising which is sad to see, because we all know these two things play a vital role in weight loss success or failure. The product itself contains raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, and African Mango all of which are said to help with weight loss to some degree. This diet pill is supposed to rev up the metabolism as it is a thermogenic and it is supposed to increase body temp for fat burn.

The Bottom Line: This product is standard. There are confusing instructions on how many actual capsules you should take but overall it is a simple pill to use.


It markets the formula to have extreme potency, which can be a cause for concern up front. With anything extreme there are going to be changes that will take place whether they are good or bad. For some people they may have a negative reaction to the ingredients found in the product. One thing I like about the company is the transparency they give on the ingredient list:

Garcinia cambogia, African mango, Safflower oil, White kidney bean, Caffeine, Raspberry ketones, Green coffee bean, Hoodia, 5-HTP, Turmeric, Guarana, Rhodiola, Cayenne Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar.

There are going to be side effects with Garcinia cambogia as well as the amount of caffeine present in this diet pill. Some people experience headaches, nausea, and stomach issues when diving into a product like Skinny Gal Thermogenic. While others simply do not notice a thing, which is also a negative.

The Bottom Line: The company provides a full ingredient list which is nice to see. The ingredients found in this diet pill may come with side effects so run it by your doctor if you are concerned about any of them.


This is a basic run of the mill diet pill, and it may or may not give you any results. I am a firm believer in looking into the ingredient list before I look at anything else to make sure what is inside of the product is reputable. The ingredients are basic, and they are just like so many other diet pills on the market today. This product will come with side effects unless you are completely immune to the strong ingredients found on the list. This is a con. A pro is the price tag, as you can tell for one bottle it is only $29.99 which rates rather inexpensive in comparison to other similar products out there.

Another pro is the company and their transparency with the ingredient list as well as the products being made in the USA. These are important stamps to get approval with, so well done to the Rockstar company in this regard.

The Bottom Line: Overall, not a terrible product but the pros and the cons are about the same.


The Skinny Gal Thermogenic diet pill is not terrible, but it is pretty standard as far as diet pills are concerned. You will take 1 (or 4) a day and see if your body reacts positively to it or not. It is more a waiting game than anything, because there is little to no talk about actually making positive lifestyle changes such as working out and eating the right way. Overall, if you are looking for a little boost in energy as well as an appetite suppressor this may work in a short term time frame.


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