Slimbiotine Review

Slimbiotine Review


Money Back Guarantee

Small List Of Ingredients


✘ Expensive

Slimbiotine is a probiotic supplement that is supposed to not only protect gut health but also spike the probability of weight loss when taking it. If you are not familiar with what a probiotic is, it is essentially good bacteria you take in the form of a capsule, drink, or chewable pill that promotes healthy digestion and body function. The company that manufactures Slimbiotine is called Fisico Inc. and they are based out of Westford, Massachusetts. The product is only available on the company’s main website, and it is currently unavailable on Amazon. For one bottle that lasts for a 30-day supply costs $49.95, for a three bottle pack it will cost $129.95, and for a six bottle supply it will cost $179.75.


When looking into how this probiotic is different from just another probiotic on the market, and it is in the ingredients. The website states, “We incorporated Cinnulin and GS4. These are the same ingredients used in double -blind, placebo controlled human studies (the gold standard in medical research) that showed significant lowering of blood sugar and cholesterol, increased insulin sensitivity.

When taking this product the company offers a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure you like how it reacts with your system. The instructions for taking Slimbiotine are simple: take one capsule 20-30 minutes before your two largest meals of the day. Don’t take any more than two capsules per day! The probiotics are naturally dehydrated so you do not need to refrigerate them before you use them! This is one nice thing about the product, so you can take it on the go and not worry about them spoiling.

The Bottom Line: The probiotic/weight loss capsule is different than others on the market today because it contains Cinnulin and GS4 which are ingredients said to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol which in turn may decrease small amounts of body fat.


There is nothing inherently dangerous about taking this supplement, and there have been no noted negative side effects that have occurred while taking it. Is it an amazing weight loss capsule, it does not really seem that way! It seems light, but I would definitely not put all of my weight loss eggs in this basket due to the unproven ingredients seen below. The only weight loss inducing ingredient found in the product is Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract PE which has not been proven to create great results.

Ingredient List:

Proprietary Bio-Identical Probiotic Blend, Cinnulin PF, and Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract PE.

The Bottom Line: No dangerous side effects are linked with taking this supplement, making it safe to take. Because it controls blood sugar levels, always ask your doctor especially if you are diabetic whether it is safe to take or not.

Pros And Cons

The pros are the money back guarantee, and the small list of ingredients found in the supplement. Anytime there is a long list of ingredients that are really hard to pronounce, there could be red flags. This product has a few, and they are probiotics that are good for gut health. A con is the steep price, with one bottle costing nearly $50. This probably has something to do with the weight loss factor potentially tied to the product, even though it has not been said to make huge impacts on your waistline. Another pro is the money back guarantee, which gives the customer about 3 months to try the product out at the latest. We feel that is more than enough time to know whether it works for you or not! Overall, the pros and cons are very mild making this investment not too risky when it is all said and done.

The Bottom Line: The pros and cons are equal and they are very mild when it comes to making an investment. Sure, the product is rather “spend-y” but they have a refund policy and the product has little to no side effects.


Overall, Slimbiotine is an average product that won’t do any harm to try out. Getting healthy bacteria through a probiotic is a great habit to get into, and while you may not necessarily love that it serves a dual purpose, it may help with a few pounds. However, there will not be large amounts of weight lost due to the science just not being there. It may help ease the water weight a bit, but again no promises. I would say if you are looking for a strong weight loss supplement this one would not be the right type to try out. Stick to trying this product if you are looking for a good probiotic with some extra possible bonuses.


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