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The Gabriel Method Diet Review 2019 - Rip-Off or Worth To Try?

The Gabriel Method Diet Review
Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Gabriel Method was created by Jon Gabriel, who went from 400 pounds down to around 180 pounds, but did so without crash diets and starvation techniques. The book was published in 2008, and has had many readers with both success and lack thereof.  This method is a completely holistic approach to losing weight, and focuses more on why the body weighs what it does at certain points and attempts to teach from there.

Gabriel contends that most obese people feed their bodies with foods that are not rich in nutrients, which makes them eat more.* By learning what to eat, he says a dieter can eat what they want, when they want, and lose weight because they will be ingesting the proper food items. The Gabriel Method also focuses on things like visualization and proper sleep to aid in weight loss.* The company has a support line, which is 1-844-334-0123 but they were not available when I called in. Their chat service was also turned off ironically. The support side of things is lacking, but does the book itself?

Do Dieters Lose Weight On The Gabriel Method Diet?

The Gabriel Method will likely offer at least some weight loss for those who use it the way it is intended. Because this method teaches dieters how to eat better, the result will be a reduction in calories, which will then lead to at least some short-term weight loss. But, long-term weight loss will all depend on a dieter’s actions, which will eventually include deciding to add in exercise on a daily basis.* The book has been said to have a different approach to losing weight, which doesn’t always work for people in the long run.

“The author employs several terms that he’s clearly not very knowledgeable about in the biological science realm. Also, while he does provide sources they don’t support everything he claims. There’s chapters where he touches four or five areas and the references are there, maybe 15 on some chapters, but for only one of the areas touched. The rest are unreferenced.” Ernesto*

 Emilee Joy Foxworthy* said, “This book had a major New Age feel to me. I was weirded out by all the inner emotions stuff that he talked about. At first, it all sounds great until he starts talking about past lives and subconscious visualization. In one of the chapters, he almost had me convinced that my weight gain was everyone else’s fault, when in reality, it’s my own.” She goes onto say that the author tells you to eat whatever you want but then turns right around and tells you to eat organic foods with salads.

 Christine Cameron* said, “This book has some nice ideas but a lot of them didn’t work for me. The method (it’s not called a diet) relies on a lot of mental imaging and an availability of dietary supplements that are just not available in a small town. I do a lot of regular exercise to stay fit but the book told me to cut back and have three rest days a week.”  She went onto say that she cannot stay fit with that many days off, and that the method of that many different vitamin/minerals/bacterias that our bodies need are no longer available in our food. Finally, she said they are all valid techniques to try out but they didn’t work for her.

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Is The Gabriel Method Diet Easy To Follow?

The Gabriel Method is an easy way for beginners to start learning about nutrition but only depending. The book is laid out to be very informative, and has a lot of helpful nutrition tips. But, what the book lacks is advice on exercise and the overall purpose of why you diet in the first place. While proper nutrition is one of the keys to weight loss success, it is only half of the fight; without exercise, the weight loss will only be so much.* The dieters who saw success with the program also coupled exercise into their daily regime. Those who saw no gains at all said the book was hard to muddle through, and they did not think that the way it was presented made much sense regarding long term weight loss.

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The Gabriel Method book can be found for around $12, and it is full of useful information on nutrition. However, some of the information that is offered about the author seems to be a bit questionable, and is not backed by science anywhere in the book or on the website that is offered. With no clear explanations about the formula for this book, and why it was written to work, there are many questions that still go unanswered. They do have active social media accounts which was a good sign, such as Twitter and Facebook so there is a little customer interaction with the brand!

While there is no denying the fact that Jon Gabriel did in fact lose a tremendous amount of weight himself, there is a question as to how much exercise he added, as his book calls for three rest days per week which is a lot. His before and after pictures are truly stunning, but to go from as overweight as he was to a body that is now very muscular leads to the belief that exercise was a big part of his transformation as well as many other unsaid factors. However, this is not something The Gabriel Method delves into, which can lead to the belief that while the book is useful, it is a bit misleading. If you are looking for similar results, you’ll probably have to find a complete program that focuses on both nutrition and fitness wrapped into one.

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