TLC Diet Review

TLC DietThe TLC Diet is a diet that was designed to help people with high cholesterol lower their levels significantly in just six weeks.* TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, however I don't know how therapeutic it will be to change over your eating habits to see weight loss. It was created by the National Institute of Health's National Cholesterol Education Program, and is endorsed by the American Heart Association.  The key to this diet is cutting back on saturated fat in a big way. This sees men and women choose a target calorie level and then begin to track what they eat so they can ensure they are getting no more than seven percent of their daily calories from saturated fats. The TLC Diet is one that focuses on some of the healthiest stuff to eat. On the diet participants eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish, skinless chicken, and non-fat dairy products. When combined with the 30 minutes of exercise that is required every day, the TLC Diet claims LDL (the bad cholesterol) level of anyone can be dropped by eight to ten percent in a six week window.*

TLC Diet atherosclerosis diseaseDo Dieters Lose Weight on the TLC Diet?

Most participants in the TLC Diet are doing it for the purpose of lowering their bad cholesterol levels. However, should you also desire weight loss then you can be more restrictive with your calories when choosing your target calories and since you will be eating low fat and exercising every day you will likely lose at least some weight, but the amount might not be as dramatic as you would like. This is a diet focuses on heart health not on a number dipping down on a scale. This diet is not geared for weight loss, as the daily calorie allotments are higher than 98% of diets out there today with men being 2,500 and women being 1,800. The goal is to drop your LDL Cholesterol levels by at least 8-10% in six weeks.

TLC Diet Is the TLC Diet Easy to Follow?

The TLC Diet isn’t an easy diet to be on, but for many who have dangerously high levels of bad cholesterol it is necessary. The diet requires you to track everything you eat so you can ensure your fat calories are few and far between. You are on your own when it comes to reading labels, and support while going through the program. This is a tedious step that can easily discourage many, as proper education and training are not given to everyone. Additionally, it may be healthy to go ultra low fat with a diet, but it is also hard. With little guidance as to what to eat in order to replace the fats your body will crave, the TLC Diet is one that is left wide open for “slippage” to occur. This program is going to require a high attention to detail when it comes to reading labels, and staying away from saturated fats.


TLC Diet hard dietThe TLC Diet should really be labeled as a health plan versus a diet plan because it does not promote weight loss in any form. Though cutting your fats to almost nothing and exercising for 30 minutes every day will likely mean some weight loss, you don’t need to track your food to accomplish that. The TLC Diet leaves too much to chance as it gives too much control to those participating. If you are not a strong willed individual who can make the right call with every meal then the TLC Diet will be one that does not come easily to you.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary


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*Individual results will vary.

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