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Xyngular has just too many complaints, too much inconsistency, and, even after extensive research, I still have too many questions. Use the quick menu below to jump to the parts that most interest you.
Xyngular Diet Review
4.4 out of 10
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What is Xyngular?

A “life changing opportunity plus products that work.” I think they might have that backwards; as if their products’ effectiveness is secondary.

Xyngular—perhaps a name that’s a play on the word singular because of these products’ uniqueness— “offers its Members and Distributors a way to improve their health, earn extra income, and improve their lives.” [1] That’s the lead.

Hmm. If I’m looking for a weight loss solution, that might put me off.

“The Xyngular way can truly change any individual’s health, wealth, and life.” We’ll soon see what’s what.

Xyngular is—wait for it—a multi-level marketing company based out of Lehi, Utah (the state seems to have an awful lot of MLMs, just saying). Its president is Mark Walker, according to the Better Business Bureau profile, and CEO is Russ Fletcher. Member service contact (yeah, members only, it seems) is (801) 756-8808 or [email protected]. [2] [3] [4]

Oh, and by the way, there’s only three ways to purchase:

  • become a distributor (requires sign-up and paying fees)
  • become a preferred customer – “member” (requires sign-up and paying fees)
  • or buy directly from the company website or a distributor. (requires sign-up)

This is the standard track for multi-level marketing weight-loss and dietary/nutrition-hawking businesses—what many consumer blogs and websites call a pyramid scheme. You could order from a site like eBay, likely through distributors who have set up their own little webshops. Amazon no longer sells Xyngular products; I was able to find a listing with comments, though nearly all the critical reviews are missing. Very curious. But we’ll get to that.

Xyngular Claims

A way of health and wealth, it claims. This MLM offers its weight-loss plan and product line only to people who register on their site. It’s very clearly a distributor-driven business, but we’re focusing on its diet claims.

Xyngular products help combat some of today’s most common health concerns. If you are looking to be more energized, slim down, or simply maintain overall wellness, then Xyngular has the perfect combination of products to help. These products are truly for the rest of us, simple and effective. The best way to try Xyngular products for the first time is by taking advantage of our specially designed kits. Xyngular Kits are simple, complete systems. Each kit includes products that work, easy to follow diet suggestions, and simple exercise options. Don’t wait any longer to start to feel, look, and live better. [5]

Starting with the Xyngular Ignite Kit, designed to help change habits, burn fat and increase energy. [6] Where have we heard this before?

A NEW YOU IN ONLY 8 DAYS! The Xyngular Ignite Kit provides a simple system that will break old habits and help anyone get started on their own personal health journey. From weight loss to overall wellness, the Xyngular Ignite Kit helps accomplish common health goals by increasing metabolism, protecting the body from free radicals, and helping change bad health habits! [6]

This is a lot of claim.

Each Ignite kit includes:

  • the Xyngular Global Blend, the alleged anti-aging and antioxidant liquid supplement that neutralizes free radicals, provides wide spectrum antioxidant support and promotes a healthy immune system and supplements
  • Axion, for overall health and digestive support,
  • Xyng, for energy and better mood,
  • Lean, a snack replacement that helps build lean muscle,
  • Accelerate, for appetite control and thermogenesis,
  • Cheat+, which “mitigates calories” with appetite control, (you sprinkle this stuff on your food)
  • and Flush, a cleanse for “gut” health.
  • Plus a Shaker Bottle for smoothies

It costs $325. That’s a lot of money, especially for eight days, but what if it works? Xyngular’s Ignite 8-day program says this fat-burning, metabolism-increasing, no hunger, muscle-building, energy-packed program will, in 8 days: “Lose 8-15 pounds …See your waistline shrink dramatically…[and you’ll] Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine anytime within 24 hours.” [7]

Contrary to what I’ve seen in some articles and reviews, the Xyngular meal plan does not look any more extreme that similar plans where you replace meals with bars, shakes and the like. So you have all the products and you’re ready to give it a go.

  • Wake up, take a Xyng,
  • then an hour or so later, a Lean smoothie (50 calories) and the Global Blend and the Axion.
  • For morning snack a few bites (4 ounces is not a lot) of fish, or other lean meat.
  • At lunch, another Lean smoothie and an Accelerate supplement.
  • Mid-afternoon snack, a few more bites of fish or turkey or steak and another Xyng.
  • For dinner? A Lean smoothie and a Flush with “warm drink” (not sure about this).

Day 1 done. Day 2 looks the same. Day 3 the same, except you get to have a healthy lunch of about 500 calories and you can eat some lean protein for dinner. Yes, Day 3 you get to eat some food.

Days 4 through 8 alternate. So, the first two days is a deep cleanse, detox, and protein, completely eliminating anything resembling a carb. Days 3, 5, and 7 a little “real” food and days 4, 6, and 8 are back to the products and protein-only. [7]

I’m not going to lie; I’d be starving. You’d have to have incredible willpower to stick to this. But people do it. Also, I did the math and the calorie content for each day; even the days with actual food, is very, very low. Nutritionists say anything under 1000 calories a day is unhealthy. This program is far less than that. Far less. Then again, it’s 8 days. Can you make it? And is it worth it?

Assuming it’s worked and you want to continue with Xyngular, next up is the Ultimate Transformation weight loss and weight management plan (retailing for almost $700) that Xyngular says has the “ability to promote balanced energy, healthy blood sugar levels, and overall wellness. By taking these products and following the nutritional recommendations of the Xyngular Healthy Plate, you will empower yourself to become the person you want to be.” [8]

Of course you will.

Lean Meal, Spryng and TrimStyx come in this kit.

Lean Meal is meal replacement shake with “fruits and greens, proteins, adaptogens, and probiotics.”

Spryng is an energy drink.

TrimStyx (also known as Xypstix) drink mix is supposed to help control blood sugar levels with Xyngular’s “patented proprietary blend of all natural ingredients,” called My Sugar Defense, created to help you fight your carb (sugar) cravings. This mix contains 50 milligrams of caffeine per serving, the same as about half a cup of regular coffee.

Xyngular Ingredients

Let’s talk about what’s in these products.

By the way, unless you are on Pinterest—the social platform of choice for Xyngular—it’s hard to find the full ingredient list for all Xyngular products. But I did from a EU source, HealthinEurope.eu. 

Flush is full of senna leaf and a slew of plant-based powders including cinnamon, ginger and slippery elm. [9]

You must be careful with senna. WebMD says too much for too long can cause myriad and possibly dangerous side effects and ill health effects including electrolyte disturbances, potassium deficiency, dehydration, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems and should not be used by pregnant, nursing women, people with any stomach issues. Plus, the disturbance of electrolytes can worsen heart disease. So if you plan on taking this regularly, definitely talk to your doctor first. [10]

Accelerate contains a lot of the usual ingredients like cayenne, green tea extract, Kola Nut (caffeine) and Guarana seed extract (more caffeine), plus oolong tea extract. [9]

Axion is packed with ten-dollar-word ingredients that include myriad acids, plant-based powders, and extracts, plus numerous compounds often found in weight-loss supplements and meal replacement products including chia, cocoa, flaxseed, and green tea leaf extract. Also chock-full of vitamins and minerals. [9]

Cheat+ contains cellulose, Konnyaku root, and green coffee bean extract. Hydroxypropyl , which is essentially cellulose and phytosterols, which, according to the Cleveland Clinic is akin the body’s cholesterol and are absorbed in the digestive system. [9]

The Xyngular Global Blend is full of fruit concentrates, and green and white tea. [9]

Lean contains an alphabet soup of minerals and vitamins plus whey—lots of whey. [9]

Spryng has as its first ingredient Alpha GPC, L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine. This drug, generally considered safe in the United States, delivers choline to the brain, which is supposed to help with cognition. [9]

According to WebMD, there is “insufficient evidence” for any of the claims of the benefits of Spryng’s second main ingredient, Ashwaganda root extract. [11] This supplement also contains garcinia cambogia, green coffee and a plethora of non-pronounceable compounds including Hordenine HCi, Irvingia gabonensis seed extract, N-Methyl-B-phenylethlamine HCl, Nopan cactus fiber, Pure E & Z guggulsterones , R- B-Phenlethylamine HCl, Rhodiola root extract, Sclareolide, and Undaria pinnatifida extract. Should take a full afternoon to check each one of these out; let me know. [9]

Finally, Xypstix is essentially a combination of 20 fruit extracts plus teas and Cystine and Glutamic acids. [9]

So there you have it.

The Science Behind Xyngular

I could find no study specific to Xyngular. There’s plenty of study on a number of the ingredients found in Xyngular products, though. While Xyngular doesn’t claim to cure disease (at least I have not seen these claims from the company), a number of distributors have made claims that range from the seems-legit to the outright fantastical. Some ingredients have dubious efficacy and may even be harmful but at least one—5-HTP, which can have some nasty side effects like bad heartburn, stomach aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even sexual performance issues—increases serotonin in the brain and may, repeat may, help reduce appetite.

According to WebMD, there’s a study that suggests taking 5-HTP “might help reduce appetite, caloric intake, and weight in obese people.” And, one study from Italy found that people using a mouth spray with “5-HTP and other extracts for 4 weeks [increased] weight loss by about 41% in overweight postmenopausal women.” [12]

Word on the Street about Xyngular

It’s hard to find real reviews by users who are not distributors or earn off the products in any way. Very hard to find. So I went to the Better Business Bureau. [13]

Of 378 customer reviews, the overwhelming majority were positive—74 pages of positive, glowing reviews with many using words like “awesome” and “incredible” to describe Xyngular. Of the 378 reviews, six—yes just six—were negative. I repeat, of 378 reviews, only six were negative. Makes you go, hmm, because the BBB gave Xyngular an F rating—as in they fail utterly at responding to customer complaints, reviews notwithstanding. [13]

A very recent reviewer, “Adelle D.” (June 2017), lashed out at the BBB.

This company is incredible. They are caring, family oriented people who give their all to have others succeed in health and in business. True genuine leadership. Shame on BBB for giving them an F rating for so few complaints compared to positive reviews. And the complaints are from people bending the rules. Time for BBB to have an F rating. [13] (emphasis added)

Reviewer “Erica B.” (May 2017) says,

Love this company! I have been using the products for 3 months and have seen great results! Part of that success is the great coaching! I have also had to do a return for a mistake on my order and can say that the customer service was awesome. They were kind and very understanding and helped me get my order corrected and a refund was sent out. Looking forward to more of my friends coming on this journey with me. [13] (emphasis added)

The “ah-ha” moment comes at the very end: she’s inviting friends to join in and that’s the gist of a MLM; get recruits. So this person is almost certainly a Xyngular distributor. And, I suspect though cannot prove, that many of these positive reviews are from distributors. I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t bet a paycheck on it.

There have been 13 formal Xyngular complaints with BBB (Xyngular is not a BBB-accredited company). Of those, 8 were product complaints like this one from 2016:

Contacted Xyngular to let them know I had some adverse health effects from taking their dietary supplements and asked to make a report on them and also get a full refund and was told they will not. I told them I was having bladder issues and stomach issues since taking their products and… have stopped but the health problems haven’t. I’ve been to the doctors twice for these issues and all I got from the company (Xyngular) was an apology and said there is nothing they can do for me. [13]

This complaint does appear to have been resolved, but the details are not available.

And recall the Amazon listing? Something is wrong here. It lists 44 reviews, half being one-star, yet when you click to read those, just one review appears—and it is from 2013. “Lisa Emory” said then, “I would not recommend this to anyone 🙁 it didn’t do anything. I wanted results got nothing, a big waste of money!!!” [14]

It looks as if reviews have been removed. At least the bad ones.

The positive reviews, which are absolutely glowing, are all still there and include this review from “T. Bean” (2017, 5 stars):

Amazing products with amazing results! I was very sceptical when myself and my husband ordered our Ultimate Transformation kit. It was expensive and we were broke! But I knew it had a 30 day money back guarantee and we had watched many friends do amazing on it. The most important part of this system is your coaches! If you purchase from someone in it for the money chances of failure are high! Find a coach who is in this to help people get their life back! Also we follow the ketogenic diet with this program which is different from the corporate plan. You have to also remember you are changing your bodies metabolism from burning carbs as fuel to burning protein. Is their withdrawal from that? YES! You will feel like crap as you get what they call the “keto flu” it does go away! Some it takes are few days other week or more. Also the xyng has niacin in it and you may experience a “niacin flush” which can be anything from a rash to hot feeling. This system does work when the system is used correctly. The coaching is so vital to the success of your weight loss. Eating correctly and taking the supplements all work together. My husband is down 75 lbs in a little over 3 months. I have lost 32lbs and 17 inches in that time. Best of all my migraines are gone, high blood pressure under control, tons of energy and no more joint pain. So is it a magic box? NO! But does it work? YES! If you will! [15]

When you read this review carefully it seems clear that this reviewer is likely a distributor, given “T. Bean” was recruited and then posted the review.

Xyngular Alternatives

Table Explanation

Based on our research people frequently try to compare Xyngular to other weight loss solutions. Often the brands and their products are different in many ways which makes it hard to compare apples-to-oranges. This is our attempt to compare below 8 and pick the winner, even if in some cases the margins are very, very small, and the choice is personal. This is not necessarily to say that we recommend any of the winners, instead this is simply author’s opinion when asked to compare each. Please take this information with the grain of salt and do your own research. If making dietary changes we recommend consulting with your medical doctor.

XyngularPlexus Slim
XyngularIt Works
XyngularThrive Patch
XyngularJuice Plus
XyngularTrim Down Club (Favorite)

Xyngular vs Plexus Slim

Starting with Plexus Slim vs Xyngular. First, I have advised dieters to steer clear of Xyngular but I did find a reviewer who curiously pointed out all that is wrong with the diet from the incredibly high cost, to side effects and illness but still claimed it worked for her and her husband. Interestingly, she says the coaching from her distributor has been important. She says that coaches in it for the money aren’t the good guys. This is, after all, a multi-level marketing (MLM) weight loss pyramid business. And Xyngular has a myriad of complaints from users, complaints against a company that promises you good health and wealth. Oh, come on. Yes, that’s what this supplement and meal replacement company want you to believe. You cannot purchase from them without registering. Listen, Plexus Slim is no saint. At around $90 every two weeks, the so-called pink drink that will allegedly make you shrink is just too expensive and, in my informed and researched opinion, pseudo, or if you prefer, not what it’s cracked up to be. Plexus Slim says it just wants to promote good gut health. Hey, me too!  But from eating and drinking the foods that do the job beautifully. Yes, a healthy gut will help shrink your tummy, but with plant-based foods (garlic and avocado are perfect!) not Plexus Slim, the ‘Drink Pink and Shrink’ mix. Still, when forced to choose, I’d say Plexus Slim because it’s a little cheaper and you may not be hounded by distributors. But I’d prefer you skip both, honestly.

Xyngular vs Isagenix

From the I-don’t-know-which-is-worse category comes Isagenix vs Xyngular. And oh, Isagenix, you know I am not a fan. Reviewers (I have done my homework on this line) say it’s at best useless and at worst, worthless and costly. IsaLean shakes are at the center of the weight loss program from Isagenix, who claim the shakes are super nutritious. They may not be the worst, most terrible, but there’s added sugars and other junk you don’t need in your body. Packaged shake powders, supplements and all manner of programs and systems cannot overcome the truth: you would do better to eat fresh, whole healthy foods and exercise then spend your hard-earned money on Isagenix. Plus, and this is important, Isagenix is a movement; a cult of selling that has distributors doing whatever it takes to make a living off of Isagenix products preying on the desperation of people trying to lose weight and be healthy. It’s sad. But Xyngular is far more nefarious, I say, based on my research. Xyngular says it will change your health and your wealth. Can we all agree that the multi-billion-dollar weight loss industry does not need, adding insult to injury, your neighbor (or ‘friend’ on Facebook) giving you the hard-sell pitch. Shaming you into trying it? Listen, I’m not in either the Isagenix or the Xyngular corner, but since I cannot call a draw, and with my hand forced, I’ll go with Isagenix even though it’s ingredients are dubious at best. So please choose wisely if you decide to buy. But if you do, it will have to be through a distributor or a customer service registration process. (Psst. Don’t bother.)

Xyngular vs It Works

Well, here it goes: In the contest between It Works! vs Xyngular, I have to give it to a company that I actually do not recommend, but it’s the absolute lesser of two evils. The business It Works! is built around the so-called ‘crazy wrap thing’ and you’d have to be bonkers to sign on to this. Apply cream, belt your tummy in the crazy wrap and like magic, your belly vanishes, or at least is toned and tightened, they claim. And even if it does, not just science admits this, but the company It Works! does too: results are temporary. The loss is water weight, if anything, and even dermatologists and spa pros agree it’s fleeting. You might look better for a few hours in a bathing suit, maybe even a day, but that’s it. Nonsense. And, lo and behold, it’s another MLM. But given I have to choose, and with a cream pie in my face (hopefully lemon) I have no choice but to pick the crazy thing. Xyngular is just too shady. So I guess, It Works! is it.

Xyngular vs Advocare

I am not an AdvoCare fan. Many people have said that the gastrointestinal side effects, which come with so many weight loss supplements that are at their core akin to laxatives, is one reason I’m dubious. The other is you’ll spend a lot of money on supplements you probably do not need. Our bodies do a superior job of detoxing; it’s quite the machine with the liver and kidneys doing a bang-up job, as long as you eat well and get exercise. Forget the AdvoCare cleanses and detoxes and instead, just cut down (or ideally eliminate completely) processed and junk food. But recall, I am tasked with deciding the winner in a Advocare vs Xyngular showdown. If you haven’t gotten the gist yet, suffice to say I find even the worst of these money-making (for a handful of salespeople at the top of the pyramid) weight loss programs, systems, and supplements complete garbage and a total waste of money. But even AdvoCare isn’t as bad as Xyngular, which my research has found is singularly awful. So it’s, begrudgingly, Advocare on top.

Xyngular vs Thrive Patch

I wasn’t shocked or surprised when I first started reading the Thrive Patch website. Still, it was a complete turn-off when it promised (though results will vary, of course) that with Thrive, you’d live, look and feel like you’ve never felt like, looked like, or lived before. Sorry. I want a good diet that will help me lose weight, not some pitch about some life changing Nirvana with overpriced supplements and gimmicks. But that’s just me. The company itself is at a loss. They say Thrive is ‘something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe… it’s something that can only be experienced.’ This is the weight loss experience with Thrive: A dermal patch, a bunch of supplements and meal replacement shakes that everyday people like you and me sign on to sell and then push and push to make some money. So it’s a scam, in my opinion. There’s not an ingredient you can do without and many you should talk to your doctor with first before even trying. There are better ways to live and thrive, like with exercise and healthy eating. So, Thrive Patch vs Xyngular? Which is worse? Well, Xyngular says it too is life changing. A life-changing opportunity plus products that work, it says. Should it not be the other way around? Products that work and maybe might could possibly (not) make you money? I noted in my review that the name Xyngular was perhaps a play on the word singular because of this product’s uniqueness, but I don’t know if there’s that amount of linguistic cleverness employed. Xyngular says you’ll have better health, a better life, and earn money. You’ll soon see that it’s reputation is shaky at best. So to earn a few bucks (and I mean just a few) I am required to declare which would be the better choice if you had to choose (neither) I suppose I’ll give Thrive Patch the edge. Barely.

Xyngular vs Yoli

Ugh. In the battle of Yoli vs Xyngular I am asunder. Never been a fan of the old lesser of two evils. The money you’ll spend on Yoli is incredible—$30 to $70 per bottle of supplement, $70 for a canister of meal replacement shake mix and the so-called ‘transformation kit’ is $350 which contains supplements and shakes. That’s if you’re a retail customer. This is a multi-level marketing weight loss business (MLM) and you are encouraged to register as a preferred member, or even better for those at the top of the pyramid, sign on: pay for your products, or sell, sell sell, and maybe get a car, or luxury travel and if you sell even more, you’ll maybe make money. If you have read anything I have written about weight loss programs for the past year you know how I feel about MLM’s: they’re great if you got in early, are on the top and/or are willing to do whatever it takes to get there; by any means necessary that is. But recall that a tiny fraction, 1 percent or less, make it to the top. The overwhelming and vast majority of distributors in most MLM’s earn little, often just enough to cover the cost of the products they use or maybe a couple of thousand a year if you’re lucky and sell, sell, sell. Read the compensation statements on any of the MLM weight loss products websites. You’ll see. This is a complete waste of money. In the Yoli vs Xyngular battle I wish I could say they knocked each other out. So which is better? For better or worse, I have to go with Yoli. And this is why: Xyngular, in business 7 years, has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and hundreds of complaints. Yoli, in business for 8 years, has a handful of BBB complaints so, by default, it’s Yoli, I guess. (But don’t bother with either.)

Xyngular vs Juice Plus

In the Juice Plus+ vs Xyngular bout, there’s barely a contest. Even though I agree there are tremendous health benefits from the 30-plus fruits and vegetables in Juice Plus+, a number of them called ‘super foods’, and that for the cost, you likely could not purchase the same amount of fresh (or even frozen, which if not processed in any way is fine) fruits and vegetables, let alone get everyone to eat them before they go bad, this is still a multi-level marketing (MLM) nutrition business and as you already know, I am not an MLM aficionado. (Though this company is European, if that makes any difference.) The other tiny issue I have is of course it’s far better to eat your fruits and vegetables, if you can. So, yes, it’s a little pricey and soft-cultish (really, not in a bad way compared to others) but at the end of the day, it’s absolutely Juice Plus+ over Xyngular, which I find among the worst of the worst.

Xyngular vs Trim Down Club

Of all of these, Plexus Slim, Isagenix, It Works!, AdvoCare, Thrive Patch, Yoli, Juice Plus and Xyngular vs Trim Down Club there is no contest. The Trim Down Club has it all: perfect nutrition guided by choosing and preparing your whole fresh good-for-your-body meals with nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats plus exercise and the support of thousands of club members and you will lose weight. There’s nothing not to love. And it’s cheap. Less than a couple of movie tickets (no fake-butter popcorn!)

Is Xyngular Worth a Try?

Definitely Not. Run. It’s insanely expensive; you have to pay to play. And, there are just too many complaints, too much inconsistency, too many questions. Plus, as I said at the top, I am always suspicious of any nutritional product that is part of an MLM.  Besides the unanswered questions, it was this phrase that put me off: “The Xyngular way can truly change any individual’s health, wealth, and life.” And remember, without registering you can’t buy from them. If you’re a distributor, you have a special XBO, Xyngular login. [16] Even that makes me dubious.

I say don’t bother. For the amount you pay for the Ignite and Ultimate programs—more than $1,200 combined—you could buy a lot of healthy foods, a gym membership, and new kicks.

So What Really Works?*

#1PS1000 ProgramReviewVisit
#2Trim Down ClubReviewVisit
#3Mayo Clinic DietReviewVisit
#4Weight WatchersReviewVisit

*Individual results will vary.


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  • Judy Gafford Fehl

    I too believed the hype….spent $500 only to be very sick from keto flu to other gastro issues….I am getting nothing from customer service….

  • Bernard Kraft

    This Blog (if that’s what you want to call it) is actually employing a technique known as the “silent sales letter”

    What they do is bash a competitor and the give you 5 to 10 different programs that “work”

    So here for instance they bash Xyngular and then go on to list some very well known diet programs like jenny craig, weight watchers and so on…

    LOOK at the number one pick. PS1000 Plan. Hmm that’s strange never heard of it before. When you take a look at the program it is a Low Calorie diet with a magical liquid that you of course purchase. Then look at the Top right hand corner. Wow look at that, it’s and Ad for PS1000. This is a paid blog folks. You can’t believe the hit job on Xyngular nor should you believe the PAID review of PS1000.

  • Brad Miller

    I Googled people’s names that are praising the program and what a shocker most of them are Xyngular distributors. Well played, well played….

  • Tara Erlenbaugh

    I started the products 6 years ago, lost 65#, lowered my cholesterol and feel great! Oh and I haven’t gained any of it back! There are ingredient list and plenty of testimonials. Xyngular is designed to connect with people one on one and the information will be provided to the people who are seriously interested in taking charge of their health. Just because you couldn’t find information on some”website” doesn’t mean it it’s full of GMOs or it doesn’t work!

  • Kelli Eubanks

    You really should get your facts straight before you write an article. This program is not a 500-800 calorie plan. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. This program is designed to help change your life style. It was worth every penny to me. I’ve lost 20 lbs on this system and feel better than I have in years. So don’t knock it until you try it.

    • Brad Miller

      Your name came up as a distributor as well. I now can clearly see how this works.

  • Tierra Stoner

    I completely disagree with this article!!! This program has helped me and my friends in soooo many ways i cant even begin to list them all! Such crap talk from a blogger that has nothing better to do than make a company that is doing great things look bad. Such a shame!

    • Julie Heflin


    • Bernard Kraft

      agree 100%

  • Gina

    Money well spent! I don’t exercise much and hate to diet. I lost 10 pounds on the 8 day plan and continue to use some of their products. I’ve been able to keep most of the weight off as well. I didn’t change my diet much, just made better choices. Some of my friends have tried and continue to use their products as well.

  • Lincou François

    I am about to start with it, can someone who tried it before please tell me if ig does work for real?

  • Dan Collins

    I must be lucky because these products have changed my life since i started them in 2014. This is a biased review perhaps? and i am NOT a distributor , but i do LOVE the products

  • Jill McGlennon McCracken

    I’ve lost 10 lbs, feel terrific, have no side effects, and there are literally thousands of testimonials.

  • Tammy O’Hara

    Curious why they only have 4.2 out of 10?

  • Tammy O’Hara

    Tami – I was refunded before the 30 days on everything that i had sent containers for. If i sent empty container they refunded for those as well. You should go back to them and put some pressure to refund on everything you sent back open or not. Glad I am out, cant afford maintenance and honestly figured if you cant lose on the very low cal meal plan you wont with the supplements either.

  • Tammy O’Hara

    Looks and smells much like the Herbalife business model and definitely pyramid. Why is the focus on getting more people to sell their product rather than educating on what is in the product and healthy lifestyle. People all say they lost weight on the detox and I would say if you didn’t you better go see a doctor because even without the supplements you better or you have more to worry about than losing weight. Be very careful! Has anyone had their doctor agree this is the best way for people to lose weight?

  • Kim Petersen-Beierbach

    If you have any medical conditions you should always consult your doctor or pharmacist before trying any system.

  • Kim Petersen-Beierbach

    Wow!!! I’ve had over a years worth of success on these products and have never felt better!! You should do a little more research before printing such garbage!! Did you actually try the products???

  • Stephanie Hickey

    Wow, it is a shame such garbage is written by someone who clearly doesn’t have any first hand knowledge of this program. I, for one, lost 14 lbs in my first 8 days, am currently down 30, my husband is down 30, my whole family is on the products (there is one that is extremely helpful with inflammation) that Gramma is on and feeling free from her aches and pains.. So people, instead of reading this bunk, ask real people who have experienced it first hand, there may be a few people it doesn’t work for, but it works for me, and my family.

  • Chantelle Beasley

    It’s extremely frustrating to read this, to be quite honest.

    I am a fitness studio owner, and I struggled to lose weight after having my baby. Heck, I’ve struggled with food and diet altogether – I’m not even going to try and sugar coat it into “I ate so healthy, but still couldn’t lose the weight!” No, I forsure ate like shit.

    I followed a girl on facebook who had incredible results with this program… for quite a while. At first, seeing all of the posts, I was constantly like “ugh, yeah right. Annoying.”
    Not to mention, I HATE MLM. It isn’t that I don’t use MLM products from other people, but I absolutely HATE some of the MLM tactics that people use to sell the product.

    What initially got me interested in this program? The quick fix. Forsure.
    We live in a world of instant gratification. Doing paleo, beachbody, all of those other things didn’t provide me with instant gratification. It took weeks to lose just 4 pounds, and I was already disinterested and back off the wagon by then.

    During my 8 day detox with this program, I lost just over 8 pounds. It was incredible, and it was motivating. FOR ME.
    I have already completely changed my lifestyle. WIll it last? Who the heck knows – but I’m already a lot more motivated than I ever have been in the last 5 years when it comes to weight loss.

    Also the 800 calorie “limit” is bullshit. I don’t subscribe to that. Anytime that I was hungry, my coach told me to eat more protein and vegetables. I was never hungry on the program. You eat every 2 hours, and if you are hungry? Eat more. That’s what I did! I need to eat lots being a fitness trainer. Wasn’t a problem, I still lost weight

    Do you want the ingredients list? Ask a representative to give it to you. I can give you one if you’d like!
    GMO free, so not sure where you get that from.

    Incredibly easy plan to follow. I have a batshit crazy life, and this has been the easiest thing for me to follow.

    So maybe talk to real people who have done the program before making all of these assumptions. People wanting to make healthier lifestyle changes isn’t a bad thing.

    The reason they have only a 30 day money back guarantee? By the 8th day of your detox, if you haven’t lost the weight you wanted or expected, you send it back. By THAT time already into the program, you’re gonna know if it’s gonna work for you or not.

    Also, there is scientific proof, and dietitian recommendations. I’m happy to get that information to you.

  • Gerald Gardiner

    Totally disagree!
    37 pounds in 45 days and it is a 30 day 100% empty bottle guarantee. There ingredients are clearly listed on their site and their toll free number is easily accessible by clicking on the contact us page on their site. I have lost a bunch of weight and feel great! I love the products and love the company. Again, this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. I know there will be people out there that disagree, I have done this for several years and so have over 100 of my friends with great results. Good luck everyone on your health journey I do hope you find what you are looking for!

  • April Weber

    If you have to rely on a diet to aid these pills….hmmmm tells me their pills don’t work but the diet does….get real people….its the friggin diet thats causing the weight loss not the pills…lmao

    • Chantelle Beasley

      April – if the system didn’t work for you, that’s fine. You don’t need to troll around on people who it did work for.

      I’ve been struggling with weight loss for years. I have owned a fitness studio for 6 years. I have tried paleo, beach body, weight watchers, dieticians, etc. Nothing ever gave me results quite the way this program has – and I ate a lot on it as well. I was never hungry.

    • Tammy O’Hara


    • Diana Smith

      I lost 23 pounds in 3 months on the plan. That was a year ago. Now I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, take Global Blend, Xyng and Axion daily. The weight is still gone. No exercise. It works.

  • April Weber

    This is a farce….it did nothing for me! The garbage they give you doesn’t help to lose weight…my gawd people…its how little you eat is why you lost weight! Its not a safe weight loss in the slightest! Save your money!

    • Chantelle Beasley

      That’s too bad that it didn’t work for you. I ate a lot of food, which I need to, as a fitness trainer – and I lost 8 pounds during my detox. It is a safe way to lose weight, actually.

      • Jill McGlennon McCracken

        I’m sorry. It worked for me too… I’m down 10 lbs in 8 days. Never hungry.

    • Tierra Stoner

      I would have to imagine you didnt follow the plan. I eat more on this program than i did when i wasnt on it. lol

      • April Weber

        Good for you! Who cares! I know many people that had 0 success on this program…and we all followed the program…so assume away!

        • Kelli Eubanks

          The people who didn’t see results are the ones who whimped out by the 3rd day of detox.
          The system works. It works for everyone, every time – because it’s whole nutrition. It’s plant and root powders that heal the body from the inside out. And in proper order with a great meal plan that allows you to eat REAL FOOD and no WAY do we starve.

          • April Weber

            If your implying i whimped out…your sadly mistaken…i did this useless program to its instructions! You people have to realize and accept the fact that it doesn’t work for everyone! What works is you not stuffing your pie hole with food! Cutting back on your intake is where the majority of weight loss comes from! So take your uneducated theories and shove it! I researched this product with a educated dietician and its not what it claims! Ne and about 500 plus others have figured that out! There is money back guarantee…LMAO! But its a good con game! So your entitled to your opinions as i am! But maybe research your opinions before you state them publicly!

          • Brad Miller

            As a person who represents the company you are not representing it very well by calling YOUR customer a wimp.

  • Christina

    I have to disagree with this person 100%. I have been on xyngular for almost a year & my husband for a little less than that. I have never felt more amazing than I do now. The weightloss is great & very sustainable. This program teaches you how to lead a healthy lifestyle, which everyone should do. The portion sizes in America are huge & people over indulge & go crazy! Which in turn, makes you gain weight. I needed a program that was a healthy & gentle detox that included a meal plan to teach you how to lead a healthy lifestyle. BAM, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I GOT WITH XYNGULAR! There will always be good & bad reviews on everything, but the review above that you’re reading is ridiculous. It doesn’t even make sense. There is a customer phone number to call anytime. There’s ingredient lists for every product. There’s TONS of info available to anyone who needs it. I could go on & on. Theres a 30 day money back guarantee….if you don’t like it & it doesn’t work for you, send it back. Enough said, done! Choose for yourself tho, don’t let one negative person who doesn’t know anything about these products & the company keep you away from making your own assumptions. Have a great day!

    • Lenora Conway

      See how much weight you gain back if you stop following the program! Everyone I know who lost weight with these products gain back at least twice as much weight as they lost.

      • Christina

        I did stop using the supplements actually, only for 2 weeks while our of town but stayed on track with my nutrition and didn’t gain any of it back. I can see how people lose the weight, then think they can go back to eating whatever they want…of course you’re going to gain weight when you do that. I, as well as family and friends have had nothing but success with this program. Everyone is different. Some people can’t sustain this lifestyle because they do not want to change their eating habits…its all about choices. I choose to be healthy and stop eating portions that are ridiculous and out of control. I will say it again, I love these products and this company….I feel the best I’ve ever felt! Cheers!

        • Julie Heflin

          Exactly! If you go back to unhealthy habits, you’re going to go back to an unhealthy body!

      • Beth Barron Keehne

        I have also been using these products, have had excellent support from my coach lost 25 pounds and many inches in approx 2 month time frame. I have not been taking the supplements for 2 months now, following basically a low-carb lifestyle and have not gained an ounce back and I feel GREAT!!

      • April Weber

        Totally agree…

  • Jerusalem Rivera

    This article was put out by the competition because they can’t keep up with Xyngular. My friends/family have had life changing transformations and maintained for years now 😀

    P.S. Xyngular is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change – it’s clean eating!

  • Shirley Trahan

    I have to disagree with this article. I haven’t even joined yet and have been given a full list of products with each products ingredients. The support team with this company is amazing and the complete opposite of what you say……

  • Linda Sue Fick

    It is is it isn’t a one-size-fits-all it takes 4 weeks to try to figure out how to make it work with just $350 so when you figure out how to make it work then you have to Shell out another $350 for another 4 weeks to try to figure it out then they won’t refund your money it’s nothing but a big scam and then the company tells you to do it one way and then the coaches tell you to do it another way so it’s all gets to be very confusing high fat low carbs don’t work for everyone and it’s also dangerous to do that for a long. Of time

    • April Weber

      I agree…its total bs

  • Aprilj

    Hi there! I would like to add my “two cents worth” in this discussion.

    My daughter and I started this system which is all natural, plant and fruit based, non GMO, dairy free and gluten free six weeks ago. I am menopausal and she has PCOS which stands for Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. I lost 13.6 pounds in 30 days along with 18 inches. My hot flashes and night sweats are gone along with my terrible joint pain and my IBS-D (Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea) is under control. My natural energy is through the roof without jitters, etc.

    My 17 year old daughter has had her first normal menstrual cycle and has been able to stop taking the the ineffective birth control that the doctor had her on for years trying to attain that with zero success. These supplements straightened her out in that regard in three days!!! Also, PCOS comes with insulin resistance which is also gone!!! She has also been able to stop taking the Metformin for that. She is losing weight and actually is happy and feels good, which I have rarely seen in her entire life.

    In regard to the calorie intake, I’ve never been told to count calories. In the eight day detox, which is necessary to clean out the toxins and rid the body of salts, sugars and bad fat cravings, each day consists of three lean protein shakes and two protein meals. My coach says to start with three ounces of protein with veggies and if you’re still hungry, eat more protein. They say NEVER GO HUNGRY!!! If you get hungry at bedtime, you’re guided to eat more protein. Also, after the 8 day detox, the foods change with less shakes and more foods and the product use lessens. Of course, if you stop following the healthy eating plan and go back to your bad habits you will gain your weight back.

    This is not a quick fix by any means. It takes a serious commitment to change your lifestyle!!! I hate that this false information about these products exist to deter people from trying this system but I can attest that the info is false!!

  • SF5

    I’m on the program now and they say NEVER go under 1200 calories. They also prefer no exercise while on the 8 day. When I wanted to take a class at the gym, my coaches stressed how important it was to make up for my calories I would lose during exercise.
    I just want to confirm all that Tami Gaut says in a few comments down: it’s everything I’ve been intructed in and what I’ve experienced so far.

  • Jason Knoell

    “GMO-infested”? Seriously? You’d think a review that’s anti-MLM and anti-weightloss-woo would also be pro-science and not ignorantly anti-GMO too… Weird.

  • Kimberly Patterson

    I’m currently in these products and have several friends and family members on it too. Best thing I’ve ever found to date. 2.5 months in and I’m down 39.6lbs feel better than I’ve ever felt. I’m off my blood pressure meds and no more blood sugar issues. If your going to write a review try to get the facts straight!!

  • consumerscompare

    HI Brenda, thank you for your feedback. Could you specify anything that should be corrected in the review?

    • cyclopean

      a month later and still no reply, maybe she finally realized it’s a scam after wasting all her money.

    • RushtonRoadRider

      I use the Xyngular system, and I’ve had great results! They don’t encourgae you to eat anything less than 1200 calories a day, I’ve been in contact with their customer support desk twice, and there are HUNDREDS of testimonials about how great their product is. Also, when you purchase the products, you know EXACTLY what the makeup is of each one. I really don’t feel like the individual that wrote this article knows anything about or attempted to find anything out about Xyngular. The program and the diet absolutely set people up for long term success by helping to build better habits in food choices and portion control

  • Besissy

    Wow… You are completely off lady! This program is GREAT! They set me up with a tracker and told me to track EVERYTHING I put in my mouth. When I started I was eating less than 1200 cal a day, but it was because I was not doing the program correct. When my coach found out, she told me I NEEDED at least 1200 cal a day. You dont starve, you learn HOW to eat for the long run and they are very honest in telling you that they do not want you on all of the products long term. Only long enough to loose what you want to.

  • Sarenda Filbin

    I have only been doing this program for 22 days but,, I can tell you I’m loosing weight and Ioosing inches as well. I haven’t felt this good forever. I did get a little hungry one day but I was told do not let yourself get hungry and to eat but stick to the choices. WE are also told not to go longer than 3 or 4 hours without eating. If you do YES of course It will make your body want to hold onto everything. To me that’s common sense. I do not get the shakes or feel bad if I follow the plan. The supplements ingredients are listed on every single packet and bottle. Who ever says they aren’t, aren’t telling the truth.
    I can tell you my doctor has been trying everything to help me feel better. Running test after test to figure out why I’m feeling so bad. I have taken so many blood tests and CAT scans PET scans MRI’s. Nothing ever found. Before taking this product I woke up everyday feeling like I had the flu but without the fever. Now while taking this product and following the meal plan (because I’m wanting to loose weight). I’m feeling wonderful. My flu like symptoms are gone!!!!! I’m thrilled so far!!

  • Toni

    I’m sorry, but your information is completely wrong and I also think it is wrong of you to be deleting comments from other people who are commenting in favor of Xyngular. I really think you should fact check before posting absolute lies about something you know nothing about. I know many people who have had long term success both losing weight and earning money with Xyngular, including myself. Please do your research by speaking with actual people, and there are so many who represent the Xyngular family, instead of spewing complete falsities.

  • Tami Gaut

    Your claims are completely incorrect. The ingredients in each of the Xyngular
    products are very clearly listed on the label of each. They are NON-GMO
    proprietary vitamin, mineral, and herbal blends. Hardly GMO infested
    waste. The 8 Day Challenge is a 1200 calorie diet not 500-800, like you claim. Losing 6-15 pounds in
    8 Days is very possible on this amount of calories and following the
    Xyngular program correctly. It isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. You are
    correct to assume if you go back to your unhealthy ways that got you
    fat, then yep, you are going to get fat again. The Xyngular program is
    built on support. The support of thousands of women and men coaches who
    have been there, lost the weight, and kept it off. The customer support number, YOU just
    listed at the bottom of your post after you said there was no number??
    You sound like you really know what you are posting about…

    • Kesu

      Actually I’ve done it and it isn’t 1200 calories. They specifically didn’t want me tracking but I’ve always tracked due to my small size. It was 600-800 calories. It did help get rid of those terrible sugar cravings and I’d use it again if every needed that boost to eating healthy. I don’t need it long term, but was a great way to kill off the cravings by day 2.

      • SF5

        I’m on it now and they continually say never to go under 1200 calories…

        • Kesu

          During the detox they tell you to not track it and to only eat what is on list. No way you can eat twice a day with the amounts they say with only three shakes and get 1200 calories. Not possible. I am talking about the detox. Not the normal diet.

          • SF5

            What? Everyone I know, including my coaches, told me to download the “my fitness pal” app to track your food for the 8 day detox. They also do an instructional video on the Xyngular Facebook page every time they’re encouraging an 8 day detox to begin.

            This is what I’ve eaten today and I’m on day 3 of my detox:
            Brkfst-Lean shake, almond milk, two tablespoons of coconut oil
            Snack- 4 slices of bacon, I slice of cheddar cheese, 1 tbsp real mayo, wrapped in lettuce.
            Lunch- I ate the same thing I had for snack because I love it.
            Snack-spinach, cheese and ranch.
            I’m eating dinner in a bit.
            I have to eat five times a day.

            On the 1,2,4,6,8days of the 8 day cleanse which are the shake days, you still have two great meals and they always encourage me to put heavy whipping cream, coconut oil, other fats to it. For dinner I usually have a cheese burger wrapped in lettuce.
            If you or anyone need specifics I can friend you on my fitness pal app and you can track all the way back to October and see how much I eat during the 8 day detox.

          • SF5

            I lost 10.5 lbs. the first time I did the 8 day detox following this same plan.

          • RushtonRoadRider

            Same! I am getting in my 1200 calories and feel like I’m eating PLENTY! I’m on day 4 of the diet and so far I’ve lost 4.8 pounds.

          • LeeAnn Dellaire

            I would like the help -access to your tracker. I haven’t received any info about how to eat AFTER the detox.

          • Erle Robertson

            The 8 day detox I did did not allow burger. It was chicken, turkey, or fish I would love to see what you followed

  • Shawna Wright Freeman

    Everything you said is completely wrong. I have taken these products and I love them. It has taught me a healthier way to eat and I have the most energy I have had since high school. I never get shaky and I have gone down 4 clothes sizes and maintained it. I have hashimoto’s disease and it used to be I had to take a nap every day just to make it through the day. I haven’t taken a nap since starting and my inflammation is down and I feel amazing! There are several products and they are not meant for weight loss alone. They are also wellness products and some of our people don’t need to lose weight, they just want to feel good. I used to take 30+ supplements through my day for my disease. All of the vitamins and minerals I was spending hundreds of dollars on are in 1 multivitamin with Xyngular. The kits are meant to jump start your metabolism which is exactly what they do. Maintaining all of the products on a continued basis is not necessary once you get to your goal. There are different options for meal plans and none are only 800 calories. That in fact goes against everything they believe in. If you are hungry eat. If you don’t, your body sees it as starvation and stores fat. There is a huge support system with these products including coaches who guide you along the way. That is why so many people are successful. I encourage you to look at the back of the products you buy at the grocery store and GNC and see what is listed. They are full of fillers and things that your body can not process. All of the xyngular products are food based, not chemically engineered, like the products at GNC and other stores. When was the last time you left a positive review for good customer service at a restaurant or store? You probably can’t remember the last time. The fact is that people are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive. That’s unfortunately human nature. I’m not saying that it works for everyone because I’m sure there are people who don’t like it, but I can say that it has helped thousands, including myself. I love these products and cannot say anything negative about them. I am constantly motivated by my team and how they have maintained a healthy lifestyle, some over the last 6 years. So, again, I encourage you to take a closer look.

  • Lindsay

    I ordered the starter kit in early December. I am in the hospitality business and work several hours during the holiday so I chose to wait until after the new year when I went back to a more normal schedule. I didn’t even open the box. On CHRISTMAS DAY! I was alerted about a charge on my credit card. It was for $179.(I already spent $521 on the starter kit). I called my “sponsor” and her EXACT words were “oh I forgot to tell you that they automatically send you more products every month if you don’t tell them you don’t want auto send”. Are you kidding me? You forgot? SCAM ARTISTS. After this situation I decided to send everything back. It was within the 30 days. I called and they told me that because I didn’t UNCLICK the auto send button, that is why it was sent and I had to pay 15 dollars to stop shipment. I opted to get it sent to me still (bc I didn’t trust them) and I would send it back myself. I used fed ex to send it back and still 12 days later I am waiting on a refund. I have called them now five times. They told me the first time that if I didn’t have a tracking number I wouldn’t receive my money back because sometimes packages don’t end up back there. So the second time I called they said they didn’t have my package 5 days after Fed Ex had confirmed delivery. I gave them the tracking number and they said, oh yes, and we will send this to our financial dept. I called today (12 days later) and a woman said that she didn’t see anything and had to speak with her manager. They said they had to make sure everything was in the box and within the next 3-5 business days I will have my money refunded. I DIDNT EVEN OPEN THE BOX!!! I highly recommend that no one use this company and shame on the sponsors for being grimy pawns in this pyramid scheme. It isn’t about the money. Karma will get these people.

  • Maria

    I will strongly suggest that a consumer think twice and hard about using
    these products. Though they may work for the selected few, the
    products did not work at all for me. The program was quite confusing
    and the schedules were not suited to a normal persons lifestyle. Not to
    mention, my Canadian contacts knew nothing of the apparently “new
    Weight Loss” box added by Xyngular. I was skeptical but decided to try
    as there was a 30 day money back guarantee. The was the biggest mistake
    ever! It’s been almost 10 days product has been returned and still
    after numerous emails and “long distance” call to the U.S., still
    waiting for a REFUND. Very poorly handled.

  • Dawn

    I ordered the complete ultimate kit. I have NO regrets. I lost 14.5lbs the first 8 days and have lost 47lb in 4 months without exercise. I am also off all of my prescribed meds for High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Cholesterol, Anxiety/Depression, and Sleep. I have never felt better in my life. It has been a life changer for me. The support system is remarkable. 30 days 100 % money back guarantee. it is definately a win-win!

  • Renee

    I just ordered. However, I ordered the xyngular pills only. I never ordered any of the kits. Have I made a mistake? I just need some energy and I would love to lose weight. However, I work 7 days a week and until I get some energy I’m afraid losing the weight will be out of the question. I have sever depression and it is draining me both mentally and physically

  • Mehtab

    Over priced and over-hyped. An acquaintance introduced to me xyngular and I was disappointed. I tried to give out samples and people did not like it. I lost money on this crap. Distributors have a bad habit of making claims that are not scientifically proven to be true. Upper level people of Xyngular make way too much money. I was even more disappointed with the W2 that I received from Xyngular. I spent too much money on this crap and was at a loss. Xyngular sent a W2 with earnings of $1100 and I am not happy. Their products are not even close to being all natural. I was told a lie that they were produced in clean soil. I did take these supplements for a few months but was not pleased with the results. I have had much better results with acupuncture and chinese herbs. Just another marketing scam.

    • Caroline Ciokewicz

      You have to work hard in any job to get the desired results! You also have to follow the plan as described! This is a health and wellness program. If you received a W2 statement with $1100 then that’s what you made that year. How much did you invest in the product?

      • Mehtab Bains

        I bought the business builder at 1199 and 3 smaller units at 499. This does not include the minimum requirements of 120 points. I spent over $2000 on this crap. I placed orders under family and friend names and did earn commission. I got stuck with this lame product for fat people. I also did not get desired results. I was not fat when I started. I gained 5 pounds after using it for 6 months. I quit Xyngular July 2014. At the same time, I quit eat beef and pork and stopped consuming dairy products. In about a year I lost 20 pounds. This was the worst investment that I ever made. I believe all MLM (multi-level marketing) are scams. Why should so many people make money when you order through MLM>

        • Dan Collins

          with a 30 day return open bottle policy, you should have returned the products if you were not happy. Don’t blast a great product that is working for thousands of people because you failed at this and couldn’t realize the dream that so many have on getting better health and more wealth. look in the mirror to place blame

  • Kim Johnson

    This product is the best thing that ever happened to me. Had a stroke in 2009, the supplements are fantastic for health and wellness. I’m horrible about working out and haven’t had to. I have changed my eating habits which was a good thing. Been taking for 4 months and down 25llbs and down to 4 out of 9 pills. I think that is pretty amazing

  • Deanna Fritsch

    I don’t know what system you tried but in almost 5 years with this company I have seen nothing but amazing results. I lost 11 pounds in 8 days, 40 pounds in 3 months and kept it off over 4 years. Not only that but I’ve also seen many people stick with it because their life has changed-no pain, no high bp, increased immune system, diabetics coming off meds, etc. Love this product line more than anything I’ve ever used.

  • Tami Drayton

    I have done the Xyngular body reshaping system and what you say is not accurate. The reason Xyngular works so well is because you DONT have to exercise to get results. in fact they don’t want you to workout for the first 8 days if you are doing the Ignite system, so you can see the products do the work and don’t stress out your body with exercising. The products help curb your appetite so you don’t want to consume a large amount of food, it helps you burn the food you do intake and it promotes digesting and elimination.
    I went from a size 12 to a size 6 in 6 weeks with NO exercise. I only changed my food intake to healthier choices, but I had fried foods, ice cream and sweets periodically. My arthritis went away which the doctors said would only get worse and my blood pressure went down and I don’t take meds for it anymore. Now I try to exercise regularly with my husband, he doesn’t need to lose weight, but takes the multi-nutrients for overall health and the antioxidants for his joint pains and acid reflux relief.
    The current system does recommend a meal plan and exercise program for those who need it, but the products will work without those plans, IF people take them daily until they get their results.
    Hardest part: Remembering to eat when you are not really hungry.
    Easiest part: Continuing after seeing results so quickly
    Side effects: I saw my body reshape before my eyes.
    Now after 3 yrs, I take only the health products daily and the body reshaping products during the holidays so I don’t gain unwanted pounds from the delicious foods that I WILL EAT.
    I recommend it for those who seriously care about their health and are willing to be consistent until they get the results their body needs to be healthy.

    • Tim Webb

      The singular supplements are working very well with me. In six weeks I lost 25 lbs and brought my blood pressure back to normal. The main thing is all supplements are 100% natural and no stimulants. Would not hesitate to do it again. As a matter of fact I have family members on it now and I continue to take the supplements. The beauty of the program is it really isn’t so much a diet as a healthy lifestyle.

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