Fastin Diet Pill Review

Fastin Diet Pill Review
2.3 out of 10
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Fastin diet pills hit the market in 2008, and are distributed by a company called Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Fastin is most commonly known as phentermine (its generic name) and acts as an appetite suppressant aiding one to lose weight. People who are obese, and have not seen success with diet and exercise alone use this drug to get their weight under control. A doctor does not have to prescribe this medication, and you can freely buy it from a select number of websites. The ingredients in a Fastin pill are 1,3-dimethylamine HCL, synephrine HCL  thermo-rx, phenylethylamine HCL, methylsynephrine HCL, theobromine anhydrous, N-methyl-b-phenylethylamine HCL, yohimbine HCL and caffeine anhydrous. Clearly, this diet pill is not all natural and it will bring  along a lot of side effects due to its boisterous ingredient list.*

Contains caffeineThe company has faced much scrutiny over the years, with its most recent being in April of 2015. They were issued a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding one of their former ingredients Beta-methylphenethylamine used in Fastin, as it was labeled as a dietary ingredient.* Clearly this is no dietary ingredient, as it would have to fall under a herb, vitamin, or mineral in which this case is nowhere near that. The CEO Jared Wheat was asked to promptly have this changed, or the product would be shut down. The website seemed fairly easy to navigate through, as well as their customer service line being prompt to answer my phone call. While it seems like its getting better, its only gets worse as their return policy is pretty much non-existent. If you open this $50.00 bottle of pills you are not able to get your money back at all.

 Do Dieters Lose Weight On Fastin?

Because this product is sold on many different sites and sometimes it is even knocked off by other brands, it was hard to get a solid read on the Fastin diet pill from Hi-Tech. It is sold at GNC, Wal-Mart, and many other online stores, which makes it readily available to those who want to pollute their bodies. There is absolutely no scientific evidence provided to the customer to show that this product helps you lose weight, but it definitely acts as an appetite suppressant.* This is merely a diet pill, and nothing more. While taking these pills, you are not encouraged to eat healthy, exercise, or get on track toward a more heart healthy lifestyle. The side effects alone while taking these are enough to scare me away for good.

Sold at GNCThe customer testimonials were very negative overall, as many people said that the diet pill made their heart race, and their palms sweat instantly. There was also word of people getting violently ill, and lightheaded when taking Fastin. This does not sound like a smart, or healthy way to lose weight and it had many customers throwing away $50.00 worth of products for the sake of their own health.

Golden Rules* said, “So the first tiime i took half a pill I had no side effects. However, the second time I took 1/2 with an empty stomach and I had to go to the hospital. My heart was racing and I couldn’t breath the pain in my chest scared the shit out of me enough to stop using it all together.” 

Becca* said, “This pill is the devil!! Don’t do it!!!! I have seriously considered contacting the FDA to have it removed from the shelves! Made me feel completely out of control of my body and sick to my stomach to the point I had to lay down and hope I wasn’t having a heart attack! Don’t buy this crap!!”

Carolyn* said, “I made it through 3 days and discarded the bottle. I read the reviews and took the advise of most to only do a half pill. I am glad I did as the effects from just a half pill was enough to scare me. Within about 15 minutes it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest.” She went onto say that after about 30 minutes it calmed down to a less intense level, but the side effects of the episode lasted for several hours which was unsettling. She was just shocked overall that she had to go to the hospital in the first place, yet kept taking a smaller dose with yet another episode that had her at her whits end.

 Is Fastin Easy To Follow?

Of course the Fastin diet pill is easy to follow. Who wouldn’t be able to take two pills a day and do nothing else to see weight come off? This is not healthy by the way, and will not deem long-term results. It’s so easy, that I am slamming it as ineffective and a total waste of money. The side effects alone are enough to make me want to vomit, and throw this junk up against a wall. Not only is it completely ineffective, it is also very expensive in the long run. There is no limit to how many bottles you can buy (of course) and you are told to keep taking the pills until you achieve your weight loss goals. To top it all off, some people said aside from the horrible side effects the pill did absolutely nothing in helping them lose weight, and said it was completely ineffective.

Fastin Diet Pill side effectsConclusion

Don’t waste your time or money looking further into Fastin, as this company sells an overpriced pill that will only leave you feeling sick. There are so many money hungry companies out there that are looking to compromise your health for more cash in hand. This alone is great reason not to support Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals or any of its products, and to make matters worse they do not participate in social media which confirms they really don’t care about supporting their customer. I would say this company is a scam, and would not recommend their products (especially Fastin) to anyone.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

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*Individual results will vary.

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